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What happened?
=>Spartan117 was killing me again and again maybe 80 times evenghout i had no any weapons and was floating in space just in suite
this is very coward and unfair behaviour
its against ANY fai play

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> raven4

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 2020-08-10 after 14:00CEt maybe

On which Playfield?
=> space near GG

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> Players like Spartan117 shall be punished for unfair play and shall be kicked/banned from play. They ruin good game experience of other players

Sadly all PvP is fair game.
For next time you go to PvP, go to a base in PvE and write cb:sethome:<ID>.
After that when you die you can do cb:gohome. Everytime you die there’s a short duration where you can use the chat before you’re sent into the death menu. Use this time to go home.

Dark if u say that 80x killing unarmed this if FAIR behaviour then u are also soo silly like that imbecile Spartan117. Just wondering why u call yourself “police” then if u r so useless to keep some level of FAIR PLAY.

Shame on Spartan, but shame on police/admins also…

Maybe not, but you can turn it around and say, why did you keep spawning nearby?
You could do cb:gohome, restart at nearby medic station, fresh start.

And to quote the big guy himself:

Doesnt spawn killing repeatedly count as greifing?

The player won’t gain anything from it rp wise as its bound to a timer for when you can get rep for the kill

Deffo in future always have a cb:sethome before going to pvp and follow the guides :wink:

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, as there’s another rule preventing it which @raven4 maybe don’t know about…


I wanted so save ship.

I fought in PvP many times and were killed. BUT there are FAIR players like [U-T] Beast who killed my CV, but then he helped me to repair, he gave me some if HIS resources and he gave me many ADVICES, finaly he HELPED ME TO LEAVE PvP

THIS is how gameplay shall look like. U can WIN fight, but then u can help player to rebuild and leave PvP (leaving some of his Cargobox stuff as trofy)

If u dont understand this basic fact, when u r no any POLICE and u and your police role is useless to game.

PPL like these [RED] and [ABN] spoil the game. NOT because they fight in PvP, but how they behave to others… they make bad reputation to game. I cant recommend game NOR this HWS server to any of friends

And as it seems admin/police just watch because u just want our money…pay2win system…wanna better ship with non-standard limits on weapons…buy it in HWS garage…then u can kill anyone…

stop blame the server & factions … thats kind of harrasment to blame others for your fault after 50 deaths actualy everyone pushed cb:gohome or freshstart… you have the choice i just read that ticket here and its absolute nonsense it should get closed and you should read the pvp book … pvp = dead dead for you or others KOS kill on sight pirate are pirates.


Your taking that out of context and its intentions mate, sure the player should know better but did he have a choice to get away from the player in the cv? Sure he should have set home and thats a fatal mistake on his part. Your basically accusing an unarmed player of ammo draining when hes unarmed floating in space

With an attitude like this your going to get zero’d every time. When you lose in PVP your opponent may choose to take everything from you, that is the game. “I wanted to save ship” there is your problem right there, you were continuing to engage in PVP, dieing, and restarting the cycle. You have no one to blame but yourself.


Your statement here is wrong in many respects.

Yes repeated spawn killing is a douchebag move. I;ve had it done to me when I was relatively new and after that I learned to CB:gohome. etc. because, like driving, its unwise to assume your opposite number isnt an idiot or a scumbag.

The HWP are not allowed to interfere in pvp in fact they are just players who receive no payment for helpng people all day. Indeed they arent allowed to fully participate in pvp either or join pvp factions. They are to help people who are new, who get stuck somwhere etc. You were not in fact stuck, you could have restarted, you could have approached another alliance for assistance.


At this point you can either it is the end of the world and huff off elsewhere in a colossal rage quit or learn to set home and go home and follow the first rule of pvp, never take into pvp what you cannot afford to lose.

You also completely fail to understand the Garage, Garage ships do not rule pvp at all and there is no aspect of pay to win. You can get everything in HWS without spending any money at all.


I’ll give it a try…Raven4 the police are only for PVE…PVP is by every rule Lawless…the police wont help you there much…ya cant take things into pvp your not prepared to lose…


You give a bad name to the Ravens of old. Your entitled attitude is the real virus of 2020. Shared by many others unfortunately. In pvp you are my auto miner, you are my shield, and my play thing. You do not own any of your goods, only are transporting them to their rightful owner. You shall expect no quarter. Expect us.


Welp where to begin… you were caught mining gold on EU. you ran from Spartan117, which he still managed to kill you. Then Claim unfair gameplay because he killed you over and over again tryin to protect HIS earned loot.
But did you mention that you were being toxic in global chat? or does someone need to pull that up from the chat history.
Also, as i recall, you told Spartan117 in private game messages, that he should die IN REAL LIFE? i mean, you didnt mention that part to anyone or in this post.


An unarmed player with nothing to do can ammo drain some pretty massive bases and cvs, hence why there is the rule. I tried to get my backpacks in previous seasons and died over 200 times, was warned on ammo draining, but i did spawn some vehicles that died and it gave materials for them to gather. As long as you are making an active attempt to attack or save your swiss cheese ship its ok. When you are with nothing re spawning over and over, and over and over, and over and over and over, its you that is the insane one (by definition) and really should stop feeding rp to people. Ammo is cheap nowadays so i doubt you will be hearing many ammo drain complaints ( until someone actually cores a base or cv then people get a lil whiny)

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One thing i will say is that throwing certain faction names around because of their ability to kill and do it well is bs. One of the named factions taught me to cb:sethome after i got ganked on gg… they fight well and dont cry if they get killed… roll on to the next fight wiser raven. Cb:sethome:id and only take to pvp what you arnt afraid to or can afford to lose… taught that by one of the named factions too