Violation of the rules of the zone of the weld

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: violation of the rules of the zone
Player(s) with issue: fraction RFS
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): none
Playfield: Titan
Structure Name(s): BATIzona 2
Structure ID(s): none
How can we help you now: destroy

added a video if you have any questions

Interesting markes on the map ? "wz to titan Bh " ? Camping Warpzones = illegal ?

Camping warp zones is illegal but marking them is smart. If people are coming in, you know approximately from what direction.

I think more its like a Satelite … saw in hws discord that bob marked what by albinos / albert tron screen and satelites direct warpzones legit or not legit ?

In the environment of computer games called camping tactics “sitting out” when the player, taking a favorable position for the fire, almost or not moving from the place, killing out other players.

Look at my video, nowhere like this.

??? what camping ???

There are markers, if the enemy has gone to warp I’m flying for him and looking within a radius of 3-5km from the warp zone which is marked with a bookmark

I explained what it means camping, to put bookmark can be where you want. It exists for my orientation

HwS Discord Bob16.01.2019 : ?

So what? did he take damage, did it bother him?

3.1 Do not warp camp. The warp entrance area is about 3 square km (randomness +/- 1.5km.) This is a TRANSIT-ONLY ZONE – you MUST be moving or refueling/remapping.

in compare 2 different things. I showed the campsite in the video. And what you write is triggered the alarm and everything.

you show a video who you self breaking Rules … and want that people his base get deleted ? shame…

recently a question was raised to REX for camping on homeworld the super gate. He said that this is normal, but in the video this is prepac camping in the area and it is forbidden, you say that I also have is, is the damage my actions? It’s the difference of knowing and dealing damage.

let rexxus check everything greets.

what’s wrong with having a lighthouse ? only information. But the gun is already bad. I have stood (now was removed) beacons for information. And video is a full-fledged camping

apd If Rex thinks it’s a violation I am ready to pay the penalty because for me it’s the information and where I can find PVP. But I am opposed to such beacons hung guns

First of all as i said regarding our bases around Homeworld supergate i dont consider camping putting bases in space.
Camping in an active player waiting for you. Bases dont camp. Bases dont move. Is their nature.
Secondly at 2.10 minutes i see you entering in system. Bases are very far away near the asteroid belt so they are not even closely inside warp zone.

I dissociate from this report.

And next time you need to post the report in the correct section

We have small pvp on eu and reporting players that tries to do something in pvp is not the right move. We are an experienced faction and with our capital vessels such bases are not a problem. If you wait some hours i will be online and i will take care of those.
So i can have some fun.

It’s not whether it’s a problem or not. I don’t like the approach. I mean to place for information (no damage, offline protection) is impossible. But they can? Let me do the same, but you were right to say it is not a problem for our faction, it is the problem of those who come to dig ore. It’s one thing when I catch them and they run away, another when appearing in the system receive damage from the FULL BASE. Once again, this is not my lighthouse, it is a full-fledged base!

I say again, I think to place the lighthouse in prewarp area is normal. Enough time to kill and hide, but the video is through dibs

I apologize, I do not quite understand the forum and where it was necessary to write not understand. If possible maybe put an explanation…

I was always under the impression that having space sats with floating blocks was not allowed as per rules against floating blocks since you cannot use the N menu connect feature in space and someone could create a massive snare base using unconnected blocks