Too damn dark!

Here the devs go and make the nights on planet lighter but on HWS servers they are super dark. Too damn dark that I hate to even play anymore. Come on someone flick a damn light switch please !!!


Yea, not sure what the deal is… it way to dark, and on a plasma its literately pitch black.

that and rep not working… lack of pve… time to take a break… and hope for 6.0 to be better.


I like it being dark.

And day is too white… everything lacks contrast… think they redid lighting completely in the new patch…

Tbh I have no issue with how dark the night is now it makes it more realistic in my book, just wish the lights could have more range so you could atleast see a dim light when attaching your base but as it stand lights don’t illuminate until 20m or less, if your flying a CV 9 times outta 10 you crash into the BA first before seeing any lights lol. As for the universe as it is ATM it really does seem like you can’t please everyone, first off there was 2much PvP then all seemed fine until vets weren’t allowed back to starter planets, now there’s not enough PvE, get rep and travel to the reward planets, hop between Lucifer and Gabriel these are your best options for PvE there is also the PvE server after all the other servers are mainly PvP orientated and why shouldn’t they be? End of the day this is a survival game not minecraft. Hell even give living in PvP a try ally with surrounding factions or move into deep space, you may enjoy the thrill and excitement that not being safe can bring :wink:

The darkness (plus the lens flare of the lights I’ve placed to overcome it) has made night time play less enjoyable. In real life, I’ve seen a few snowy nights that were so dark that I couldn’t see my outstretched hand. So it’s not that it’s unrealistic, just not particularly fun.


I like the increased realism of the dark nights on homeworld planets. Quotes such as “Lets stay in the daylight” give an added level of immersion imo.

that is what they tried to fix…

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There is some advantages thou :smiley: like my nights look awsum

Sweet a fix :smiley: i’m on it!

Its only on HWS that it is like this, so freakin dark , can’t stand it

Rex, I don’t understand it, I went to 3 other servers, I warped to ice/snow planets(because on HWS that is what we are currently occupying) all three servers the night light is the way its supposed to be some what bright but shaded to look like its night but on HWS Iceplanet its is pitch black when it gets dark, hurts my freakin eyes and makes me not want to play

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TOO DAMMM DARKK please fix

Did you guys clear your texture cache, and try rejoining server? that would explain why its different on other servers, since you dont have previous texture caches over there.

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Well it might be because of the playfield.yaml only was addressing the older Unity version <5.1.
With 5.1 the Unity update changed contrasts etc. But we kept the settings from <5.1.

Will be tweaked in 6.0.

In general this topic is subjective though. For some people it has to be dark like in real world and for some best as bright as at day because they fear darkness.

We stick more to realistic situations but every planet has its own setup. So it should be for everyone something enjoyable.

its awful, at night the flare from your gun light is brighter than the sun but doesnt illuminate anything. but if i use scope to zoom in suddenly its dusk looking like Kogami’s screenshot.

It’s not about fearing the dark, it’s about being able to see. Gonna try to clear the playfield cache hope it helps

I cleared the playfield cache with the 5.1 update, and when I joined it sent me to starter. The nights on starter (if you are in the areas that used to be water with 5.0) are pitch black.

So black that lights from your player weapons/shoulder light aren’t even visible on the ground, black. You can’t see a thing. I think this is what people are talking about.

Once you are on terrain that didn’t used to be water in 5.0, everything is normal night darkness. Go back to the areas that used to be water (like 90% of the starter planets) and you can’t see a thing.

It will cause you to do things like walk off a cliff, simply because you can’t see it. Real easy way to die. Again, even with the shoulder light turned on, you can’t see at all. Not even outlines.

PS. I know I successfully cleared the playfield cache since I have the new map textures. I tried clearing again and no difference. Just clearing things up for people that may not be understanding correctly.

Well against graphic cards problems / settings we can’t do anything rather reporting it to the devs.
For me it is a

I agree with you about it maybe being a bug of some sort that may be related to certain cards, but this only happens on the starter planet for me and only in the areas that used to be water before 5.1. Not on other servers or SP.

Running an I7 6700k and an GTX 1070 G1.

To clarify further, this only affects the ground, not the stars or sky.

So i came too hunt this thread down after literally tumbling my way in my lil SV zip on planet rolling on the ground, with my spotlights on… catching glimpses of BC cristals and stars as i went…Finally found @mcprouty and we had a dark beer together.

Its REALLLY dark, i have to agree. The shoulder light is almost useless. My SV Spotlight is brighter in day than in night… After the reboot i will take some images.

YES - we know we can crank our gamma up to 9Trillion and see everything like a bat. But thats not a game feature yeah? :slight_smile:

Love, to all, just had to get my darkness out. I was skeered. No nightlight…