Used OCD in 4.2. Now I can no longer connect?

Posting this for TinyDewDrop:
It says “Connecting to HWS EU…” and it never finishes. It remains in this state forever. I tried restarting but nothing helps. This happened after I used the OCD:put:all command followed by CB:start. New bug since 4.2. How can I login again? I did this from MilkyWay space.

I think the devs removed the “infinite error send mail” but now it just loads infinitely without an error… I think the Milky Way needs a reboot before I can login again.

Same here, Server crashed. I was in Elemental Marketplace Orbit. It´s a global problem.

i was able to play on NA for about 30 mins then it crashed , i had to wait 5 minutes to reconnect

All is good again. I’m in again :). I just hope my OCD-command that was executed at the same time the server crashed didn’t bug out because I had every square full with ingots.

There was an update this morning guys, looks like it interacted badly with the eac anti cheat stuff at first

Aaaaand server crashed again -.-

It’s not the server… Steam is down for me…

ErrorThere was an error communicating with the Steam servers. Please try again later.

Restarting Steam fixed this for me this morning.

Well yea … and no.

Get disconnected, restarted steam and can connect …get disconnected 20 minutes later … restart steam and connect, get disconnected again 20 minutes later …

ALso, steam is behaving kinda odd: Workshop not working at all, all games in a long list the first 5 minutes and so on … something is going on with steam and not just Empyrion i guess

It’s gonna be close today. I still need to collect about 60 autominers before the wipe comes tomorrow. And I also gotta multitool my base and ship down. I hope the server will be online for a few hours today or I will lose a lot of stuff.

Right now I still can not login. Says 16 people online. But I think that the server after the last reboot might have crashed again?

Can’t connect. Few of my faction buddies also can’t connect.