Vanished SV from base

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I had a cargobox sv parked in my base that just vanished. I touch this thing daily since I keep all my personal stuff secured in it.
Player(s) with issue: (TCB) Tripwire
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): July 28th @ 0241
Playfield: TCB Faction Planet
Structure Name(s): SV starter block I guess since I never named it that I can think of
Structure ID(s): The base ID it was parked on is 5790597 the sv ID 8887074
How can we help you now: can you restore it please, It had all my ammo, gold heck… everything I had in it.It appears it was auto deleted but I touch it every day so it should not have auto deleted

Hey @Tripwire

you didn’t “really” touch it.

Hence after 15 days it got auto cleaned up.

Reminder: “Touch” means you are sitting in the cockpit or standing literally ON it. No P Control Remote access, no standing near it.

I can restore it for the common fee

Let me know.

please restore thanks


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