What in the world is going on here?

Dear fellow survivors,

what nasty month we have behind us… So many problems, so many trouble with the Game. Server restarts and and and…
The Game made some great improvements also preventing a lot of loss, but the current problems with EAC and telnet-flood are everything else then funny :frowning:
We understand that you are frustrated, but believe us… even though we are not playing and therefore not loosing much stuff or so… it is VERY frustrating and stressful for us. VERY! The same for the devs.

Of course we are “responsible” for you so to say, because you play on our server. And we want all of you to have the best experience, even though its an Alpha Game with much bugs to be expected. We dedicate nearly our entire free time and work time for you… but with so many bugs its hard to do that.

We dont want to give up like all the other server… because many got stressed out or could not get their community in check and just let them do what ever they wanted. Therefore we ask you:
Please, please be gentle to us. We know you are unhappy, but its not our fault. Please try to consider that when you loose something and when you are upset. We will help you if its a lot you lost, but in situations like this, when so many things go wrong in game we have to accept it as what it is: “an ALPHA game” and therefore limit our help, to concentrate on the source of the problem. The less you need us, the more we can concentrate on solutions.
Our community is great and willing to help… even the bad guys ;). So please help each other as much as you can to lighten our load.

Besides hosting a server you well know that we are working very very close with the devs. And the devs do what they can and are a great team! Our server is the best chance for them to find and cure the problems! Thats only a benefit for you and the game on the long term. But of course this means that you have to play from time to time the test-rabbit… Like at the moment. Many turned EAC off… as we did for some time to prevent the trouble (and our tool caught tons of cheaters :frowning: )… but we turned it on again so that the devs can find the source of the problem… That means… the server will crash from time to time. But without this sacrifice we can forget the game. We have to get through this and we can be sure that it will end soon. If we dont do it, this problem will not be fixed for a long time and there would be no hope for the game.

I’m sure it will get better soon… just hold on and use our OCD for example to save your stuff… I would say its one of the safest places in Game at the moment. That might lessen the trouble a bit. Expect loss and try to help each other and enjoy the alpha game as much as possible.

We thank you very very much! You are the best community ever! We really enjoy working with you together… even though we would rather like to play with you :frowning: . And your help and input already helped the devs to make big improvements to the game! And they will further listen to you as much as they can!
HWS is the best way to improve the game. And your loss is a sacrafice for the greater good. If we get through it we might enjoy a wonderfull game for a long time!



Thanks Jascha for all this feedback, i’m sure everyone understand the situation :slight_smile:

Take the time you need to identify / fix all the pb and don’t hesitate to wipe again the server if you got too much corrupted saves.

It’s a good opportunity for us to go in creative and make some new destroyers :stuck_out_tongue:

Gl !

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Jascha you and rexxXuxxs do an excellent job, they are more dedicated and considerate than many developers of great studios around, and would not be surprised if in the future this server became the official of Eleon with you being part of their team …

Unfortunately the older ones, who have been playing here for a few months, and who follow the official game page there in the eleon forum, know me are inside the things that have been happening, but the vast majority of new players, not even this forum or Even consulting the server guide, he only come to the forum when the problems happen, although English is not my native language, I’m always debating and participating and I read the server’s guide and whenever I need a background or information I refer to the guide and the forum , Sometimes I am surprised with people who speak the language of the game and do not even bother to read a little before starting to play the same and then they are creating lots of topics to complain about and ask about things that are there for everyone See and read … lack of information always generates confusion.

all these bugs, all these restarts, all these glitches and events not starting lol you aint getting rid of me that easy whaaa hahahah lol peace out hws team whoop whoop :grin:

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Thanks to you and welcome back!!

I cant log in right now at all, get stucked in loading screen :frowning: but thats not huge problem.

Im expert on Empyrion frustration :smiley: Do whatever you need to do guys, if that helps those other guys to figure out whats messed up, its in best interest of us all. The sooner its all working the smaller dose of frustration we will get.
I usually have a lot of criticism for devs, but i have to say they have amazing endurance and ill do my best to work on my attitude in this matter :smiley:

Wish you guys and those other crazy guys best of luck in this.

I can’t even fully articulate how fantastic this server is because of the hard work your crew puts into it. You have nothing but my admiration and thanks for making this server and keeping it up. I’m going to go back that up with another donation right now. Keep up the good fight!

Great job with the server guys, we understand it is an alpha game and there will be problems. You guys make a great community

jeahr but like 12 hours the server allways disconnected, And nobody explain what the problem is …thats sucks. Problem okay but why nobody explain what the problem is.

Maybe its part of the problem that nobody knows what problem is?!

then say ,…we got no idea but nothing to say …is not the right way :slight_smile:
this i like we got no problems everything is fine …is your problem …but if i get a look in this forum is a problem for a lot of player. 12 hours maybe enough to say…ok we are in troubel…we work on it.

Yeah but like…this is not their job.

You understand that right?

RexXxuS doesn’t wake up grab his coffee and start working on the server. He has a real actual job. This is his hobby. His past time. So while you play internet space ships in your free time he is investing his time into making sure your internet space ships server stays up.

Now do you understand how ridiculous your expectations sound?

hmh if i take a look …server news …here on the forum right ? i dont say Rexxus have to fix this …and i dont say is rexxus fault…you understand this ??? I just ask why at the server news nobody write that they have problems and Player not can connected ,…what is the prob…but is okay relax dude and drink a coffee XD

So who?

i dont know who fix the bugs on the server and patch the new updates idc about it. All what i say …it will be nice if we got a info …maybe …we work on it we know it or …ok we dont know about this problem we search on it like this. So i dont know why you are so angry i am really chilled and will wait i just hope server will work fine soon. :wink: nice greetz

Yeah …ok…but…that’s my point. There is nobody else. This entire server is a labor of love. RexXxuS is undoubtedly aware of the issues - and I’m sure he is doing all he can in the time he has.

You joined 20 hours ago and almost all your posts have been about server issues. So I am not sure you understand how this server or how alpha games work.

Unfortunately the last couple patches released by Eleon have caused some server stability issues.

The good news:
HWS is the largest multiplayer server for empyrion meaning that the fantastic community here backed by the even more dedicated admins have been providing logs files and crashes galore for the game devs to iron out their issues in this alpha

The bad news:
Rexxus and all other server admins are just that. Community server admins. They are not affiliated with the studio developing empyrion so they have no ability to fix bugs in the game code, only to fix errors in their own script and attempt to troubleshoot any existing issues within the framework that they have been provided which is, unfortunately, unstable at the moment.

You joined the server at a very tumultuous time. Whether you chose to view this as an opportunity to help shape a game from the ground up or chose to take a break until the stability issues have been ironed up is up to you but this isn’t the first bump in the road and it certainly won’t be the last.

I hope you stick it out and see the good that comes after the bad has been resolved.

thx :slight_smile: for the info

i dont know where is your problem …i dont say anything i am not angry or something like that… i just wanna have a info about the server dc…i thought a forum is for this but okay my mistake :slight_smile:

TY for taking the time to put into writing what most of us already suspected.

We’ll continue to try to take care of each other out here and you guys keep focusing on the CORE stuff… the game and the serious PF and game-crashing bugs.

We u n d e r s t a n d AND we a p p r e c i a t e all that you do. You, Rex, Candy, and the Eleon Devs.

It’s aaaa llllll pppp hhhhh aaaa. ohmmm. :smiley: