Unable to buyback SV

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What happened:
=> was trying to buyback SV that was taken
was taken by HWS on GG
Player(s) with issue:
=> QIX

Time (cb:time):
06 april 2019 14:25
Golden Globe
Structure Name(s):
=> Q2

Structure ID(s):
=> 8609171

How can we help you now:
=> would like it returned , had gold ore and other items inside

Hello @QIX
the structure is deleted already, hence you can’t buy it back.
You have always about 10 minutes on hot pvp playfields before it gets removed to help with performance.

I could handle it as the Black Hole wipes and restore it for a fee.
You want that or nevermind?


please mention next time the reason why you could not buy it back, because that changes everything…

@ GoodTrip: You are only supposed to have 0 private HVs on Golden Globe. You have 1. Please remove all other 1 private HV, or they will be taken after 1 more Warnings!

@QIX: Sorry, but that ship did not belong to you before.

It was not your ship. It belonged to GoodTrip.
Why he set it to private (even though its not allowed) I don’t know.

I see what I can do about restoring it. but it will cost you the common fee if that is ok.

Where should I put it?

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Thought that might have been the case that someone privated it. Please put it back on GG as that is where I logged out. Thank you

Yes, I need it back please. Thanks

OK should be back

Don’t see it on GG, also not in structure commander.

Still can’t find it, would like my autominer cores back, losing rp


You failed to pick it up in time as Jascha restored it on GG yesterday.

I restored it above your head now.
Don’t know about any auto miner cores.

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