Community Project | New Feature: EGS Recycle!

Hey @everyone,

today is the day… today is YOUR day! :slight_smile:

How many topics we had regarding this - now it is your turn and let’s see how serious you are!

A new Elemental Galactic Service (EGS) Feature - EGS Recycle

Are you tired of raping your Multi Tool? Are you tired of your F5 Drone? And even more tired of deal with all that stuff like SI, Temperature, Radiation, etc.?

Let’s do the next evolution step with one command:


Whatever structure the ID was: it gets removed after that command and you get a % of blocks / devices back you needed to build it - in your OCD of course!

Exact details will come with the 6.0 release - it is currently a highly prototype.

But for now some rough facts:

  • if your OCD is full - shit happens
  • it will not a free give-me-1:1 feature
  • obviously only your structure can be recycled
  • no donation feature planned for now

Community feedback

But your part is to tell us what would be realistic prices, some details in general.

For example:
If you have a ship with 1000 Combat Blocks and 10 fuel tanks you would get with the command 500 Combat Blocks and 5 fuel tanks back? This would cost you as many credits as you would get stuff in total back - 505 credits in this example? The older your structure is you want to recycle the more RP you have to pay?

So how much do you want to pay for it? (credits - since it is an EGS service). Does it scale? Does it cost RP?

This is an experiment for us since we almost always released features and adjusted them later with your experience / feedback.
Now let’s do it the other way around (and because I don’t have time to deep think everything through :pensive: )!

Some “rules”

  • be realistic
  • give as much details as possible
  • think about early game
  • think about mid game
  • think about late game
  • think about big / small factions
  • think about ANY exploit etc.
  • you have not much time left for the first release - maybe one week

(Welcome in my brain)

So let’s go and have fun :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team and happy easter :hatching_chick:

PS: Sorry Hops - but automatism was never as good as manufacture handwork :wink: We can think of other cool special abilities doing it still your way

PPS: No constructive feedback will be deleted


Wonderful idea, brilliant.

I think you should get back more than 50% - suggest more like 70% - of the blocks and devices. Fee should be credits per block & per device - quite low so that it is super cheap to recycle small craft. Maybe 50,000 credits for a class 4 CV which might typically have 10,000 blocks so 5 credit per block plus ?20 credits per device?

Should be a time delay before you can recycle newly captured & recored craft - eg 1 day

thanks to Rexxus and co for such a brilliant server

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This idear is fun for those who are always dismantling things but i for one enjoy it and would much rather use the multy tool

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Love this!

As for cost, I think you should get back 60% of the resources back it should cost 10% of the returned resources equivalent cost in credits. So if you have 1000 CB, then you would get back 600 CB and have to pay 10% of the cost it would be to buy 600 CB.

It’s my opinion that the ship is already yours and you already paid for the resources, so paying anywhere near full cost for the returned resources doesn’t make sense. I might as well just go buy new resources at that point.

Another thing I don’t see mentioned is restricted zones. This feature should be restricted to PvE zones only in the same way you can’t use your OCD in PvP. I wouldn’t want someone running up to a base, coring it, throwing a core on it and then recycling it. They should still have to evac any stolen ships back to a PvE space.

What about items in cargo containers? Are they lost or are they recycleable? I’m fine either way.

Is there any sort of recycle time in the same at there is blueprint construction time? If it takes hours to recycle something and we can only recycle one thing at a time, then I would say we should get more resources back and pay less since time is a valuable resource in itself. This would also prevent people from spamming this feature.

Hahaha. No worries. This is a good feature, and while it would remove some of the help I give to new players taking a scrap job, the greater game will benefit from this greatly!!

Nice work!!

I have an EXTENSIVE spreadsheet filled with 60 scrap jobs and what I paid out for them, etc. This has been a profitable venture for both sides and I’ll share all of that with you when I get back home tonight. You have a little more feature capabilities to estimate value than I do (genral counting devices vs knowing exactly what devices)

Devices have always been the tricky part, but in most cases, customers are happy to trade the devices for blocks or credits as well.

A few considerations:

– watch for exploits – scrapping a crappy warp sled with soft steel and getting combat steel back, 599 cheap devices and getting better stuff back from recycler etc.

– easy is better. A 20k ship with 200 devices would have a formula similar to ( (blocks * .4) + (Devices * 3.5) = 8700 blocks refund). Don’t give devices back, just convert them to CS blocks in value. They are all going to be dumped back into the factory anyway. Would be nice to see this feature provide less value than in-game economy to give people-scrapers an upper hand over automation.

– expect ship stealing and immediate EGS:Recycle if it’s too easy. Suggest this can only be done in specific playfields (like parking it in the same playfield as EGS Recycler (new POI!) and then running the command to avoid the fast boost &a recycle tactic that is soon to come

– suggest this not be immediate. Would suggest this process be delayed 6-12 hours, perhaps depending on the size of the ship. Boobs with smaller shops who need the blocks to survive wait less, giant 20k behemoths will get you your refund tomorrow. Etc. this delay may also help keep manual scrapers in business for impatient customers.

– it should cost RP.

– tricky to enable this on starters for early game. In one hand you want to keep them supplied, on the other, that’s where people make the most public vessel mistakes and could easily lose things.

– don’t think this should be available for BA / only things you can BRING to a scrapyard. BA should still require someone to scrap it.

I’ll add much much more. Seems to be a topic I know fairly well. :smile:

Nice though @RexXxuS!! This will make folks very happy!!

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Hello, can you help us with dismantling trophy ships ? We will pay you


Was this a hint at the 6.0 drop schedule incl wipe, btw?

Also, what about having the EGS Recycler in a cul-de-sac orbit. One way in/out. Add some risk to dropping off your scrap.

Just let me know where it is and I’ll dismantle it.

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As awesome as this feature is I do not like it for the simple fact that it is removing a very successful business from the server. Hop not only profited from this, but he allowed new players to scrap for him and they got a chance to build up some credits and/or blocks.
To remedy this I think using this command should only return 40% of blocks, no devices, should cost 1 cr/block, and you should have to have at least 50 RP to use it (no RP loss though). This will allow lazy people to get something back, but will still keep real HWSians in business.

This too. It would be lame to get cored after a DC and log back into no ship because of this command.


I think the one thing I would hope for and want is. Recycle should covert everything into the components. Like instead of putting constructors into your inventory, it puts reactor cores, electronics etc. Into your inventory. Either that or just straight up ingots.

I would say we would want a few things here…

  1. A scalable return similar to the OAM levels.
    Level 1 returns 30%, each additional level returns an additional 5% materials up to 75% at level 10.

  2. Items and blocks should not be returned. Components Only if we can tell what a structure is made of.

  3. It should not cost RP if it is PVE Restricted. This has already cost you 7 RP if you are like myself and try to avoid PVE areas.

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[quote=“Pyre, post:14, topic:5314”]
It should not cost RP if it is PVE Restricted. This has already cost you 7 RP if you are like myself and try to avoid PVE areas.

Agree with this; however we don’t know how RP works yet in 6, or freelancers for that matter. I actually don’t think this should be in PVE. Just like I’m not in PVE as a scrapping service. There should be some risk to the gain.

This would murder your OCD and you’ll quickly find yourself in the previously mentioned “tough shit” situation.

Good to see this on the horizon.

A few ideas

  1. Please Keep it simple: Don’t even factor in devices just calculate and refund blocks. As others have said the OCD would fill up too quickly. Your not going to want to convert devices into blocks either because this is clearly exploitable.

  2. A Tax Free Zone?: Just like you deposit gold at different rates, their might be a specific zone like the elemental bank (elemental scrap yard) where you could scrap at higher return rate. Maybe calculate the decrease in return by the distance from the center of the galaxy?

  3. Tokens: Just like a player accumulates RP and FA bonus that player can get a number of Recycle tokens per week. This would also allow for a player who does not have one to sell scrap to someone who does.


I love the way you are thinking :slight_smile:

Let’s start with the use-cases

  1. I build a small BA/SV/CV/HV for temp use and scrap afterwards
  2. I capture somebodies structure (generally pretty damaged) and I want to scrap it for its components (blocks/devices)
  3. I have build / spawned something myself and probably after some time), don’t want it anymore for whatever reason (e.g. packing up for wipe, got something better, moving to a different system, etc.)

For use-case 1, it would to be able to scrap it almost directly after spawning, it could be on PvE or PvP. It will be a Class 1 structure. So you could say that class 1 structures can be scrapped anywhere, anytime. But also it is the least interesting use-case as scrapping by multi is done in a minute. So also fine if we ignore this use case.

For use-case 2, you are always in PvP area. There are 2 options. either you lug it into PvE or there should be a delay in time in PvP, I suggest related to class size (e.g. class 1 = 0 days, Class 2 = 1 day, class 3 = 2 days, class 4 = 3 days). Also gives the opportunity for the loosing side to win it back. If you manage to lug it into PvE, you are home free and can scrap it there without delay (nobody can take it away from you anyways). You may want to exempt the elemental market area, otherwise that will turn into a scrapyard. Alternatively, you could build a specific PvE system and/or POI for scrapping, maybe with different returns than on other PvE worlds. I would also give the option to scrap bases, but maybe with double delay times or something. And you need to think about if that would include POIs to be scrappable (is that even a word :stuck_out_tongue: ) or not…

For use-case 3, I would say, to use the same system as for 2. Keep it simple.

OK, so now you can Scrap it. What do you get:

  1. Blocks are the easiest ones. Just return a %, I would say between 50-80%, maybe depending on circumstances, e.g. PvP-PvE, special POIs or systems, etc.
  2. Devices are tricky. I would not ‘translate’ them into CB (as somebody suggested). I see lots of oppt for exploits and how you translate small and big devices, create CBs without using Sath, etc…
    I don’t know how easy/hard it is to translate it into actual components or ignots and take a % of that (option a). That would be the most reliable way to avoid exploits. Easier option is probably to just give back the devices * % rounded down. And if there is only one device on the structure, well that is too bad, you get back nothing (e.g. warp drive) (option b). Or even opt for not giving back anything for devices, they get destroyed in the process (option c). Alternatively you can put credits against the device. something that is significantly below market value, as market value fluctuates, this could be an exploit (option d). I would go for “option a” if that is easy enough to implement, or “b” if not.

Now what about cost.

  • It would cost RP (1-4 or so, depending on class size)
  • It would cost credits (X*#Blocks + Y*#Devices, or maybe just X*(#blocks+#Devices). Devices is again the tricky part. Is the structure full of small lights or windows (also seen as device), the cost are relatively high compared with a structure that has just a few large devices… So I would just maybe make it simple and just treat a device as a block and be done with it. Maybe pay extra at special POI, but get higher returns on the scrapping. I would not make it too expensive. The cost of auto scrapping are already paid in the loss of return of resources compared with a multi tool.
  • It would cost time. Depending on class size, you get your stuff in OCD after x amount of time (if that is possible to track/programm in HWS). Or at least cannot scrap again until a certain amount of time has passed (e.g. Class 1 = direct, Class 2 = 1H, class 3 = 4H, class 4 = 12H). This would also stimulate cooperation in factions (have specialized roles or give structures to scrap to others). You can argue that if you go to a specialized POI it would cost less time…

And general advice (I am sure I am not telling anything new). Start small and simple and expand later, after you have seen what works and what not. E.g. introduce the POI later, or detailed returns).

But, ohhh man, I am really happy with this development. I just hate scrapping manually :smiley:

I think the RP system really needs to be reworked. It lacks supporting players to role-play but that is another discussion.
I think the RP cost is a bad Idea since people already hide on Rep planets and don’t fight because they don’t want to lose RP from deaths and lose access. Then again I don’t think they would have much to scrap since they don’t fight much.
But you might want to have a bonus on return on the RP amount you have. The higher RP you have the more you get back?
or Balance the difference from “fencing” to “bounties” on the returns in the recycling?
Just thinking, maybe working in RP points from the trophies.
Players for example a guardian get points for Pirate ships and visa versa ? If that is possible.
Just some thoughts
But recycling is a great time saver for those that have large scrap to deal with and it would help with server performance reducing unused cores.

I like the recycle tokens idea. but can imagine that would cost time to build a ‘trade system’ for that (as it is not a normal item, unless you can ‘misuse’ an existing item to act as token, like you do with drill charge for Orbital AM, but it would be something you cannot construct, maybe an alien block type or something)…

I like the scalable return system. Gives more value to money, option for ‘donations’

not sure if there should be a minimum in RP (like Mysterioso suggested). Low RP is not just for the lazy, it is also for the freelancers, it is for ppl who fight (and die) a lot. Easy RP is for those that just sit on their planet and do 1 warp a day.

I love this idea, I think it would help out a lot on cleaning up the server as well… There’s times @CenturionOp4 has 10 trophy CV’s parked outside his base lagging our planet up lol he’s too lazy to scrap so this feature would come in handy for people like him… I myself scrap almost every CV wether it’s 22k blocks or 5k blocks after a couple fights… Too much work to get inside of them and repair them. This would allow people like me to just get the blocks and spawn a new one, transfer the ammo over and good to go! Having 5-10 massive cv’s laying around can cause a whole lot of lag trust me! Hahaha I love this idea in general, hate that @hopskotch losses business but I’ll help make up for that in game! Meet me behind the Elemental Bank :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Wanted to add, Hop could always run the building/keep up with it! If he wanted to that is, and yeah Mysterio is right when you DC you don’t want to log back into your ship being recycled haha! Maybe make it into a PVE zone or something! Would be awesome!

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