Time to minecraft on planet instead

Seeing SWP is always fun… trying to warp and the with light comes out and ofc when fighting swp you cant warp. All space around them is as always bugged. and ofc i cant warp again due to not being able to lock in target.

Cant run, Cant fight, Cant warp… And ofc they hit me when i was about 8k away on my radar.
I didnt even see the ships attacking me…All i see se is my turrets shooting in black space.

Is this how you want the server to run ?

Its so strange that it only happends when fighting swp. Only them…

But if admins think its fair i wont argue. But for know its minecraft time on the planet instead. PVE is so much more fun then this.

.Client_161121-154359-13.zip (15.8 KB)

Hi Zappe,

We will talk about the possibility of bringing back some limitations relating to Block, Device and limits on planets (how many you can have)

With the weapon/turret restriction a lot of players are creating horrible ‘micro turrets’ most players have been guilty. Problem with this is the core count and device count in small areas. It is causing a lot of the dramas

Most of your frushtration (and others) is down to the game state ATM…ofc on HWS we try to make the most of a not ideal situation. We will see what we can do :slight_smile:

Some day this game will have detailed logs, containing info about an engagements … on that day SWP and others like them will disappear from the server one by one, or just quit because they know they cant get away with cheats and exploits anymore. They will simply move to the next alpha/beta game, full of new juicy bugs to exploit.

Until that day server owners have the choice to either allow these people to cheat, exploit and poison the server community … or throw the rotten eggs out with the garbage where they belong.

It’s a big and hard step to take, but i feel the day getting closer …