The path to fixing PVP

Since I see a lot of topics about the 6.0 upcoming update and also some wishlist items for the 7.0 update I wanted to throw an idea into the hat. Its not a new idea, I have seen posts about it from other people and we’ve talked about it in faction extensively. One of the problems with PVP is that people don’t want to spend a week and a half to create a BP, wait 2 days to build a ship, spend 200k+ ingots on it, and then go get into a battle where half of it gets destroyed. I offer up two solutions that would help people get over denting their perfect CVs.

The first is extending the function of the repair pad. Colin mentioned this in one of the other posts about 6.0 coming out. Why can’t the repair pad replace the missing blocks of a blueprint. It would only replace the blocks if you own the blueprint. You could have a cargo container or similar storage (maybe a new block like the harvester storage) to be able to put raw resources into that would be the missing block material cost. You could either do a mode switch for replacement/repairing or new type of block so that you could set the operating timer to be longer than the time it takes to repair to avoid people being able to fly off quick and replace their ship to able to use it a second time in the same battle.

Option two would be to have a block that would deconstruct a ship. You could park the ship on it and forget about it for a day and come back to all the materials in a storage container. If the container gets filled then the block would stop deconstructing until there is free space. Again you could make it so that the process was a decent amount of time to avoid exploiting. Plus you could have diminishing returns on the materials coming back so you lose a portion by using the machine. Having to replace blocks on a damaged CV never seems to bring it back to the original state of a fresh blueprint and grinding down a CV to get the materials back is exactly that…grinding. If someone only has a few hours to play a night do they really want to spend 3 hours picking a ship apart block by block. So you are left with pulling the major components and flushing a ton of resources. If you could just pull the components out of a chest the next day you could put them into a fresh blueprint without going through the arduous task of stripping the CV for half a day. Call it a “Quality of Life” improvement.


Both options, thank u very much! :slight_smile: A 3rd option: SV mounted R & R tool that chew thrue combat blocks real fast…Only doable if structure is in same faction…This would be a little step in the right direction, but the main problem as far I see it is the LAG!..

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Agree, losing parts and blocks and having to repair isn’t as big a deal as just not being able to actually play the game during a fight. Several scrapping services have popped up since the Yard has come around that allows folks to get back on their feet pretty quickly. But until PVP is fun again, it’s gonna suffer.

6.0 has some good news, but not on a scale of 5v5 or more.

Best post ever!!! People like me having 20-30 gem/fuel/ammo it makes it hard to find all of them on the inside of 20-30 layers of armor trying to replace the broken ones, or trying to crawl through your 200k iron ingot ship like he mentioned! Make repairing these beautiful Cv’s not so painful… My guys including me spawn new ships after a couple fights depending on the damage of the ship. The ship looks brand new but you don’t want to fly it because half of the insides are tore up. Lag shots into your armor/splash damage will tear your insides up and the outside of your ship still looks good… Makes repairing a pain!! Would make everyone happy to add what @The_Godchild mentioned!! :grimacing::grimacing:

Most everyone. Scrapers would cry a little.

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Hop you know I’d still bring you scrap! Hehe

The devs have been aware of it forever, they just choose to cater to the SP crowd. Welcome to alpha.


Option 2 is a good one, and I have been hoping for it for a while, or atleast a multitool turret. Option 1 is…problematic. In Empyrion, blueprint files are local. This means they literally only exist on your computer. Server has no concept of them when you are not connected with THAT computer. You see this every time you change computers, the server freaks out and forgets you were working on something, or had blueprints ready to go. Second issue with option 1 is somewhat related, how will it know what blueprint to reference from? If its manually set by a player, and somehow reconfigures it to upload to the server for the job, how does the block know what blocks are missing, vs meant to be an open space. Only way is relative referencing the grid itself which becomes… problematic for a series of very specific and exploity reasons that I’d rather not mention lol.
But ya, a breakdown pad would for sure be amazing. And well in keeping with the gameplay mechanics we have thus far

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honestly all we’d need. Make it SV-able and a wide area of effect and it would fweel saatisfying and not take 5.5 hours to break down a 20k ship. I’d be fine spending 20 minutes blowing chunks of my CV’s off instead. parkin it on something would seem cheap and easy… my scrapyard employs 20 ppl, each with a private ba and a deconstructor and i tear down an entire fleet with no effort… convenient, but unfun, and un stimulating to the economy and game.

We all know there has to be some loss to make gaining worth anything.

dude that would be super epic! it gives you full stats, of what parts and resources you need for a full fix etc, incredible idea!!

I think all three options are awesome. Option 1 would further enhance the repair pad, option 2 would allow us to easily scrap old or captured ships, and option three would allow for on site scrapping for wrecks. I honestly would like to see all three implemented someday. However, I doubt this will have a major impact as the willingness of others to go out and seek combat for PvP is still plagued with mid-combat DC’s, lag shots, server lag, etc.