Wow - Full version is so much fuller!

I have a nitrado server that I toy with just for testing and use the lite version, but wanted to see what I wasn’t missing… so I set up an azure game server, hooked up a dedicated server and woah! The full version is so much more full featured. I’m not done playing around yet, but already I can see what I’m missing over there.

This note is for anyone thinking about one host over another - if eah is your desire, go for a server that lets you do RDP and install the full version. Hint: nitrado isn’t it.

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Hey I just moved off of Nitrado and got on PingPerfect because they are supposed to be working with EAH to get a full working version. However it is still not there yet so if you have come across a good affordable host that offers RDP I have been looking. I agree this tool is amazing and running a busy server without it is crazy.


It would be hard for a boater to add eah as a service given how fast Jascha updates it… but that would be cool if they kept up with it…

I only use my server to test things im doing for HWS, so im not looking for 175 slots or anything. So i have a Compute Focused Azure server with 16 slots… this guys costs about 85 bucks a month, or 0.20 cents an hour if that’s your desire. You can test them out - The do free 200$ credit for new accounts so you can see what works or if its worth trying.

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Good to know. We are not a huge server nor do we aim to be a 100+ server. We had 32 with Nitrado and only maxed out a few times. I am forking over 150 with Ping for a mere 32gb mem and no rdp. So sounds like Azure might be worth the test. If it can handle 20-30 player avg that would be awesome.

Thanks for the info. I am a month now at trying to get my serer running with EAH with no success.


Try azure! I can’t say it’s good or bad because I don’t get my slots filled but with a free $200 credit you can get 2.5 month of 16 slots or 1.5 or so of probably 32. They have many configurations, but the Compute Intensive one is best for gaming. And setting up eah full was not difficult.

You WILL need to know a little about server and network administration as it’s literally provisioning a VM and configuring a network for it. It’s not a managed service.

Getting a HWS sized server would be pricey - ^$220 / mo.

You can check thebazire site for pricing.