Veterans willing to sell their BPs

I’ve been using Workshop blueprints but as you all may know, most of these are PVE oriented (not a lot of PVP ones). I was wondering if any players out there with good designs would be willing to sell the BP? We can discuss in game price depending on vessel and how unique the design is (CV up to class 3, SV 1) not looking for HVs or Bases for now.


The best is usually to try to make it yourself. Thats the only way you can get a ship that will truly fit your needs.

I can send you the BP of a mobile base CV thats a work in progress for me (will m ost likely start from scrap, too expensive for what i wanted to do. Ship’s 95% complete, just need to put guns and ammo boxes on it.

Hmm i like the idea Mario but most PVP players (especially good ones, so not me then) will be very protective of their blueprints.

Possibly someone could be paid for an advice service where they check out somebody’s ship and tells them on how to improve it with spare parts boxes, redundancies, turrets away from vital parts and such…

Something like that could really take off i imagine!

Best regards and good luck!

PS: There was no pun intended in the whole ship advice ‘taking off’. But i guess now that i’ve mentioned it there is some punnability there!

Sometimes these ship-related puns fly right over my head.

If you want I can just show you or tell you how to build a PVP ship. The statement about needing to build your own is false sadly, I learned 90% of the stuff I know from taking other people’s ships and going inside them to see how people built ships. Offering money is a good way to do it, A old friend of mine came up with the idea of me building and selling ships for the community. It would allow people to PVP without having to learn all the building stuff that comes with it. I don’t mind helping people learn! I want more people to get out and enjoy themselves. I remember my first trip out to PVP 3300 some hours ago when I was a noobie… I was coming into the planet and I got shot down by a space drone. I thought the whole world was over… I lost most of the loot I got on starter and everything was going south! I crash landed on the planet and mined the stuff I needed to re build a warp etc… While doing that some guy found me… Put a giant tower down in front of me and let it go to rip. It blew up everything I had and continued to kill me for a good while! I lost 18+ cargo full of resources and everything! I learned sooooo much stuff and I had the most fun I ever had in Empyrion! As long as you look at it as a lesson learned all is well and it’s really enjoyable experience!! Point I’m getting at is the way you learn is by going out and getting murdered sadly. That or asking for somebody to show you, teach you! :grin: Anyways, I thought I’d share that little short story lol… First lesson learned “Don’t carry all your loot on you at one time” had to start all over again lol. :sweat_smile:


Thing is I’d be starting from scratch on building :slight_smile: so I’ll need a lot of tips haha. I’ve never captured a ship yet :slight_smile: most my fights result in someone running towards the end lol

If they change how we build ships because of the lag we’ll all be starting over


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They already have and they are going to continue changing it. :pensive: We are down to size class 1 on the SV/HV… You have no other choice but than to fly a small ship. Hurting the population to please the large factions crying for changes is a bad idea.

what I’ve learned on stealing op4 HV SV is redundancy.
a block generator fuel tank thruster
and there are some other redundancies I’m not going to mention.
but with all their SV and HV the weakness is back.
they like to put their cockpits in back of their redundancy.

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The statement that you need to build your ships yourself is true in waht you said.
I never mentioned you cannot look into others design, i agree thats the best way to learn, but you ended up building your own ship anyway, not fixing someone’s design to fit your needs.

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I use Colin2Colds builds exclusively. I have never lost a 1v1 in any of his builds. Very rarely do
I even lose a vessel in large PvP fights. I’m a decent pilot but far from being one of the best. That
tells you everything you need to know about his builds.

For new players considering the purchase of a vessel or wanting to learn how to build.
My advice would be to ask the guys who actually pvp in game and not just on Discord, forums
and global chat. It will save you some heartache in the future.

I’m sure Colin and any Op4 would be more than willing to show you what they know.
I’m currently working on a Op4 Guide to BA building in PvP. I’ll finish and post it as soon
as I’m done with getting Op4 supplies in order. Last weekend of SC3 so we expecting company.


I know we don’t see eye to eye on everything but this basebuilding guide sounds really cool. Your base on HW was very nice so it’ll be cool to see what big factions like us can learn from your guide.

Best regards

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Agreed, I might of mis understood you! If people want the best advice, it would be to stash away all your goodies somewhere safe (PVE for some of us, ECC, Peacekeepers etc) and only take what you need out to explore, mine or whatever you want to do! The biggest problem I see with newer people, expescially PVP is bringing everything you own on you just to die and lose EVERYTHING. The best advice now, don’t take anymore than you need on you when you go out. Never know when you might die. It’s an Alpha still so random bugs happen daily! Must be prepared for death!!! Blueprints already made are another huge life saver! :sweat_smile: I will find the guide @RexXxuS made and I will post some common building mistakes/tips that are needed for PVP! I am not the best of the best but I have played this game a lot!! Haha Empyrion is life, let me know if anyone has other questions I would love to answer them!

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Of course our weakness is the back end! Hahaha that’s the one spot you won’t be shooting at, if you are… Then that pilot doesn’t need to be flying our designs! Hahaha :kissing_heart:

That’s why I block myself in once doors are shut.:rofl:

A little pet project of mine, its a class 1 PVP ship with all the principles of solid building as a learner, but without the cost of being a juggernaut CV. Again, the principles are important not the ship itself. Do not expect a class 1 to outperform a class 3. But you can use the bp as a core design, and expand on it within the server size limits, and you would have a fairly decent ship.Oh and I will continue to update it as I play test it privately, and if/when the meta changes.


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I am very protective of my ships and designs, as a fellow PvPer I prefer to not let my adversaries know of my strengths and weaknesses of the ships I fly (especially the midget). We can definitely give you advice, but to be honest the best PvP ship you fly will not be a workshop ship, it will be one of your own creation, and if not your own it should be modified to suit your particular style of fighting.

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Its n1 idea. Need to think about. Mb will sell some 1st lvl ships (CV). But only on next week. Right now, Im FAR FAR away from my home PC, with all dat PvP-BPs…

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:laughing: 1000 euro and all my 868 Bp’s is yours.


Lol that’s me! Hahaha