Underground Turrets / Underwater Turrets - State of the Game

Hey guys,

so PvP is now even more PvP, hm?
Throwing underground turrets / blueprints is even more fun, hm?

Not at all for others, not at all for us.
As I said in another topic the time is over where it is just a reminder or fake warning.

Underground Turrets

@SWP the whole planet, every mini blueprint base of you at least one turret was underground. Every single base was removed and all of you lost all your Reputation Points since it was not an accident. If one base was accidentely blueprint spawned under the ground, ok. But everyone with obvious intention on every zascosium deposit - no way.

If you keep doing it the punishment will be harder and harder - up to my discretion.

It should be for everyone a disclaimer. The game is right now NOT good in this way and we want a server where everyone has the chance for fun and fair chances to get resources.

Underwater Turrets

I didn’t know that thrusters are deactivated if you enter the water now… that is not cool at all. So since Bases are in general OP now and in combination that the LOD / distance to the base is very short we now also disallow underwater turrets. Sad but as long as there is no way against that this is the state of the game right now

this rule is applied now. Any damages before are history and don’t affected. Since this is a serious rule change we allow some time to get rid of these turrets. No flame war is accepted since then


What about CV underwater?..

I adjusted it on HWS Guide Slide 6. BA / HV turrets are not allowed!

CVs are ok since only Cannons / Miniguns are shooting on the planet. Enough time for your SV to get out of there. If you running around on foot want some fishes you will have a bad day, sorry.

HV turrets will all fire underwater, even with the thrusters disabled, yeah? since there’s no more water world, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue to say no more underwater turrets (with the intent being for defense/trolling/ganking/whatever), does that make sense?