Why my ship got de-spawned?


My capital vessel named ‘Globot Dark 4’ got despawned I don’t know why … it was a class 2 ship (not so big), I was preparing to leave the starter sector…
I went on the G2 planet to get some fuel (letting my capital vessel in space in asteroid belt of G1) and when I came back the CV was not there anymore.
I had everything I got in it including all my ressources … I collected a lot …

What Happend and how can I get my things back ? I can’t even see it in my structure list


after investigation I see that you set your ship accidentally to public. This means everyone can access the ship.

So as you can see someone else is flying it currently.

In such cases not much we can do since that is a normal game mechanic and public means public - especially in PvP space. At least I could warp you back to starter planet in this case.

You might also ask the new owner if he refunds some stuff.


but i was in starter region not PVP it is PVE
I didn’t know this public thing since I am new in game multiplayer
can you set it to none public ?
can you give it back to me to starterregion this is clearly a violation of game rules

Ah right, it was PvE. Overlooked that.


Nevertheless it is public and sure someone can call it theft but someone can call it public. Always a tricky topic. Especially when the owner of the structure is not near the ship.
If the owner is near and someone steal it straight away it would be not cool and we would step in with setting him guilty etc.
Here it was just your own mistake.

Only thing what I can help you with is a little boost in your inventory. Have fun.

In the end it was lesson learned for you for sure to never ever set stuff to public since everyone can access it.