Unable to set ship private after npc core change

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> replaced npc core so I can set ship to private, replaced npc core and went straight back to faction

Player(s) with issue:
=> jimwons2

=> na

Time (cb:time):
=> 14:17

=> trikea

Structure Name(s):
=> mini miner

Structure ID(s):
=> 31433 191

How can we help you now:
=> give me my lost core and set my ship to private :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum @Jimwons2

as I said, make sure to make yourself familiar with that guide here:

I’ve set it to private for now.


Read and follow the instructions here to place a NPC Core:

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you are a good man, thankyou so much


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