Guess I'll be putting base turrets underground if others can get away with it

Once again. Bases turrets underground and shouldnt HAVE to use a class 4 SV to get a screenshot. However TBF has turrets firing through the terrain on GG yet again, since BEFORE the wipe and refuse to do something about it. Then listening to half-sized bitching that the “terrain isnt rendering” or “its not my base” even though its the SAME DAMN FACTION.

Do we need reading material??

How about pictures??

What the hell am I missing here??

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you have been aroud a while so im sure you already know that if a turret is in a underground cavern and terrain doesnt load turrets will still shoot through. i know that just a couple weeks ago there was an op4 base that people were complaining about shooting through terrain.

This isn’t a terrain issue, this was planted under the terrain and never dug out to begin with.

its too much to regulate what underground turrets are legal and which arent, personally i think it would be better off to go with fully indestructable terrain for pvp or maybe just a shallow destructable layer on top just so u can dig out any terrain inside base

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a video would be better because I know that terrain doesn’t render until you come up to it like on Homeworld

And here i thought we had class 1 sv restrictions???

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That was right at it after about 10 seconds, go check it for yourself if you can. Be warned, there are 2 faction and 1 private base.

Rex himself confirmed Op4 Bases on Home World are legal. Any subterranean turret located
at our HQ has had the terrain completely removed around it.

Taco is referring to underground turrets which have not been dug out. Thus they will continue to
fire through the ground even after the terrain has rendered.

There is no need to go fully indestructible because a few players choose to exploit the game mechanics.
The Sandwich Layer is IMO one of Rex’s Best ideas. When used to its full tactical advantage it provides
players with the ability to build bases in PvP with out the need for offline protection.