Warp Camping

Is warp camping legal now? I am pretty sure that the rules are still opposed to it. Twice in the last 2 weeks I have been attacked as I came out of Warp, by the same hunter… (not pirate)

Every time I get the same answer of ‘no bounty in reality but de facto yes’ or something similar. I agree that we play PVP, but warp camping just isn’t fair. If we could jump in to a random location, then fine, but this player just sits waiting at Warp in points. Admins is there a ruling on this?

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Warp spawn points have been randomized since 5.0. The chances of you spawning within 1500m of someone else who is sitting there are pretty low. Do note as soon as you warp in, the bright blue flash from you warping in is visible to everyone on the map so they know the second someone warps in.

But it only takes 5 seconds to lock a new jump location and hit K. I don’t think warp camping is being enforced right now. My advice is to stop running around in warp sleds and vanilla workshop ships and build something that can take a few hits if it bothers you that much.

Warp camping is illegal.

There is about a 3km band that warps are randomized into. If anyone is caught in that band for more than 3 minutes they would be considered warp camping and subject to have their CV seized by HWS.

If you have video, or proof of getting attacked directly into warp, Post it, good change the guy/gal will get some heat for it.

At the very least, a warning, at the worst, he/she loses her pretty hunter CV and all inside of it.

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If you were catched twice…seems more like you slacked in there for too long…

Nah I was hit by a camper on EU when I went over to take a look. He wasn’t that good as I was in a ramped up sled with no guns but I went back and checked and he was still doing it. Niki Tesla or something. At least I didn’t loose anything.

Haven’t seen it on NA though really.

I have video someplace but as I don’t play there I’m not going to take the time to comb through my log server to find it.

Yip, that’s the same hunter…
22 20:39 Nikola Tesla 5DC 78 Lua Orbit FRG005-Reunion

Maybe we were just unlucky, but both times, he was directly ahead as we came out of warp. And judging from the global chat, these incidents are not isolated.

Record. Always record in empyrion. One good video of you warping in an him being there, complete with a timestamp is all you need. The server logs all warps. If @NikolaTesla was there for a while before you warped in, it is warp camping. If he just warped there and you warped on top of him, it is not. It’s frustrating I know, but recording helps out so much. You can see the most blatant rule breaking imaginable, and if you dont record/screenshot it, no one can take your word for it or do anything about it.

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And many apps will let you record over itself for saving space, if that’s a concern.

Even windows 10 I believe natively includes the “recording” features via XBOX functionality. I believe Win + Alt + G will record the previous 30 sec by default if it’s turn on for background recording.

Twitch will also auto save your recorded videos for a while after each stream, if you tell it to. My last 500 hours or so are all saved so far, without using a single gig of memory locally

Yeah, love twitch. Only think that’s burned me is that they only archive for a little while unless you get mad views. You’d need to store them offline if you wanted them with any real longevity.

Im Nikola Tesla, and I confirm that I de-jure and de-facto killed this CV of FED Faction, and I have screenshot, if you want.
Andrev, I didnt wait you there are. I warped in 2-3 seconds after you warp.

Dont need to make a video, just ask Admin to check logs and confirm exact your and my warping time.
EM > Lua Orbit. Server time 20:39 (± 10 min), date 22.03.2017.
Admin can check and confirm if you want.

Hm… how do you know that he was here for 2-3 seconds and not 5 minutes? or ok, you posted same server time but why +/- 10 minutes??

He knows he was there for 2-3 seconds, because they were both in the previous system. He waits for a warp flash, and warps at the same time, to hope to drop on someone. Its an old tactic, and an effective one.

Then it’s the game code problem that places 2 jumping ships too near of each other…so much for ‘randomization’.

Better than it used to be. Used to be literally same place every time. You could surround incoming ships completely every time.

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AT least its in a 3km area… that gives you a pretty good chance to get scooting again. Better n before, as noted.

I don’t know if it’s ‘better’, because you could jus DI and capture to show you were at the spawn point when attacked… Now these values are more complicated to check. Do it well or don’t do it at all I say .D

Its a way to make it better for the live players while they work on alpha things… “Better” is all we can hope for in alpha… “Done Right” is reserved for beta and better.

I get angry because this is not ‘alpha’ stuff. This is people being lazy/dumb.
They made a function to generate a random destination point.
They just needed to check the new entry against the previous one and get a new position if the distance wasnt enough.
Pretty basic stuff

Why dont you hook them up with the code!

You do make it sound pretty simple. Im sure they’d just copy paste it right on in. BAM, instant randomizer. We need more of you out there bro!