[unresolved] HWS bugs caused 420000 gold ore and a custom garage ship to be lost

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What happened?
=> I just watched Becky teleport from GG to one of our bases, she was not guilty, for some reason it teleported her about a km in the air and all the gold and only the gold was missing from her inventory, some 420 000 gold ore, she then teleported back to golden globe and the garage ship she spent hours customising suddenly for some reason being attacked by all our bases and hv? obliterating it.
the ship class was 1.3 . it was a archme’ garage sv

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Becky

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Just now, 2340 - 2350 16-aug-2020

On which Playfield?
=> GG

Structure Name(s)?
=> Becky

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> 459265

How can we help you now?
=> missing gold returned and ship respawning in its undamaged condition, as well as whatever caused it to be investigated and fixed.

things we checked > guilty status was removed and paid for
> size class was 1.31
>we were not over limits on SV either private nor faction.

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Also: whenever she logs on now it just puts her back kilometres in the air of our planet or in deep space. far from anything.

if you miner gold in “Red” area you get gulity if you Forget cause of Rush of nearby enemys make Gulity away you get “bugs or Features” or actualy you cant go pve. But good to know .
Can be that the Sv get taken maybe of Core Limits (when it set privat) cause privat will get taken by hws just sayn. And the “Timer is inside again” no avoid of Limits anymore he was offline for nearly 1-2 Sessions.

and actualy it hears rly rly rly rly Wierd only the 420k gold ore is missing nothing else. Anyone else had ever this issue before @reading people. But in the end farm again i mean to avoid that “feature or bug” just dont make the same as in that state where the gold got lost. Best will be if “becky” will send rexx her logs to figure out what can that force this unknown feature cheerio

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sounds like a few of last season’s ghosts all in one incident. may be a good idea to look into the logs on anyone on that playfield at that time. im leaning to delays in data transfer and location tracking. seems as if the server had issues remembering things and reverting to pieces of information saved.


I had used the noguilty command before teleporting away from the base. Its also the first thing I checked when I was spawned in the middle of nowhere, top of my dash was ‘paid 10000 and 1 rp for no guilty’

We had checked limits and couldn’t see that this would have cause a problem, also I recieved no warnings. I parked my ship inside the base no problem and its only after returning from the teleport difficulties that it was being destroyed.

Thank you for your crappy advise of just mine the ore and dont do it again. Not helpful in the slightest seeing as I don’t know what happened.

Thanks for the Negative Attitude if the HwS community try to help …
Seems you dont need help from Anyone with that Attitude
If one say … But in the end farm again i mean to avoid that “feature or bug” just dont make the same as in that state where the gold got lost. <- that is helpful …

First Usage Cost: 100,000 credits and 1RP the second thing is the “area” of the redgold (guilty) is on couple of edges larger as normal means you can remove your guilty same time get guilty.
Maybe that happen. But who cares its “Crappy Advise”

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sadly I can’t find anything. Can you send us your logs please.
It was not due to HWS, but if, then it was a game bug. But the warping is very strange…
But I can’t see any logs regarding anything like that

Just for further investigation some infos:

16.08.2020 23:28:39 Guilty True False

16.08.2020 23:30:16 JVI Golden Globe 1104,232 24,81947 318,3673
16.08.2020 23:31:01 JVI Golden Globe 1134,639 28,5627 307,9282
16.08.2020 23:31:46 JVI JVI HQ 4987,955 0,8925275 -2,378302
16.08.2020 23:55:08 JVI Golden Globe 1099,243 21,85778 319,5661
16.08.2020 23:55:52 JVI Golden Globe 1134,12 28,56971 308,4112
16.08.2020 23:59:38 JVI JVI HQ 5000,047 0,05000001 -0,03622332


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To add to the bizzarness when telporting back to GG, it put her back into her garage ship instantly, not the teleport pad on the base.
Which then randomly got attacked by all our own stuff.

Total loses exeede 50 000 000 credits :confused:
It’s a shit thing to happen but most importantly we need to know why as a server really, if people can’t even do simple things like mine or teleport then it’s pretty borked.


sounds like lots of delays in writing to the database. what’s you normal average ping on the server @Becky

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Around 21 normally, What logs do you need and where would I find them, sorry?

in the steam apps folder under program files.

…\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Empyrion_Data

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Client_200816-205740-71.log (43.0 KB) Client_200816-223710-55.log (9.1 KB) Client_200816-224331-00.log (8.6 KB) Client_200816-230328-00.log (7.9 KB) Client_200816-085930-37.log (434.6 KB) Client_200816-191917-03.log (26.0 KB)

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perfect. that should help track down the issue and potentially shed light on a fix :slight_smile:


Whenever I log in it’s dropping me from atmosphere too. Really not sure what’s happened here haha yeah , I hope the logs help

@Jascha im not an expert in this game engine but at a quick glance in one of these log files, there’s a ton of “WRN- Integrity broken in collider chunk” errors. not sure if this helps

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I’m not too worried about the teleporting issues. I am more concerned with where my 420,000 gold ore went and why my sv was captured?

is there anything else I can help with to aid your investigation? :slight_smile:

@Jascha or @RexXxuS

hm yeah but the warnings are different time if i see it right. The only logs that contain the Golden Globe - JVI HQ issue are clean.

But I found many game exceptions during that time on our server logs. We will send the infos to the devs.

With he gold… well I am sorry, but I can not even in the slightes way explain how that would be possible or triggered. Even by an exception… Since other things in the backpack stayed the same or changed just a bit, I can neither see a revert to an old backpack, nor a reason why he would selectively take certain slots.
Therefore we also can’t refund anything :frowning:

Also the ship I can’t really see what happend here.

You can see on the leaderboard that I mined the gold and that its not in my possession.

And its frustrating, although understandable, that you don’t know what happened to my ship but ultimately its happened now and I would like a solution.

I would either like the ship to be respawned in its customised state or I would settle for a refund of the cost. I think some effort should be made to either replace or reimburse me for the lost gold too. I dont see why I should have to pay nearly 50mil for something completely outside of my control.