Will we get drill limits?

Or can we in 5.0 clear an entire deposit with 100 drills (imagine the lag) ? And mining meteorites from 3 sides per HV. Did the devs account for all that or did they at least nerf the gains really hard?

Imagine 30 players with 50 drills each, that is 1500 drills deforming terrain and/or mining meteorites. The server must have INSANE amounts of computing power to keep up with that. It will die…

Also meteorite mining is gonna be interesting, I already think I know how to build a HV that will mine them SUPER fast.

Maybe 6 drills max + 1 turret limit?

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Oh wait, imagine the first players to be able to drill the gold deposits out in a matter of minutes lol.

The devs need to cap the rate at which ore can be mined by a single HV…the easiest way would be just to cap the number of drills just like turrets are for now.

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Ideally they would add a config file where server admins can set block limits to every type of structure for each block type. So that when you try to place a block / spawn blueprint it will be marked red and tells you that it would exceed the custom limit.
That way server admins can balance it as they see fit and ensure their server performance even more. But for now, I really hope they add a limit like you mentioned before they they release 5.0 and if not that Rex perhaps can do this through a rule (even less ideal).

I just finished a test in creative. My conclusion: this is by far the most imbalanced problem for 5.0

  • First of all a HV with 50 drills (I will probably use 100-200 on server) costs almost nothing. It’s basically free.
  • Don’t need that many engines to support that many drills, they are very very very efficient.
  • Drilling is INSANELY FAST.
  • It seems we can’t drill meteorites with the hv-drills (didn’t test this for myself).
  • No FPS problems in singleplayer, but on a server with all that terrain deformation from that many drills times that many players… Will the server survive that?

Assuming the above the following will happen:

  1. I will stock up tons and tons of cheap drill charges (already in the making)
  2. I will leave for gold/za/etc planet ASAP in 5.0
  3. I spawn 1-3 BA next to a deposit as protection + my CV, then spawn my super cheap HV with tons and tons and tons of drills and use gravity to face down and drill the entire deposit. Then move to next deposit after its depleted.

If I was the first one on the server to do this (or be in largest faction) then GG you now have huge amounts of gold/rare resources. And nobody else can do this anymore because you can only do this once per major wipe. After that, drills become obsolete (great balance). This whole thing feels as if it was made for singleplayer. It totally breaks multiplayer.

Next thing I would do:
Join all 4 factions in a row, and mine all their faction planet deposits completely dry of iron, then move to rota planets for prom/magnesium.

After the above only the alien planet (only planet that wipes aside from starter area) can be drilled. Nobody else will be able to drill ever again in 5.x Plus I would be the richest player/faction by far (what to do with so much zasconium)…

Also using the donator command to instant spawn a BP will greatly benefit you in 5.0 because being first in 5.0 = everything because this (enormous) advantage is only for the first players.

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Please nerf this before 5.0 in some way… Also can the devs please explain to us what the purpose of the drills is in multiplayer after the first 48 hours when all deposits have been afk-drilled out if they don’t work on meteorites?

And how are we supposed to automine when all deposits are gone? Deposits need a protection so they can’t be entirely mined dry or must somehow keep on working after being depleted for autominers.

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You talking too negative all the time… :expressionless:

The devs can adjust it sure but we will take care of it with the universe layout too.

90% of your post is invalid for 5.0 so I can’t point to everything all the time.
Just see in 5.0.

But how can I know… I read patch notes and test the experimental and I see red flag, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Perhaps I misread a few things but still, some things I said are valid concerns.

How can I know that you guys ‘secretively’ are already planning on fixing/balancing this… From our perspective this is how it looks. Besides if it weren’t for my negativity the turret/ai targeting would still be there in 5.0.

They want feedback, we give it based on what we have. Which right now is very negative yes.

But I get your point. I will be quiet. But don’t punish me in 5.0 please if I find some huge imbalance and then tell me “Why didn’t you tell us during experimental?”.

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I appreciate your feedback but I sometimes don’t know if it is a troll-hate-scream feedback or just a todo list for certain things.

For example like this:

This is not an information we need. But I see the point.
I let the devs know as good as possible - objectively. Sorting your emotions out takes some time :yum:

He’s right though. With the hv drill not working on meteorites it may as well not even exist.

Go look at some Moons. Sathium and promethium have been mined out many within a day of launch. So what do you do with the miner HV?

We are going to be back to hand mining iron meteorites like we did in 3.4 and I don’t want to take that leap backwards.

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That’s not troll… That’s what I would honestly do. I’m 100% serious. More = better.
I’m sorry if some look like I’m trolling but all of my feedback has been 100% serious (no trolling whatsoever). I will seriously (unless it gets changed, which I really hope) put 200 drills + 50 devices on my HV and mine all valuable deposits on day 1 if the lag allows it. I’m not even exaggerating I WILL DO THAT.

I don’t do that because I want to be a turd. I do that because you + devs seems (at least with the information I had back then) to allow this. And this is the most profitable thing to do PLUS you can only do it once in 5.0 so I have to be the fastest and first. And this is done by using 200 drills.

Also I warned you about it + it’s obvious that players will do this. However you told me that 90% of my post is false so that must mean that 90% will get changed before 5.0. But if not, don’t punish me for getting super super super super super rich.

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But okay I agree I should mention this more nuanced. But I’m bad at that I’m sorry I will never be able to do that.

[quote=“RexXxuS, post:9, topic:2738”]
. Sorting your emotions out takes some time :yum:
[/quote]Sorry. That’s just my way… It’s either that or no feedback at all from me I just can’t help it. I don’t want to be a turd but that’s who I am. I’m more direct and will simply say things quite… rough/rude… I can at best apologize for it.

ya, even I realized that the new op hv’s will only be good on milky way after the first week.

When giving feedback, always be concise, and straight to the point. Little random details can confuse the intent of the feedback.