We need CHANGES! Some offers and Criticism from SWP

Hello All.

All last 2 weeks, we discuss some things, which ruin this game. And makes this game boring, boring, and BORING. Lets start:

Roleplay, Factions and RP:
The most disgusting thing for last days - its activity of Alliance and Hunters. We try to understand, why 90% of Factions, which we see in game, is Alliance and Hunters. And we count their bonuses on OURs RP-count. In this count, we were shocked. They didnt need to go for Gold. They do not need to do anything! At all. All they need, just collect RP and got millions for NOTHING.

Lets see - they didnt fight against Pirates, they didnt make any contracts, they didnt help traders. For last month, I saw only 4 (!) massive engages… And its with their AMAZING online (For Example, yesterday: 4 ours, 7 PKA, 8 U-H, 4 LLH, 5 OGA and etc). Even now, only PKA got 8 (!!!) man vs our 2. But no one comes. Until there left 1 or no one. gg? Nope, lazy minecrafters makes tons of cores on their own planets (overcrowded faction planets, we see this in chat every day), and create discussions about rising OCD lvl. Why not? They go easy 5th OCD for doing nothing and tons of stuff. They need save it.

I even didnt want to talk about any Traders or Pirates. I see them once or twice for month. They didnt trade, they didnt fly. Only some ninja miners. Thats all I can told about them. Useless factions as I see.

This kind of CHEAT, must be TURNED OFF on PvP-Playfields. @RexXxuS, u talk about some kind of magic saver, which helps u in bugs/CL and other issues, but WHY u let function OCD:PUT:ALL? Tell me. For what? U lost your ship/stuff/base in bug? - use OCD:GET:x:x and try to escape. What u wonna PUT (?!?!?!) in it, if u got in bug?! WTF?!

Look on game! Look more carefully!!! U see that? Devs makes Factory and Market enable from everywhere SPECIAL for such situation. Do u see any virtual warehouses??? U know why? Bc its cheat. U go for some rare thing and there is no risk. 0 risk. I tell u more - yesterday I shoot down 5 (!) SV. 0 backpacks. Ye ye, some of them was mining, some fight near meteorites. And looks like ALL of them farm gold with empty hands. Epic. Why I must play role of Pirate and waste my Ammo for empty boxes? Where is dat EPIC Pirate bonus, about which u always talk? Pirates get hard-mode conditions and low bonuses bc they could rubber … empty boxes. Rly - gg.

And ofc ORES in OCD… Stop that. This is madness. New AMD makes game boring. Make 0 price for resources. All u need - craft ingots and run BP. But as we see, its easier to buy ingots… (I wouldnt remind u about Gold and Credits in OCD, I know we already speak about that… But when we will see some reaction?)

Bases and Turrets:
I congratulate all - cheaters save your time. Now there is NO supported bases on Gold. We check all destructions, and all waypoints in/under ground - n1. Amazing cheaters, which turned off textures and goes exactly on generators and Fuel-tanks. No Cores ruined. But ALL boxes/constructors with stuff ruined. Empty boxes/constructors - all unharmed. Tell me HOW? How u know what u need to ruin, and what no?! They will say - all was fair, they just amazing guys, which are more powerful than Vanga or David Blane or Idk who… I couldnt and I wouldnt belive, that some one would find ALL generators in all bases from first try. Its near 700x700 m in area, and down to lava from ground lvl. But they did it. gg.

Btw, dat turrets on Gold… Rly, we write about it a lot of times, we hope some changes come… But nothing happens. Rex/Devs - 0 fixes/reaction. Turrets works on all planets for FULL range, except Gold. Only Gold turrets works on ~half range. But if u go in turret - u will shoot on full range. Cool bug. And 0 reaction. As we see - noone care about such “problem”, bc no one need gold… Go Alliance or Hunters and “farm” gold for being Alliance or Hunter. That win.

As for now, we just discussing about our action in future. We didnt see any fun in building bases, which go down in 2-3 hours by 2 man. 10-20 Bases, on which we spend hundred of hours… Also we didnt see any sense in roleplay: Alliances/Hunters fights each other, and do everything that we do. Any sense to name us Pirates or Hunters? Difference only in mad RP-system, which gives millions for once, and nothing for others with same actions.

I hope all Admins/moders will read this and perceive as a sound criticism. We didnt want to injure some one etc. We just want to show and explain ALL THIS buged/boring/cheating problems, which ruin our game experience. We tired to hear about “SWP cheaters/buggers etc”, we tired to see 5-10 online Alliance/Hunters in each faction, which “farm RP” on faction planets and goes out only when we go logoff/sleep/etc. Rly tired to search “fun” for hours in 80-100 player online server…


Thanks Alex for your post. I guess you speak for the whole SWP in the best english you could.

So in total I split this in 2 sections:

1. HWS Features

I am tired of repeating myself but one final last time:
stuff like OCD, AM and other sneaky features are handled by our tool. The tool is handled by Jascha and Jascha is currently on a trip and generally doesn’t have a lot of time. The last weeks he was pushing the API and HWS didn’t get a lot of time. He still managed to do some cool stuff like the Tax etc.
So yes, a lot of things will change for 5.0 and of course some obvious stuff like passive RP getting as soon as he has time for it. Period.
Maybe you are tired now but I kind of promise that regarding HWS 5.0 will be a very cool experience for everyone.

2. Game bugs

Here I mostly give a shout out to Emric and Fer: the devs really appreciate all of your videos and even asked you about a deal. No answer from you.
Anyways they are trying to fix it. Right now they are doing a lot at the same time which causes here and there problems and lack of vision in important stuff. I am not their master and hope also that they try to fix these things about turrets mainly.

The thing is that this is the third time posts like “disgusting”, “do finally something” or just “fuck you all I leave” posts coming up very close before a big release happening.
So to explain this a bit:
We try to fix urgent issues nevertheless as good as we can. But most of old and nasty problems can only be fixed in the big next version.

So either you wait till then or try to enjoy it in a different way.
One thing to keep in mind is that we take every feedback, no matter how big the rant is, serious and improve ourself all the time along the way. We are not perfect. We are no GTA5 studio, or EA games or whatever AAA company. We are a fucking 2-4 man group doing ALL of this in our spare time, with a lot of real life work and family and spending every free minute we got into HWS.
Just to maybe think about expectations versus reality.

So yeah… I can only say stay tuned for 5.0.



We are agreed this deal. And ready to talk about.

I feel your pain in getting a good fight - it’s really frustrating to spend hours looking for any sort of engagement and get nowhere.

On the plus side I’ve caught up on the majority of my Netflix queue.

As far as the OCD - lets be honest here - we don’t need the loot. I am more than happy to kill a 100% empty CV. I appreciate a CV full of loot but I’ll take what I can get.

At this point vast majority of my frustrations with Empyrion are 100% out of the hands of the admin team and Hummel ignores my PMs so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Just to add my 2 cents :wink:

The community maybe doesn’t know how much Rex, Jascha and myself are taking so much of the feedback and giving it directly to the devs…

All i will say is they listen :slight_smile:

So much of the problems we have currently are mostly down to the game and not being anything more than Alpha, The game will develop and if you look at the past year even…its been astonishing how far its come, The feedback you guys and others give are always listened too by HWS and Eleon (even if you don’t think so :wink: ), I know first hand it can get frustrating and i remember once thinking i would just quit the game because i got tired and bored of all the problems…

Its easy for me to say the next update will fix all and add everything you want, it wont…otherwise it would be called version 1.0 Full release, however, So much of the frustrations will be cut down and we can start to enjoy the game a lot more because some CRUCIAL Multiplayer issues have/are being addressed.

All your worries about Rep, Role play, OCD, universe etc…5.0 should again bring some fresh air to the entire server and system

Maybe a time to a take a little break if frustrations are high, Soon though…you will want to come back for sure :smiley:


Is Eleon still like 3 guys? That’s what it was at the time of the Kickstarter…

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Man, they will get billions before 5.0 … Or u will check OCD for credits/gold there? Other way, they still wouldnt have any motivation for actions, even after changes in 5.0…

I think Emric will answer about that very soon. As I know, 2 or 3 guys wonna try this. The only one problem for now: language. Only few of us, could read without G-translator, and as I know, only I write without it… Its sad, but rly we had 0 practice in Eng, in real life. But I hope this wouldnt stop our guys, and they’ll take this job.

I didnt talk about “we leave” or “do something” - I just talk about our findings from long long discussions (we got a lot of time for this, while we searching for dat minecrafters). We understand, that u couldnt fix everything, and that game-bugs - its devs problems. BUT, we raid other Bases, and dat turrets shoots us, as it must be. Only Gold makes some miracles. And as we understand this - thats problem in planet-options? not? Ofc we could be wrong, but…

Yep, we w8 it. And belive in u, and in devs…

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In all seriousness. I can translate for you guys.

We need changes before 5.0 comes. Look on RP-system right now: all those lazy Alliances and Hunters - farm millions, buys OCD, and put there credits. What they gonna do on 5.0? I think the same, even if RP-system gonne be changed. They’ll got everything from last version of HWS, and still gonna sleep in PvE world. I think we need changes and some moves before 5.0 comes. I hope (all we hope) Jascha find some time, to do something with it.

I can speak for SFA and say we are always looking for a fight. We’ve resorted to even calling out in chat where we are to try and get some action. I think you’re right about the alliance, I know server admins were trying to balance the server, but now everyone just switched from trader to alliance, lol. There aren’t enough pirates for alliance to engage with. 5AP switched to alliance and LBP isn’t as active as they once were. Maybe it is time to say “to hell” with the RP rules and make it a free for all. That may be extreme, but I am starting to feel that way. I don’t know what the solution is to balance out the factions so that people will want to join any one of them and know they aren’t at a disadvantage. But if everyone is alliance then there aint gonna be much pvp to be had…


Hunters cant make contracts if nobody hires us, so don’t whine about hunters not doing anything when nobody has the creds or incentive to contract the hunters.

We have a unique advantage and also a unique problem - all LBP members are recruited outside of the game.

In short, for vast majority of LBP members have never owned or played Empyrion until they join us. Our retention rate is crap though as many people are not interested in dealing with the bugs, lag or the tedium of repair/logistics.

For many their first CV fight if they can even find one is their last.

Alpha is not for everyone but there are only so many times that you can watch your ship warp without you or have the game desync on you before you stop logging in.

Edit: Also repairing ships is a nightmare. We have a bunch of banged up ships sitting around that people got shot up but could not be bothered to fix…I’ve gotten to the point that I’ve fixed other people’s ships but come on…we need a better way.


I would like to add a bit on us lawless as I’ve been on the server mostly since 4.0. Any previous time was short. As lawless I’ve found one thing that you might want to change or look into. You put a penalty for death, yes, even lawless see there bank accounts drained and the main factions lose some rp points. But, I have noticed when my bank is empty and I die, money is not taken from my wallet. I think that either it should pull from my wallet, unless the game devs are about to do something like that or it could start causing us to go into debt and need to pay it off. Otherwise, atm its better for us lawless to hold onto our money and only bank it at certain key times. Death must have its sting. You might find it funny coming from a guy with almost 300 deaths, but, without a sting of some kind the deaths have no meaning to me.

5AP will be back after 5.0. Kinda just licking wounds and re-organizing after the separation.


Hm i have an easy answer to this.

Its no fun loosing every ship to bugs and i have lost alot of ships to you so dont complain over PKA.

Even if you see 8 people online that dont mean that all people have ships ready for fighting.

Also i said to you before that i wont fight anymore due to all the bugs and stuff. So i am waiting for 5.0.

Still i go there sometimes and fight when i am realy bored…

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This maybe responded to, but the biggest problem with fighting is we cant group with other hunters or alliance or traders or anything. As well as if i leave to join another hunter faction, what? Start my faction over? No thank you. Once we dont have to worry about our turrets shredding the people we are supposed to be fighting with, maybe we’ll look for more fights.


Well. 600 Rp is about 60k kredits, In ONE Hour. When you’re strolling through your kitchen garden. Thats all you need to win this game.

N1 try. But we got bug deaths and bug dmg too. U got better online, but if we check fights and those who goes in it - 50% of your online is credit-farmers. Whose problems? U didnt want to loose? Than organize your people for roleplay, not for farming credits.

rly??? 8 people couldnt place AMD and farm it every 12 hours, to make ships?.. Man I already build 3 CV on 150k iron, and waste much more on Bases and SVs… And I still got one CV online and one in factory. And Im poor Pirate, which waste all his free time on patrolling and fights/raids. Why I could, and u with such credit-farm couldnt??? I think u just didnt want. No motivation. We see 8 people online, but when we ask in global, only 1-2 answer. All other, as we understand, stand in Medical bay and afk. n1 game.

Than why u create Hunter faction? Easy afk-farm? We all could see each other online. Press B, and be surprised. All this A/H-factions, got 3-10 members online. But if we find them on raid, there only 2-3 guys… Where other? U know where. And those 1-2 people factions… I think Rex need to dismiss any bonuses for such faction, or let them some mini-supply. They useless, bc solo in field - will never win.© They just use bonuses for easy farm. 0 roleplay, only farm, farm and farm…

I wouldnt answer on such mad quote. I already play full 3.0 as Trader, and all 4.0 for Pirate. Nothing changes. Some mad kidos which try to be solo-heroes go to gold… die, die and die, and than cry about bugs/lags/zerg and etc. Thats boring. If u so stupid that couldnt organize a simple group to fight in equal numbers - than its only YOURS fault! l2p.

P.S.: btw, only FEW guys from Alliance and Traders help noobs with taxi/stuff. Near 95% of them - didnt help any one, even their own teammates from faction. We saw a lot of fights, where half of team warp away, and leave their teammates without warp to stand vs us…