A Statement about the most important rule on HWS

Good Morning HWS,

this is rather a clarification topic about recent events or lets say the epilogue of a thinking process I had for a very long time now.

It is about our most important rule:

While most think it’s a generic boiler plate, this is the foundation of what I am doing day and night, since almost 5 years now.
And I recognized, that over the years, with plenty of “reasons”, of course also mistakes from my side, the meaning of this sentence vanished more and more for some of players.

Conspiracies were formed why I do sometimes this and sometimes that, why I say sometimes this and sometimes that and overall HWS became for many rather a battleground against me or certain players, instead of what HWS really should be.
And most of the times I recognized the pattern that passive aggressive rumors were going around behind my back instead of clarifying it directly with me or other players.

All of that is against the Bottom Line stated above and with recent unbelievable stupid and braindead comments/actions from some players I decided, you know what, just wipe and forget it.
Why should I tolerate idiots in my house, giving them the illusion of free speech or whatever they think they trying to do, when in fact, it’s just trash anyways. And you don’t keep all your junk and trash inhouse either, right? You bring it out, so some can take it and bring it away for recycling.

That being said, from now on I will just keep my house, HWS, clean from little haters and toxic snakes.
If they are not old enough to leave me constructive feedback, so that I can legitimately improve, but instead make the life of others just more difficult “because they can”, they revoked their existence on HWS.

There are plenty of players who appreciate what we are doing on HWS and what we achieved so far. And yes, I understand if it is sometimes not fun, because I failed again with a season or the game is saying nope to us, but there will come better times again.

In the end, Empyrion is an awesome game and no other game gives you so many freedom to create things - from player but especially from Creator perspective and all what is needed to show this to the world is: time, love and dedication.
And if my time is wasted with some trash heads, my love and dedication trampled, then well, it goes in circles downwards, like the recent years, where I recognized how demotivating things become here and there.
Another popular solution would be of course a Community Manager for HWS and well, I would love to have one, someone who shares my philosophy of things, even paid, but I guess nobody wants that burden really.

Either way, no matter how hard I try to make HWS a “Home Server” for everyone, in the end, either the expectations are ruining the relationship to players or other things I am not capable of fulfilling just in time or forever in the first place.
And since it is the nature of the internet nowadays, the nature of some humans to behave like “I don’t care to anything, cause I’m an anonymous hero who can be a dick”, I conclude as consequence to don’t give them a home on HWS anymore, so I can put all my strength into things others, truly appreciate.

Thanks for reading and your understanding.