4.2 Patch - Server Problems

Hello guys,

well don’t need to write much I guess…
The patch 4.2 today hit HWS quite hard. Before we needed to tackle the Telnet flood problem which is a game / Unity problem. Now in addition also EAC problems
Incase an Unity crack is under us. Telnet flood means this:

(Filename:  Line: 2481)

Couldn't send RPC function 'nwsync'

Millions of such lines flooded in the logs, bringing the server down. Don’t let save your ships, actions, etc.

And now EAC with this:

EAC: Log-Error: [PushNetworkMessage] Internal data corruption! ClientID: 99

We are working with the devs really hard to find a solution but till now we don’t know why or what.

We are very sorry for the circumstances and keep pushing… :slight_frown:

Just for your information…

Your HWS Team


Hey Rex,

With all of the hard work you guys do to help the Development Team , you should ask them to pay for the servers :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work hope you dont get too much hassel.

hells bells batman will have to blow the dust off my super nintendo too tie me over till its fixed lmao xxx

All I know (which is not much) is that an RPC call is a function/method that is executed server side. We have them in UE4 as well of course. The RPC failed as you probably already know. But the reason we don’t know. I often used RPC’s to prevent cheating and to force a synch to all clients.

I’m stressing to get my autominers and to break down my ship. Wipe hits tomorrow morning and with all the reboots/problems it’s a real challenge to pack everything up before the evil wipe comes and eats it all.

Good luck in tracking down the problem.

Test 1

We want to see if Unity is crap in calculating multiple processes.
So we gonna limit the max players temporary to 37 Players. Just as a test.

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I was one of those 37 until I got kicked by server :joy:

Test 1 : fail

Even 37 people causing the issue and bring the server down.
This is something different.

EAC: Log-Error: [PushNetworkMessage] Corrupted data received! ClientID: 20
EAC: Log-Error: [UnregisterClient] Unknown ClientID( 0 )!
Client 55/’’ disconnected (not on a playfield)

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Server is stable for a while now. Not a single error/crash.

spoke to soon :
0 / 170

And I got an hour left to get off Earth… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah problems are there again… I’m trying to login after the wipe to place all my miners again before the noobs mine them dry. But… Unable to login… It says 13 people online but I’m trying and trying but I can not login: Image


We might have found the solution! It should be stable from now on - we hope.
Stay tuned for more insights

What is going on with the server? Me and my friend been kicked out from the server right now, so we cannot go back (it’s not responding) to take our 2 CV from milky way to another galaxy… anyone?

With the release of 4.2, there were issues with easy anti cheat and data being corrupted. There should be a fix this in the works and I’m sure Eleon studios is aware of the problem. Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

okay apparently the wipe was one hour earlier… so I just tried to log in and my CV is gone with two-week work for the ores etc. and everything is gone because I couldn’t log in at 1am and afterwards as I waited for like 1-2 hours… really disappointed…

@ecq0 The server issues are bad but announced.
Also you can’t stay 2 weeks on a starter area due rule 2.2 and the fact it gets wiped once a week / twice a week.

Anyways Contact me if you have detailed information about the CV ID etc.

i not can log in.

Server is not responding anymore.

Hang on Tiny I might wrong but the wipe is starter plants? Why are you mining here its only for new people?