A Vanillian Odyssey

Merry Christmas everyone!
I woke this morning to my coffee and a quiet home. Couldn’t decide on what to do before creatures started stirring. After a few moments of pondering I decided to start a single player vanilla adventure and document what I experience. Follow along if you will.

I figured I would make it as default as possible and turn on the wretched volume and CPU systems. Here is a screen shot of the settings:

And off we go!


Lovely starter home.

Neighborhood seems quiet. Time to investigate…

Starting well. Found a few resource giving rocks and trees. Looking to make a small constructor and I am short 1 motor. The motor is requiring nano tubes made from carbon substrate. Carbon requires plant fibers and stone dust. I did chop a few trees so plant fiber is covered. In need of crushed stone. Looking around I see this:

I immediately think of this:


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Well it’s nightfall and my constructor is built. Now I need a cargo box for it. Crap! Need to unlock it in the skill tree but not enough skill points. Rest time and deal with it in the morning…

“Rise and shine Mr. Freeman…”
Is what I’m hearing as I awake to find me first victim in a quest for level 4.

“Hello there little guy. Want to help me level up?”

“Victory is mine! Now where are your friends?”


What luck :slight_smile:

I almost feel bad…Almost :frowning:

But victory is mine again!

I make it back to the base about to build the cargo box and see spoiled food in my portable constructor.

Side note for those that are not aware of the mighty ghost in the machine (referred to as RNG in most cultures) Is a vindictive yet merciful mistress that likes to make herself known from time to time. Those that do not pay head will suffer the wrath. I consider her Murphy’s digital counterpart that will make sure you know she exists. She demands that whenever you have food that has spoiled, you must eat it or suffer a far worse fate than a little indigestion.

Gobbled down the 5 pieces of spoiled food with no worries as I was prepared with spice and natural sweetener that combat indigestion. Now I feel like Albert Einstein and munch away.


Much to my surprise I do not suffer indigestion at all. I have food poisoning instead. Now I feel like Homer Simpson torching a diploma…

Now I await my impending doom…

I figured I would try to see if I could postpone the inevitable by keeping stamina up with the bench that came with the house and eating to keep food & health levels up. Food poisoning turned into a fever attack. :frowning: So now I’m having hot flashes.

As I continue to wait for the digital Grimm Reaper I look over to see the newly built fridge flashing on and off due to power constraints. I don’t want to eat spoiled food again so I shut everything down and start to munch on everything I have collected. As I am eating out of the fridge I hear a familiar screeching sound. What’s that sounds you ask? Why it’s me getting hit by an earlier fallen foe’s kinfolk.

Remember this guy?


His buddy decided to try ruining my last meal. I let me shotgun tell him how we felt about that…

On to that great white light entity in the sky and pass on from “Heat or Cold” (Took a screen shot of my first death but lost it in clipboard limbo :frowning:)

The good thing of choosing the base spawn scenario is you have an extra home spawn with a fresh start.


Brewed and gave back some coffee now back to the expedition…

Back at it I decide it’s time to shoot for the large constructor. Slaughtered a few more bugs with my handy shotgun shouting “Get off my lawn!” Back to the base to add a few carcasses and shiny rocks I have collected. The power is out. Fridge has 2 pieces of food about to spoil that I had missed on my last power outage. Rather than waste time trying to screen shot and share the fun, I scramble to locate the fuel tank in the skill tree. Got it, unlock it, YES! SMRT! Not enough copper to build one. Tastes like food poisoning…

As I await another death I decide to be smrt again and build some solar panels and generators in my portable constructor. After a couple structural integrity mishaps, I now have 3 solar panels to “Fight the Power!”

I hear bugs in the distance…

Spending the last few moments of this life enjoying the view:

After respawn I am on a mission to get the large constructor and set out on a Hunt for Red Old Copper and see a beautiful body of water in the distance that very much made me feel calm and at ease:

Taking a closer look…

I see a beautiful family of XP off in the distance:

Feel less and less remorse as I strip the meat from their bones :frowning:

I get notified of a POI near me:

As I go to log the event I start to get hit by space slugs of some sorts. They both met their end by way of my friend the shotgun. As I search for plant fibers to make bandages for my newly opened wounds I see a sunset that has to be shared:

Back to the base to properly load up for exploration. Sorting through my inventory I hear those damn bugs on my lawn again. Pop out of F4 and see this:

Mr Shotgun will to see you now…

Bugs have no respect for boundries…

Ready to rumble.

Sent my drone on a mission deep to the center of the copper deposit.

We are now starting to feel the sting of volume mechanics…

Venturing forth!

Large constructor on it’s way.

O how much fun this volume system is :slight_smile:

Time for rest after another hard day of work.

Well good morning sunshine!

Today’s mission? The quest for an advanced constructor. Items needed? Hopes and prayers of all reading this…

But first, there’s coffee…


and… ?

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Remembered the PDA missions. Hopped into creative for a bit to make a lawn mower. Then headed to the crashed titan. The slaughter continued along the way…

Taking a break for a bit as creatures at home are now stirring and demanding I shower to get ready for family festivities. The adventure continues later today…