The Prototype Aberration

Hello adventurers! Welcome back those that have been following Mo and crew in our vanillian adventures. This is where we will be going on a journey through the Prototype origin on the HWS NA server and documenting all the wonders and mishaps alone the way. Come join us if you would…

Here we go!


sometimes i wish i wasnt a demigod ingame!
Would love to join you on the adventures!

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I woke up as I spawn in without Mo and crew as expected but not to worry, we will have fun finding each other again. I was greeted by an AI that said it is there to help guide me along the way. Let’s see what trouble we can get into…

Headed over to a personal container and was overjoyed to see T fully upgraded and an early form of Red waiting for me in the personal locker :slight_smile: “Don’t worry, we will find the rest of the gang soon enough.” said T as we continued on through the the hallways.

T hears the word “scrap” and starts to giggle like a mischievous little school girl.

Eat up!

Did a little floating from one snack to another and found a familiar site. “I’m sure Mo would love to go back for an encore performance of his last visit here. He really killed it last time.” says T and we both chuckle.

Ai was kind enough to construct CV necessities saving a lot of grind work.

So we discover that I have a bit of an identity crisis and have no clue who I am. Time for some investigation…

Well she isn’t pretty but she will get me to the planet.

Entering atmo I instantly find out why it is required to put blocks around your cockpit as the tutorial suggested. Radiation saunas are a little too warm and cozy for my liking. Headed back to space and made a few modifications before hopping back down to planet. Something was telling me to check out a small island to the south. I found a decent sized family of XP roaming about when I arrived.

Something about this island just begs me to plant a flag.

Yup, we found our home. Time to start building our new beach house.

Apologies for the delay adventurers. Work was taking up a bit of time and creative was where I have been while in game. But we are back on track and ready to roll.

Spending so much time in Vanillia has caused me to forget a few key things in HWS. Following the Prototype PDA mission allowed me to bypass the starter planet and head straight to ECC HQ.

When I got there I realized that I would not be able to warp back to explore the planet or derelict ship properly. So me being smrt again I think, “I can just do a fresh start to get back there.” I then empty the HQ goodies to a CV and pull off my helmet in space to drift into my first trip to digital oblivion.

I get back and plow through the tutorial and float to the derelict ship that we visited on Vanillia. This one has a few more hidden goodies so look around if you check it out. Got to the mid point and ran out of ammo. Realized quickly that I was stuck. No CV anymore to take me to the planet. Blueprints are not spawnable in elite builder sectors. OCD not available in Prototype starter sector. My only 2 options were to float to the planet and die of radiation several times while trying to mine ore to make a portable constructor so I could build other things, or cb:reset.

So now I’m crash landing as a Freelancer. I figured this planet is a little more forgiving so there should be more than just death to be found.

I hear a grumbling as I exit the pod. Quickly look in the pod to find a new friend. She hasn’t told me her name yet but she does go boom quite well. Found this guy trying to start something. We made short work of him.

On the way down I got pinged about a shelter nearby so we head over to take a look.

Looks like someone has already taken up residency here. Nice cozy heater to keep us warm.

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Wandered a bit and ran into a family of XP. Tried to ride one but he wasn’t having it.

Heard familiar noises coming from nearby. Found someone else chopping trees. Followed him around a bit until he went AFK.

Continued exploring and hear footsteps. Started chopping up a boulder thinking they were coming the player I just met but started hearing myself scream in pain. Turn around and see these two guys saying hello. After a bit of dancing with my survival tool, they seem to quiet down a bit.

Shortly after, I see this guy barreling towards me with attitude. Vanessa quickly took care of his issues.(The plasma rifle finally warmed up and told me her name after we had a chat with the golem.)

Headed to a Freelancer bar nearby and found evidence of another player’s mishap. “This guy should have made a support ticket,” said Vanessa as we both pondered how it got there to begin with.

Spawned the starter SV and did my fa:supply for much needed materials including our old buddy T who was ready for remodeling. Discovered that there is no mobile constructor in the starter SV anymore and the portable constructors do not refine pentaxid. I started this adventure with a decent stockpile of various items in my OCD already. I decided not to touch it until much later in our story and would only use what is needed to keep the story flowing. This is one of those times. Pulling a little pentaxid out helped me get to Freelancer HQ where we can really start the adventure :slight_smile:

So we head to the planet in search of a spot to call home.

Found this lovely little island on the outskirts of Polaris territory. They are currently having hostel feelings towards us so we need to be a bit careful. The Tallon don’t seem to mind us though. I guess it’s just about time to start causing some trouble with the Zirax :grin: But that will be a mission for tomorrow. Good night adventurers.

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Well good morning travelers! Started the day out with the idea that we should tear apart the starter ship and use the materials as scrap.

T was enjoying his little snack when we saw a full med suite right here in front of us. After pausing and staring dumbfounded for longer than I would like to admit, We started rebuilding.

Took us a couple sunsets but coming along nicely.

We would like you to meet Exocet. The flying fish.


So we take Exo out for a spin and decide to hit the POI’s nearby. Starting with the derelict base.

Nobody’s home. Let’s see what’s inside.

Decent amount of scrap metal but we are going to need much more than just steel plates. T agrees we need to find bigger fish to fry. Not you Exo.

Flew up north a bit between the Polaris zones and found where we are going to setup our home base imported from Vanillia. Great spot near a couple regenerating POI’s. As soon as I have it spawned it will have everything set to public so anyone can loot the nearby goodies and come back to build somewhat safely :slight_smile:

Was notified of a prisoner transport nearby and flew in a little too fast. Was nice flying you Exo. You went way before your time :frowning:

Realized I hadn’t set a home spawn shortly afterwards. Decided to take a break after a few failed attempts to spawn at current location. The prisoner transport has at least 2 homing rocket turrets that are very angry. Approach with caution.


“Shoulda known better…”

Fresh start time again. Next mission: get back and set a home spawn :wink:

Couldn’t get any service at the bar. This guy completely ignored me. Even when I asked to speak with a manager :frowning:

After a very long time wandering around trying to gather materials, I broke down and pulled a few items form the OCD again to get back home. So glad I was keeping warp devices last season. Figured it would be best to just give in and use the OCD. After all this is what it was designed for.

Made a small base with a clone chamber and cb:sethome finally. Spawned in Skip from the blueprint factory and loaded him up with a few bullets. He made short work of those damn rocket turrets.

Exo is still alive! :slight_smile: Need to bring back a cockpit and generator but all 4 med devices are still intact.

Got nailed by a rocket from a Zirax playing peek a boo in the elevator. Thankfully Skip was still outside killing spiders so spawning at current location was much easier this round. Found a few goodies inside the prisoner transport and headed back home.

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Apologies again adventures. There have been new developments at work keeping me busy. We will be back with the gang soon enough.


Welcome back everyone. Finished my homework and have a little time before I start to pass out so I figured I should hop in a new see if I can rescue Exo real quick. Was smrt this time and made a home spawn that was over 10 blocks so it didn’t get deleted (for those that don’t know, structures less than 10 blocks become lunch.) I set my home point and headed out. Was nailed by this guy twice in the process but had my sweet revenge.

Skip was making popcorn when he got hit by a rocket earlier and lost a few parts. He doesn’t seem the least bit phased.

Was able to squish the rocket wielding Zirax bullies and rescue Exo :slight_smile: Was a bit wonky flying him back with Skip on the front but we made it just in time for me to start to nod off at my desk. Since I am fighting to enter this log, I think I should zzZzzZZzz…


Good morning all! Woke to a nice mug of caffeinated goodness and started our adventures right :slight_smile: Hopped in to catch this wonderful site. Yes. We have found our

So we need to hit level 12 to spawn the base. Hopped on Zip and zoomed around to find XP. These guys were happy to help. Ding! Level 12 :slight_smile:

Donny the F5 drone likes it.

Come by and see us. Everything is set to public as always. Take what you need and leave what you can. I setup the defenses on a sensor so spiders and such chasing you will have a nice welcoming party waiting for them at you get near.

She is now our official :slight_smile:

T and I enjoyed a nice sunset as we tore down Skip to stuff back in the factory.

Got back just in time to capture a wonderful sunset.

Yes, defiantly home. I will have a guestbook up soon. Stop by and say “Yo!”

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We had a visit from a very special guest tonight :slight_smile:

Freelancer HQ is a world of stunning beauty. Great place to call home for those looking to find a nice retirement home on the beach. The occasional radiation storm helps build character :wink:

I hop on Zip again and just start roaming. Stumbeled on an underground bunker just begging to be cracked open. Let’s see what’s inside, shall we?

Server restart telling me it’s coffee time. Back in I hear screams in the distance and find this prick wanting to be put out of my misery.

These guys want some action too.

Popped the door on top and headed down.

Start hearing growling coming from below. Donny said he will go and make sure the coast is clear.

He lied.

Interesting haul, not great, but interesting.

Exploring more we found an abandoned bunker. I have cracked this one in the past so I rush in like a pro.

Thankfully there is now a clone chamber on my HV so i can get to my backpack much faster.

As well as die faster I suppose…

Got all the way to the core to find it being defended by this feisty little guy. We both fell together.

Nearly killed again by this maniac. Good thing I was smrt and put bandages in the survival constructor. Fixes those brittle stix real easy.

One bandage can do wonders for the digital soul :blush:

T had a ball chewing this place up. This is gonna sound cool af.

Super satisfying :rofl:

Left nothing but a crater full of screaming horrors.

Forgot to mention we were reunited with The General on that last mission and found a new member to our band of misfits. His name is Empr. He doesn’t say much, just growls and grunts sadistically. He will fit right in​:wink:

I like this snow much better than the real thing. Looks so much more cozy in game.

T loves howling at the moon.

Got back to exploring but then these guys wanted to watch the sunset with The General. He didn’t seem to mind.

Just have to share the horizon.

Not very much to find afterwards but the view was fantastic!

This is why he is called Zip. It was a busy day today adventures! Signing off for now.



Enjoying a fresh mug of caffeinated nectar, I finally figure out an easy less complicated way to navigate the sector map. Is it just like floating around in god mode. For those that haven’t tried yet, go to creative and press G (or gm in console) to be able to ghost through the map. Holding shift makes you go faster, holding ctrl goes even faster, shift and ctrl is the fastest. The difference on the sector map, holding left mouse click allows you to move the camera angle and you cannot use wasd directional movement with the mouse camera angle at the same time. Directional movement will always cancel out the mouse camera angle.

So should we explore more of the planet or take a ride mapping the galaxy? As I am pondering this I hear Chester, a newly spawned warp sled CV, suggest we make a quick run around the bottom ring to scope out the rest of the sectors. We do have a lot of pentax at the moment.

So gearing up to go I realize Zip is gone. Forgot he was under 10 blocks and was scooped into the void. I did have another ready to spawn and decided to add a couple blocks. Zip went through some changes and has changed her name to Suzie. All blocks are public. Take her for a spin.

Warped to the wormhole nearby. Discovered a ship yard and popped in to investigate.

This gentelman tried to assist me but I think he was having computer troubles. Maybe he needs a better IT guy :wink:

Wandered around a abut and found him talking to this guy. Not sure what they were talking about but by the body language I would guess this is the IT guy :grin:

On to Atlantis. Famous for its giant ocean but popular for its epic armor :slight_smile:

Looks like someone may have setup access to the underground treasure this season. Is it help or a trap? One way to find out…

Found TAW setup a nice little landing spot. They are usually not ones to setup traps…usually…

I have seen this movie before. On my way down I kept waiting to hear someone tell me to rub the lotion on its skin. I did NOT want to get the hose again :frowning:

Looks like epic armor in the sunken city of Atlantis is still a thing, just don’t pick the plants if you value your reputation with Polaris.

Thank you TAW :slight_smile:

Now on to the central hub of the universe.

Was getting warnings that my CV tier was too high so I landed at the garage to say hello to the garage master. Not to worry @Ju the garage will have stock soon enough :slight_smile:

Used the handy teleporter to enter the planet. Found an old friend waiting for me to pick him up.

One day she will be full…One day…

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Welcome back adventures! I had taken these screen shots last time and fallen asleep at the wheel. I do remember this encounter vaguely. When I got back in the server I was at the bottom of the water in front of ECC HQ with zero fuel and the power on. You can probably guess how I ended up there. We have a new member of the party. Meet Explora. She is ready for uncovering the mysteries of the universe with us :slight_smile:

I recall seeing a cluster of Zirax snacks. I think I might bring back Skip T2 for a bite and become king in the north for a while.

“Looks scrumptious!” T says with a wide grin.

Had a visitor stop by while we were out. :slight_smile:

We received a very peculiar distress call coming from ECC HQ and loaded up Chester with a few odds and ends. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Chester hung out at the garage because he isn’t allowed on the planet. He would like some friends to play with though :frowning:

This is a very fun puzzle! Not for the timid so here is a couple hints. See if you can figure it out :wink:

Got a nice view from above after our triumph. This guy seemed to like Explora :slight_smile:

“He doesn’t look very civil.” The General snickers as we pillage…err I mean explore.

I think we made a new friend. He doesn’t talk much though. Just a bunch of symbols and pictures. I am guessing he speaks in Emojiption hieroglyphics.

We home some fun tossing bullets. Not much loot though. The kitchen was stocked with a good amount of grub so not a total loss.

The professor’s crib has a nice layout. T was suggesting his open concept noise again. I am thinking he might be a little claustrophobic.

Chester got a little attached to our new friend and decided to go home with him. “Have fun little guy!”

Got back to catch another great sunset. T was a little grumbly about open concept the entire way home so I let him enjoy the view for a bit. It seemed to sooth him a lot.

Found Brock in the blueprint factory begging to make an appearance. He is ready for next episode :slight_smile:


That’s it? There’s more to the story!!! I need more!!!


My apologies everyone. Work has been occupying a lot more of my time recently. I have been playing and collecting screen shots as I can and have a little time to tell the tale a bit more…

We got to hang out with our new friend a bit on the Triton space worm mission. We had a bit of technical difficulties at the end but we made it. I didn’t want to reveal too much on this great mission. Just be sure to bring a lot of health packs. The planet is constantly under attack by very disgruntled hail storms :frowning:

Ended up logging off on Triton after falling asleep at the controls again. Was of course out of fuel when I got back but got to see a wonderful sunrise. This place is actually quite lovely when you are not getting pelted by razor coated golf balls :slight_smile:

Even the plant life looks friendly. This little guy is so darn cute. I want to take him home with me.

Well adventurers, I think we may have found another spot to plant a flag. Need to do a little more exploring with our new friend and find the best view.

But for now we needed to get back and play the inventory game. This is where we are when coming in from space. Stop by and say hello.

Was able to get back for another great sunrise. Got back and sorted all the loot we grabbed. Was trying to decide on what to do next and figured it was a good time to check out the moon here. Knowing it was PVP I was sure to set home spawn and not bring anything too important.

I found the moon to be mostly full of Talon territory. Stopped by one of their villages just to have a look and growl with the locals.

I hear screams and hissing from this cage. I hear Donny gleefully say, “Oooo let’s see what’s in there!”

Yeah I have seen this movie too. Looks like they spared a few expenses. Time for me to gtfo, I remember how that movie ended :wink:

Didn’t find much of anything else interesting. Got back home and Brock was saying he wanted to check out Triton. So we loaded up and headed out again. The deadly vacuum of space is quite stunning here in Triton system.

Here we go fellas. Time to see what trouble we can get ourselves out of.

Well we found some.

Need to be strategic about this one. Pulled Skip out of the factory and let em have it!

Or not…

Still not sure if this was on purpose. We did have a laugh about it for a while though.

Started getting tired again so I marked the area on my map for return visits to this base. Looks like there were lots of goodies to be had within :slight_smile: Back home and got to watch an asteroid land right near us. Great time to test out the eye. It demolishes them btw.


Welcome back adventurers. We had lots of visitors these past couple days and I was forgetting to take screen shots. These are just a couple I found. I promise to be more mindful when ranting to newcomers in the discord lobby.

Really wish I got more shots of this one. Had a blast taking down the drone base with everyone on Ori last night. Great times all! We lost lots of sleep kicking Zirax off the planet all night. Soon Polaris and Talon will love us :wink:

Chester got a little bit of an upgrade. I call it the extended cab version. With passenger seats in the front and a barbecue on the back, he’s ready for a tailgate party. Congrats to @gk258 ( gk = Galactic Kelp :grin: ) on his first CSW. I forewarned him of how terrifying it never stops being and can honestly say he handled it quite well.

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Kill em all, let dog sort em out.

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