Warping nerf

hi people!

The nerf to warp drives… how do i get my warpery back above 30 LY for my T2 drive? I saw the skills wench - she was not forthcoming - but i somehow bought a skill point for 50k - which i cant seem to use yet? I know I shouldnt give money to women with ‘skills’ but i did.

I know i’ve seen something on discord banter regarding this change but i couldnt find the conversation again… so, heeeeelp I can only jump between about 3 systems.

Confused Angus

Hi, which server do ou play on?

Hi - sorry - hws+ EU!

we need an instructions manual in the guide for skill points :wink:

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Aye - tho prob just me an old man and bucking against change subconsciously - I know what I like and like what I know.

brief explanation here:

Angus, here’s the gist of it. As you see there are various skills you now have to upgrade to use now.
You can get one free. Most people picked the stacking skill. After that you have to keep going back to the girl every 3 days to get another skill point (don’t get me started) and once you get 5 you can spend them on whatever skill you need. In your case, and mine, it’s the Range LY : 0 skill on page 2. Keep going back and selecting [Earn Player Skill] She’ll tell you how much longer you have to wait.
Select [View your Player skills] to see how many unspent skills you have accumulated. You need 5 before you can spend them.

You also earn skill points by gaining HWS XP. Each HWS Level gives 1 skill point.

Certain quests and missions give HWS XP.

We realy need an updated guide on this things.

For example, i have no idea where you get HWS XP, where you can see how much you have or when you hit the next level. :grimacing:

I still wonder if there is a passive RP gain like before, and how to trigger it with each faction. Before it was for me that i need to have the faction weapon equiped and 77 Autominercores to get RP.

Well - thank you all for your input - not being the sharpest tool in the shed I’ll have to re-read several times - ultimately I just need a few more RP for an OCD upgrade and some skill points to get my warpagery back up to something useful…

I have to say - I can understand the desire to add more layers to skills - the empyrion level system is easily milked/maxed with a few circuits of planets with asteroid belts but it’s not very intuitive - at least via the ingame dialogue.

@WhizZLe - the passive things for RP still function - I have 250 pentaxid in my inventory (with origin weapon) as an explorer and am gaining the 10 rp a day for full pockets of radioctive fuel!

In general, we just need an updated guide.
Sadly that is very time-consuming. I think eventually, working on the guide is on the to-do list.

What we really need, is someone who would be interested in maintaining the guide and becoming some sort of “guide master”. Those who participated in the recent Q&A probably heard Rex mention it, and if someone would be interested you could even be paid real money for it.

I guess that it doesnt work for the new 4th Class, maybe only for the other 3. Sad that i now miss a lot of RP because of this.