We need some kind of wipe date. I mean I understand you don't want to keep disappointing with dates you can't keep, but people are afraid to spawn stuff in and it be wiped and gone tomorrow while they're asleep, so just aren't playing

We need some kind of wipe date. I mean I understand you don’t want to keep disappointing with dates you can’t keep, but people are afraid to spawn stuff in and it be wiped and gone tomorrow while they’re asleep, so just aren’t playing.

I’m among them, and pretty sure noone is willing to commit anything except a little bit of junk onto the playfield. and noone knows how long at this point. shit i’ll be happier if you give a date in a week from now just so I know I can go to sleep and my stuff still be there. but this limbo, maybe any minute is bullshit and is worse than a definate timeframe


Right now there isn’t a set time like you know, but I’m sure Rex will give a warning before he wipes so people have a bit of time to clean up.
Just keep an eye on discord and/or this forum and you’ll get a warning in time.

So if I spawn in a 250k xeno war cv, are you assuring me I can go to sleep/work for 12-24 hours and you will restore it for me in the event of a wipe I wasn’t given prior notice for?

I can’t assure you no, but I’m guessing we’ll have at least 24 hour warning.

there is never assurance of any kind in this brutal game. if this season has shown us anything, nothing is ever certain. the server could blink out of existence at any moment for a number of unforseen disasters. everything in game can usually be replaced or substituted in some manor.

coding is a nightmare. the amount of potential issues are impossible to fathom even for the developers themselves. there have been quite a few updates and seasons rushed to hit a deadline. it is far easier to direct actions than it is performing them.

the HWS team has dedicated their own precious time to creating something that is enjoyable to everyone, including themselves. once something u love starts draining u, it can eventually turn to pain. i don’t think any one of us reading this long winded response would like to see our universe vanish. and i use that word “our” intentionally. this is a place we all go because we enjoy one or several aspects this community provides. what we can offer the team team back is our patience and trust that they have all our interests in mind. this is just as important as our generous donations that keep the heart beating. as any living thing, the body cannot survive without a heart and brain of sorts. Each need their lifeblood to survive. that lifeblood is every one of us.

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No, this game is full release now. Like it or leave it, it is what it is. I know damned well it’s not really ready for it. But I damned sure don’t want my hard earned work to disappear in less than 24 hours as well. And I really don’t think that’s to much to ask. Literally 1 day notice, hey we’re really going to fucking wipe in 1 fucking day is to much to ask? instead of hmm maybe today maybe next fucking week, who the fuck knows? We also need a downvote on this, instead of just a heart

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Or you could just go the safe route and wait til he does release the new season. Like almost everybody else. Why would you want to spawn in a 250k xeno “war” CV at this late in the short season is beyond me. You are not going to find very many ppl on now anyways, just lots of empty space. 29 players on NA is not prime hunting time.

Can you please show us the pic of your CV? Its very interesting for me cause my battle CV is 50k+ xeno.

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I bet its a borg cube with 10m/s thrust in all directions.

It comes with Picard!

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very true but keep in mind HWS is not affiliated with eleon studios and had no say in the full release decision. this is a privately owned server that stays alive from the sacrifices of many other private individuals. most of us are aware of the short-sighted decisions from the game developers add try to roll with the punches. cursing and complaints don’t do much to help our situation. patience and understanding does. please remember we are all far from perfect and have no idea how hard the magic behind the curtain is to create with limited time and/or assistance. we can only do what we can. nothing more, nothing less. everything spawned can be replaced or compensated for if the worst case happens. there are also those that can assist when the admins are tied up. that’s why we have a great community support system :slight_smile:

yes. that’s exactly the problem. noone can play right now, because god knows when it’s going to reset, any second and you lose anything that you spawned in. thank you for your addition to my complaint.

My borg cube is class 65 so the server won’t allow me to spawn it

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Then lets come to a sensible conclusion, and wait. Don’t spawn in anything you cannot afford to lose. A combat CV is not going to see any combat at this stage of the upcoming wipe. We have to work with the timeframe Rexxxus has set, which is by all means still his to give. Not mine, not yours.

yes thank you for your reply, but it does not address my concern. I literally just 1 assurance that I can have 1 day notice that I can recycle my stuff so that I can continue playing and not have to lose a massive amount of resources at the drop of a hat. We are literally in limbo, any second it’s gone right now and I cannot fathom how any of you are ok with this

I am certain as soon as we have a date you will have advance notice when the wipe is happening, no need to fret. But rational thinking dictates that spawning a combat CV with so few players online negates any use you will get out of it. Its like buying a shiny new sports car, in the desert. Whats the point?

A sensible conclusion is some kind of timetable, not “any time now” for days. Yes, I don’t spawn in anything I cannot afford to lose. And neither does anyone else. And thus noone is playing. Here’s another sensible conclusion. We’re not ready to reset yet, we assure you we will give you 24 hours notice before we do reset so that you can continue playing

Ok by all means then, spawn away. Tell us how many kills you get.

@ABN Churro How many kills you gotten in homeworld and GG in the past 2 days because everyone thought everyone else was gone and it was safe? 20ish?

@Solid_Snake ?

apologies but there a few things that can’t always be set by a clock. we cannot account for every possible situation and setting hard dates are not always a good idea. we have heard 3 different dates for wipe already. i suggest u roll the dice if u choose or occupy your time some way other than looking for a timeframe that may or may not hold up to be true. not much “guarantee” anyone can give that you can set a clock to. this is usually the case when relying on another person’s time schedules and obstacles. life is complete chaos. impossible to predict with 100% accuracy. prepare for the worst. hope for the best. recover from the things we survive.