Warp Travel limit

Hope someone can help. I cant seem to get where I need to go with the 25 pentaxid limit. trying to get to the NA to EU CSW but at alliance system and cant figure out a route within 25.

Use the map on the guide. The red arrows show the path.

Looks like home world to elemental market, to cross server warp.

I’ve been clicking around for something like that. Thanks for your help.

I still couldnt manage to get there - resorted to returning to earth via Jagal. Wasted loads of crystals.

Please watch closely to the image map.
Note the red arrows…

I tried sticking to the map as suggested but I got as far as allianceworld and couldnt get any further. Every valid move seemed a backwards step. I will try again once i’ve harvested more blue crystal.

As I said the arrows should be clear
Allianceworld -> Homeworld -> Elemental Market Orbit -> CSW