Upcoming wipe: players and OCD?

I’m new and read a lot into the rules and features of the server, I was waiting for the wipe which now happens soon.
Now I read that you can buy a supporter package (or earn the levels), receive OCD level 5 which means you can store 100 items with near unlimited quantity there.
As I understood it, I might be wrong, that stuff will respawn after wipe outside of pvp/cryo planets ?

That would basically mean that all players start with an advantage that’s beyond anything anyone new could ever hope to catch up.
It would remove the need to mine minerals at all to a player who salvaged his base, just click “respawn” and the old stuff is all back from blueprint ?
No “new world order” possible as people only need to grind up some XP to be back in their CVs and main bases…

I hope I understood something wrong and it will be a real wipe ?

Nope, thats pretty much exactly how it works. Yes it does give an advantage to the more veteran players. But at the same time with smart play and figuring out the systems that are here you can catch up fairly quickly.

Remember a good bit of the server is pve so you don’t have to worry about being ganked, and that gives you time to build.

Figuring out the more rewarding instances and areas are a good thing to work on. And by the end of next season, you will appreciate being able to carry a lot of your hard work over.

But doesn’t that remove most of the value a real wipe would bring ?
Do the Veterans actually like that feature ? Of course it’s used when available but is it favored ?

As a start even 10 pieces of an ingot can give you an advantage of countless hours hopping you right into endgame tiers.
Unlimited pieces mean you are basically exploiting the blueprint system to skip a wipe :confused:

Regardless of how Veteran I might be, I’d always vote for a fresh start which is usually most fun in such a game. A small advantage is a good idea but not much beyond cosmetic value.

In case you aren’t aware I should point out that you can upgrade your OCD without donating any money to the server. The first level is free to everyone and it can then be upgraded with in-game credits (and you also get free credits every day with HWS connect daily loot and voting :wink:).
You can be upgraded to OCD level 3 in about a week just with the free daily loot and voting.
In one season you can store more things in there than you will ever use, without any donations (and as a lone player.)

You have to at least level up to the point you can leave the starter each season before you can collect from it. It’s a little overpowered, yes, but is still essential at this point in the game to handle certain bugs.

Yes I know that, I think even level 3 is too much advantage after a wipe (and I likely could reach that without support).
My issue is not really that it can be bought, it’s that all the fun of a fresh restart in a wiped world is strongly impacted if actually rarely anyone has a wipe.
They only have a day or two of XP grinding to get back to where they were before.

I love the large majority of what HWS is doing, it brings the game from alpha closer to release and I can see the amount of work invested. Clearly worthy of a donation.
But the OCD through wipes is, in my opinion, a tragic fallacy.

I wonder if the player base actually wanted that in majority ?

Also keep in mind that no one is forcing anyone to use it, but everyone has the exact same possible advantages from it. You can simply exercise some restraint and not use it if that’s your thing.

It’s one of the things that sets these servers apart from all the rest. I personally love that fact.
If it’s something you can’t live with there are other options in top server choices.

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From what I’ve seen (connect, starter planets, starter quests, origin, RP, marketplace, weapon balancing) there is a lot more that’s special about the HWS servers.

Of course I’ll use the feature if it’s there. That’s what I tried to express.
Almost everyone will use it because, especially in pvp, you’d be at a disadvantage if you don’t.
But people using it doesn’t necessarily mean they like it.

That’s why I wondered if that was a decision based on what players wanted.
It doesn’t reduce the value of a wipe to you ?

There isn’t unlimited storage for ocd but yes u sure can store a lot.OCD acts as storage u have to withdraw it from the orbital cargo drone. The blueprints still have to be made and have a completion timer on them.

I really didn’t want to say OCD is a bad feature, it looks like it could have saved me a lot of time when moving my last base :wink:
It’s a great feature during the season!
I just meant that a WIPE should be a real wipe, regardless how good I was.

Wipes are the thing that put everyone back to the same level, everyone can race to the stars with same advantages.
With OCD the WIPE becomes meaningless as far as I understood it.
Anyone with a medium level in OCD doesn’t have a wipe, just a few days delay.

Couple other things to consider. We have pretty well laid out seasons of 3 months and a lot of pvpers. Having to spend the first month of every season to get prepared to get to the pvp aspect wold be a chore.

You can only use your ocd in pvp areas once you get to level 7 which is 700 mill credits. That is a lot of farming and not easy to do in just 1 season. So a good bit of ocd ends up being used for gold ingots until you get enough to smelt down for your ocd. A multi season end goal that is good for being that gem that keeps you playing.

So the ocd serves a few different purposes in the end and is a nce perk imho.

Yes if u have a big faction and pvp u will go through a lot of resources as well.

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Does it take a month to get into PVP ?
I mean lawless cryo even starts in PVP mode, you can start right away with your basic pistol trying to get those extra cubes the other guy collected :slight_smile:
It would continue with the first HV. Low tier doesn’t mean no PVP and the better and more organized people would easily get the upper hand by progressing better.

From my experience in other games (1k hours in Ark for example) it’s easy to have a tiny minority people or factions becomes too powerful.
They dominate the playfield from there on and no one else can get to that level.
Ark is a good example in that case, the public servers are all dominated by 1-2 factions, no one else ever has a chance to get even high tier there.
That actually killed the game on those servers, no one plays for long.

However, I don’t know how much of this relates to Empyrion. Empyrion is much more arcade, less survival in those aspects.
So maybe I see it in a distorted light.

Was there a discussion about OCD allowing to get through wipes ? Did the experienced players favor the idea ?

I think what wasn’t mentioned but brings your concern to the point:

You can’t use OCD on starter worlds. PvP or PvE (Lawless Cryo), doesn’t matter. We have the check “Is starter world” and if it’s true, no OCD is working. Giving the described feeling of survival.

However there is one exception: the Prototype start planet. There you can use OCD for certain reasons.

  1. it is so crazy difficult that you either are a god of survival or
  2. prepared the OCD in the previous season to give you a nice integration and real reason to use it smartly
  3. Prototype, backed up by the Story, means you are a… Prototype and can progress very fast in the story if you are a “good” one. So it’s a little shortcut to the real veterans who might don’t want to play the Story of Freelancer all the time for example.
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That’s interesting.
I started lawless, I’ll start freelancer post wipe.

With prototype, what makes it so hard ?
So far all animals I’ve met on cryo and HQ are very easy to kill and to avoid and once you have a base they don’t try to get inside.
Is that different on prototype ?

Well… previously Patrol Vessels could be quite nasty but I won’t use them anymore because they are just a bugged glitch show.
But if some Bomb Drones coming towards your base you can run but not hide.
If you are good it’s not a problem but it’s the biggest PvE challenge of the starters.

This isnt quite correct. It caps at about 70k. This is less than the sathium needed for a single pvp CV. So it is by no means a bottomless well of storage.

As for this, keep in mind that in empyrion as with most games, the only point when a resource stockpile is useful is when you are using more than you are mining. AKA the first week or so. After that a player new to the server and a vet of over a year will likely build and mine the same, varying for what each needs. In fact, I would wager that its pretty consistant that OCD amounts rise season to season, which is obviously pretty intuitive, but also points out that really, even starting with nothing, you end with more.

[quote=“lirezh, post:1, topic:14220”]
As I understood it, I might be wrong, that stuff will respawn after wipe outside of pvp/cryo planets ?
[/quote] No, the entire server and all structures will wipe.

The reason this server is so popular is that you do not lose EVERYthing on a wipe. I think if you look at the numbers on any given day, its pretty patently obvious that this is a preferred feature. And honestly, if you dont want to play on a server with that sort of situation, just play on any others out there. But there is a reason they are less populated. Because most people do not like having their stuff just poof for no reason.
FYI the “reason” for wipes is mostly due to updates to the game, and previous maps becoming incompatible. It is an unavoidable eventuality, and a byproduct of the game being under development. Not a planned feature.

I felt pretty much the same way you do to begin with. After playing solo for roughly a month I’ve completly changed my mind. Empyrion is nothing like ARK. The farming of this game doesnt assert dominance and then thats the way it is threw the season. The real game is within the blue prints and claiming territory. The farming is just time and I have bought and filled a ocd 5 this month so next season I can more or less just pvp and use the blue prints Ive been working on. Farming isnt hard everyone can produce a class 7 cv after some farming and everyone can loose it if not designed properly. So like previous post said, it saves time farming every season and those who have gotten over that threshold can jump straight into producing and trying different designs at the battlefield and perhaps loose it all to a brainy player whom just started the game.

Yea, I probably need to actually get to that level before judging about it.
I agree the difference to ARK is big.
In ARK it’s a huge grind to get resources and a slow progress while in Empyrion it seems you can get back on your feet very fast in any case.