Who wants a wipe?

Hey all,

I know we all prefer longer wipe cycles and I understand why. However, given that
1- Rex will be introducing a new play field and changing the RP, Hunter, and Ship Sizes.
2- the US Server population has dropped in the last couple of weeks and is now low

I was thinking that it may be a good time now with the coming changes to have a fresh start and then we can have a 3 month season as voted by community. Who agrees?

  • Yes, I would like to Wipe next week with the new changes
  • No, I would want the season to end as planned on September 7

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Think topic should be who wants to end current season… Not a wipe… Wipe sounds like everything fresh which I am strongly against if it includes ocd

OCD will never be just wiped* (crazy things excluded)

BUT it is what I warned the happy voter community here:

The population dropped indeed and a fresh wipe is always a good catcher. From 7th june till 7 july we had almost always 177 players at prime time (what wasn’t that good for the CPU but who cares).

To explain honestly my point of view quickly again regarding pro and con:

  • Doing alone a new universe every 2 month is overkill. I am already struggling
  • Doing changes WITHIN seasons is a pain in the ** because you have to be 200% focused to keep it maintainable in the next season

3 month = less stress for me but not good regarding donation and player motivation
2 month = stress for me but better donations and motivating people to actually use their time and don’t “waste” it
Starting on 7th september we will try 3 months, why not. But you get a survey in your face what was better for sure :wink:


For 3 month season - Maybe just add new playfields - universe expand zones - open and close it every 2-3 weeks for example. PVP zones with high risk\reward… And it forced ppl to explore the univers and go forward. Remove it playfields every two weeks and add new of it in another place. I think it can extend the interest of the game per season. Maybe add some PVE playfield. And watch a mass PVEppers migration before expand. And mass pirat attacks lol.

This is a odd season. Its not a base to use player counts. Myself and I think other players have dropped in last couple of weeks due to number of changes that have happened and will be happening. People just don’t know what they can build at the moment. No one wants to spend hours on a design to find out next week you cannot use it. People like me who prefer to mod a design rather than start from scratch its a nightmare. What’s Class 1 today is a class 2 tomorrow.

My main aim this season was to make money and that is going well in the TCH bank. Which means I don’t need to do much.

Loving the events though thanks to @Fulgrim and @RexXxuS again.

@Jascha when can we see an old fashion POI type of event we use to get now and again?

I think what is happening right now is called the “Sommerloch” (summer hole) in Germany:
Many people are on vacation now. The weather is good, so they aren’t playing computer games a lot. All the web-based businesses are not running as they used to at the moment. I had one a couple of years ago, so I know what I’m talking about.
These are seasonal fluctuations. If you compare other server populations you wil see, that HWS is still the largest or at least in the top 3 at all times.

Its not the only factor, but I am sure it is a big one and it will be much better in autumn and winter :slight_smile: Don’t worry too much!

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After all the new changes, feels like I should just pack up :sunny: Id probably be in favor of a new season, but what would happen to the donators? lol

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