Various queries, I am new to HWS

I love playing Empyriom and I enjoy playing online with my brother and making new friends, but I was tired of playing on so many servers that only serve to waste your time.
Luckily almost a month ago I found HWS RE and I love playing here, I think that while I play Empyrion I will only play on this server and I have heard of several options that help one as a player for the restarts that Eleon does from time to time… I would like to support the server and obviously get a benefit in the game and it seems interesting to me to buy the option: OCD Level 5, but I don’t understand what I should do when I buy it, what items/materials I can save, where I can save and how I withdraw those materials when the server restarts… And my last question is about the rules of plans in the HWS RE server, how many turrets can I install in my CV that doesn’t break any rules, I don’t want my ship to be deleted for that reason… Thank you for your attention and excuse my English, I’m from Costa Rica, my first language is Spanish and I use the google translator… :smiley: :smiley:

best way to check max usement of turrets etc, is to download the scenario and build from there =)
But, you can always hover over a turret with your mouse, and it will say there what is max :slight_smile:

Welcome to HWS =)

But what is this in server rules…
3.4 HWS Capital Vessels (CV) weapon limits

  • 1 Detector
  • 6 Pulse Laser
  • 4 Rocket Launcher
  • 6 Drill Module
  • Choose 12 Projectile Turrets (Minigun or Cannon Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Laser Turrets (Pulse Laser or Plasma Turrets)
  • Choose 10 Fast Explosive Turrets (Rocket or Flak Turrets)
  • Choose 2 Slow Explosive Turrets (Artillery Turrets)
  • Choose 8 Tool Turrets (Drill or Multi Turrets)
  • 8 Sentry Guns

that would be the EU/NA rules i belive! Look familier! RE har other rules, why i say, download the scenario and test there :slight_smile:

RE Scenario can be downloaded here:

HWS Scenario here:

Each one has many differences. The ones listed in the guide are for the main HWS NA & EU servers. RE follows the defaults for the workshop scenario created by ravien & vermillion

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Thank you guys, everyone for answering my query, if it is true that you use Reforged Eden’s configuration and rules regarding CVs, then I understand it perfectly… I still understand that I can make a class 25 CV, only not I see it recommended on a server with CPU ON, too much work to see a brick moving in space, I prefer level 6-9…