Admin Help Request - SV Down Near POI that can't be cored

Need assistance retrieving my ship and cargo from a point that shot down my ship. The point is on M31P and can not be cored. I took out all external weapons on POI but I am unable to recover my goods. Please advise.

Not sure what you mean. Can you provide ID, Server, Screenshot of what happend?
Did you try the cb:getShiphere command?

His ship was cored near a POI in a PvE environment that will not allow him to re-core his ship Because it is too close to the POI
He wants to recover the items from his ship but he cannot access them.

He might be able to shoot open the containers but it PvE might also hinder that option.

What Centerion said. Phone autocorrected poi to point.
Server is hws NA
Planet was M31P
Not sure on ship ID how do you find out?
Player name is Thumbtac

type di in the console then get close to the ship or lookit up under HWS Connect (but might be to late now).
I would love to help, but I cant if I dont know which ship you speak about. So I would need a name/ID to help you in the first place.

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