Welcome to HWS 4.0!

It is finally here! Empyrion Alpha 4.0 and HWS 4.0! After more than 2 months continuous runtime of HWS 3.0 it is a new big step for us.
I think we can say that this patch is the biggest and best so far. We can’t count how many hours we spent into making it, it would be too much. So we really hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

New features

For people who don’t know what went on behind the scenes here is a quick overview:

  • A complete new universe. All experience we have from running HWS over seven months now is worked into the new HWS 4.0 universe. We considered beginner, we considered experienced player, we considered PvE and PvP, we considered POIs and resources. Basically: it should fit for everyone in the best case :wink:

  • The HWS Marketplace is back - better than ever before. It is fully player-driven now and granting more benefits. Check trades on HWS Connect, make massive trades without limitations you have in ingame marketplace and sell everything, anytime you want.

  • The HWS Story is now on a next level. Reputation Points influences now your whole gameplay and every decision you make will be reflected. For example dying is now a game factor. You will lose RP and money depending of your RP and faction. Also faction planets are now available. Only you can enter them and prepare your base for the next adventure. But keep in mind that living in heaven has always a price.

  • Taking the whole new gameplay, universe, alpha 4.0 patch into account we decided to not fully deactivated our beloved Auto Miner - instead we keep two resources available for auto mining: Gold aaaand Blue Crystals! But both only of a rate of 1/6 now, doubled buy prices and a complete new resource as fuel: Drill Charge. Yep, we think it fits the natural purpose better and you will need the Pentaxid for better stuff for sure… :wink:

  • We present you a new feature addressing you - the community and the special ones: the Elemental Lottery! You always wanted that big ship? A XXL Penthouse? Paying Bounty Hunters to get rid of your problems? Play now :wink:

Last but not least we worked on a HWS Guide for you to have one resource to look everything up. We still working on it and complete it with every detail needed. Most of the new stuff are already done. Please let us know if you missing something.


So we wish you a lot of fun in this saison and we hope everything works out like you and we decided together :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


\o/ 4.0 First

cool will have to wait till im home another 6 hrs boo

A bigger Version of Universe map so people can see better :wink:

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Omg awesome work !!! many thanks to HWS team :smiley:

Is there any restriction for BA/CV per player/faction in the same playfield when it becomes PVE?
And may i land on faction planets to get pentaxite if i run out of it while traveling?

No. There are no restrictions right now. Only what you can read on the rules page.

You can’t. You have other planets for that + Auto Miner.

With RP being reset is any grace period on the faction home planet taxes ?

Jascha is looking into it why Donator got their RP resettet. Everyone else was intentional. You have to earn your RP first :slight_smile:

I am a bit confused on how RP works for a faction. For example, a pirate faction with 3 people living in PvP space would get 3 RP per day?

But if even one person dies they end up with 0 RP that day?

Can you go negative on RP?

How do Alliance factions gain reputation?
Could you explain a bit why several RP per death is taken? Seems like it moves PvP to “avoid at all costs” category, barring pirates as they don’t have that much use of RP anyway and maybe hunters as 1 RP is much less then 2-4.
How does buy bonus for HWS marketplace work?

No negative RP.
Per person 1RP, yes. Dying is now taken more seriously. A little wink to ammo drainer and overall more ambitions to care for your life.

“Get 1 RP per day passively” for now.

Because it is an integer number :smiley: … well we have to see if this too much. Overall it should reduce the redundancy meaning of deaths and overall more ambitious to play savely and not yolo. See above regarding ammo draining.
That is why BH only lose 1 RP.
The bonus works like having 0,2% less to pay for the overall trade

Could you skip this week’s PVE start wipe?

Mars, Phobos, Deimos, HWS PvE Start

19h 13m31s

Given that we just wiped today seems redundant to wipe 20h later no?

hold on please… so much going on to update :wink:
It is the old data, yeah and like mentioned in the game (type cb:wipe) the next normal wipe is on Monday.
Sorry… damn lot of stress

Ok Thanks Rex , I am a donator and well I put down a base on the Trader planet and got charged 120k ish cr from EB , I also had 8-9 rp b4 wipe. I know you guys are busy.

Set base to public and still got charged another 120k ,

Question can you go neg cr ?

Ehm, you can’t be charged at all :wink:
Charge time is at the morning.

No, only till 0.

My eb has gone from 250K cr to 1k cr in past hour

Hm, not because of that as far as I can see.
You also lose money if you die now, don’t forget.

I started at server up , with 250k cr , have only died once :slight_smile: I also check eb cr and it was at 150ish k cr and checked 10 min and it went down to 2k