Hello !

In my last server “geek forcené” we used to have in the basement of our “ECC” a chest bank. I understand that is graphically painful to have a lot of vessels in ECC. If the players want to stock their goods, maybe we can put a bank chest in ECC.

Rent by season like 100 RP for a little, 200 for a medium, 300 for a large, and an extra large for Patreon.

When you rent one you receive a chest number and the code to enter it.

It’s just a proposal but it can improve the game and prevent all vessels problems in ECC.

What you think ?


We have something better here on HWS :wink:

How do you store armor, used weapon (epic or not), optronic and some others special stuff that you can’t store in ocd

and did your items got transferred over into the next season?

I suppose no, it s just a container to replace the ships we park at ecc, to store some stuff we can’t store in ocd like armor, token, etc

Ehm, why not just put your stuff in your own structures then!? O.o

But since we can’t park our structure at ecc…

you can with a SV. 24 hours without paying Tax for it… and you have a public Teleporter.
What is the purpose of that?

I often read that you (HWS Staff) don’t want to see a lot of parked ship at egs hq so we are now removing our sco ship. But then we have nothing anymore to store our stuff at ecc and yeah we could tp to our base or ships in others system but why not make it easier for everyone and propose to each player to buy a private container where you can store special stuf that you can’t store in ocd

No you lost everything in it, and you must pay another chest next season. It’s just a proposal to make the game easier for you and for the player. Because if you dont have a chest or a ship and, like me yesterday, a bug make me loose the backpack. Then i must make a ticket to have it back because to much important things inside :

  • My freelancer token
  • my ninja token
  • my ion gun
  • my faction weapon…

Or now i have to choice

  1. go everyday with my CV to ECC sector, take my SV to ECC planet and then make missions, and get back in the end of the day. (The teleport will be useless this way)

  2. Teleport to ECC, make a mission, teleport back to my home unload stuff and reload for next mission, repeat…

It was just an idea, for me it’s just to put all non-OCD stuff like tokens etc…

this is actually the way it was initially intended to be. using the garage for storage is an exploit that was tolerated until it got out of hand. this is the final decision. we must keep ECC free from structures as much as possible to prevent lag issues. small price to pay for stability. this includes the portable devices used as storage @ the TEAMS buildings as well. it’s not too much effort to have base within teleport range.

That’s right @Bob

but I don’t say no to a money sink :wink:

I will check if the API is able to do it. Then we could even add such feature in HWS Connect.


wait a sec @RexXxuS, couldn’t we use personal container lockers @ ECC & TEAMS? this would resolve the issue with much less work i think. an increase in volume size may be in order also…

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Yep, I removed the Personal Locker (Epic Gift) last season.
I can add one single one there and spare a lot of space - good idea and thinking from you :wink:
But still, laziness must cost something :stuck_out_tongue:


perhaps add a 1000 credit or so fee prompt when accessing the locker. like the faction warning prompt for cargo boxes


Sounds like something which could be made with tokens/keys? You could do so you have to buy a key to the personal locker from an NPC.

this idea would work but with the amazing eleon bug thats never been fixed (backpack through the floor upon death) imagine the amount of lost keys and boxes rendered useless and potential impact on the database with stuff being stored but not used. @Bob idea is great in terms of sinking currency . im sure i saw rex mention somewhere that for space in a premium hotspot always costs more :slight_smile:

I guess the best way to get outside bugs is by making it an HWS Connect feature like Rex suggested.
Then the risk of items randomly disappearing due to disconnects or whatever also decreases a lot.