Zirax Home's broken NA

So all 3 alien planets are now completely broken on NA. Might it be possible to do a planet wipe and restore it to its glorious seft. If the entities are a problem can you remove all commons deposits and drop the rares by 1/2. You can also nuke some poi’s.

Hello Raven, sorry to Jump onto your support ticket; it’s just I asked Rex this exact question in a prior thread: Here, i’ll find it for ya:

is it possible to make Arma at least have respawnable deposits

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Thanks but that’s why i was asking for a complete planet wipe i don’t think anyone lives on those alien planets. Even if they do i think they might like resources better.

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Yea I would like to see them come back

A pitty situation, I know.

I might try reducing the deposit amount first and reimplement a surface wipe but not daily.

On all planets player built stuff so I would avoid wiping them in the first place


RE the Zirax homeworld planets (sorry this is not support…)

I think these have been a major success this season - the best AI threat yet on an Empyrion playfield, especially with the Patrol Vessel rising from the mist…!

But I think that in 8.0 players should not be able to build a base on the Alien homeworlds. As this greatly negates the threat of the AI and feels wrong for the story HWS, as why would the Aliens tolerate enemy human outposts on their planets. They would throw everything at these invaders and remove them!

The Zirax planets are best left as hostile alien worlds that you raid for plunder (at great risk), not a place you set up house (in my humble opinion).

Kind of agree… depends… if… IF



the Alien Drone Waves aka new Bomber work in MP 100%! then I might leave it as it is. Or build a base from scratch at least. Because they bomb your Core out no matter sunshine, underground or not.

But the if there is too big and I couldn’t get it bigger unfortunately.


I give it another try now and with the next server restart the Map descriptions will reflect it.

Zirax HQ + Xiva + Yextor

  • Will reset the surface on Monday and Friday in the proper prime time of your server
  • reduced Deposit size and quantity

Homeworld + Armageddon + Golden Globe

  • reduced Deposit size and quantity
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After Prime time was perfect for GG, Homeworld and Arma; they were pristine at the start of prime as they’d been indestructible since the surface wipe and were made tidy after any mess was made during prime.

To be clear; I’d very much advocate GG, Arma and HW continuing to surface wipe at the end of prime time.

I see but

Prime Time = Indestructible = no mess

Prime time needs to be smooth at all cost and changed terrain has a big impact on the performance.

Kinda agree, but the mining will need to be during prime to make it rewarding? I currently don’t see a viable solution other than what you already had in place.

That said; changing the time of the surface wipe each day (alone) would only be negative imo.

I rather see it as decision.
Either you focus on fights or on mining. In both scenarios you have good performance to do that.

While a surface wipe after the prime time is a good moment to relax from fights it is again not fair for people going early sleep or have to work.
Making it equal for everyone during prime time has no negative impact as far as I can see atm.

Either I’m missing something, or … I don’t know :smiley:

Switching the surface wipe to any time other than at the end of prime time, and having the terrain indestructible at any time other than prime (as it has been), just means the terrain remains a mess until it’s wiped; still can’t mine outside of prime time unless that’s being changed (which wasn’t said afaik).

Your sentence doesn’t make it more easy I fear. Negations of implications is quite hard in a written sentence, at least for my brain + translation.

So to make it easy some examples (for EU):


11PM till 5PM = Non prime time
5PM till 11PM = prime time

prime time = PvP + destructible terrain (to have a decision between fight or mining)
non prime time = PvE + indestructible terrain (setting up Auto Miner + building in peace)

Golden Globe:

11PM till 5PM = Non prime time
5PM till 11PM = prime time

prime time = PvP + destructible terrain (to have a decision between fight or mining)
non prime time = PvP + indestructible terrain (to prevent scripted afk mining with Badgers)

In both scenarios, if you surface wipe at 5PM you have either smooth PvP on Armageddon because all the holes from the non-prime time are fixed again.
Or smooth PvP on Golden Globe where the holes are also fixed and you have to decide to go for PvP or mining now.

Thankyou for taking the time to type out the clarification, as things were indeed getting unclear.

My point still stands though; there are no holes from non-prime; the terrain is indestructible.

If the terrain remains the same and is made indestructible at 11PM, but isn’t wiped, then there are the holes from Prime during Non.

Or, if the change to indestructible in some way makes the holes go away (effectively a wipe at 11PM), then there are no holes at 5PM anyway for a new surface wipe to wipe.

A 5PM surface wipe isn’t as useful as the previous 11PM surface wipe. You had that part perfect already.

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Ha, yeah, finally I realized what I did there :crazy_face:
In 99% cases I do things with intentions behind it. It will be dangerous if I forgot my own one.
Luckily I have some smart guys, watching what I am doing :smile_cat: Thanks

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Thanks for taking the time to apply those changes so late in the season. Daily wipes won’t be possible right ? it was already challenging getting the goods before now it’s gonna be even harder.

Again thanks for the effort.

I just fixed Homeworld EU again.


Were totally dead and only after the server restart I was able to enter it after waiting 3 minutes.

It’s just sad. Very sad and at the moment I need to spare my time and sadness level for other things.

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