Admin Request - Info on Protection of Auto Miners

I apologize if this information is elsewhere, I have not been able to find it.

Since Auto Miners seem to disappear on PVE planets (I am still not sure how this happens), it seems that PVP planets are the best place for Auto MIners, because we have the capability to protect Auto Miners, or so I thought.

The logical way to protect an Auto Miner is to build a protective base near it.

However, this seems to be in conflict with legacy Empyrion 3.0 rules regarding building a base near Ore Nodes.

What is the best way to protect an Auto Miner?

If the answer is: Build a protective base, then the followup question:

Who can attack the protective base? Can alliance attack another alliance Auto Miner Protective Base? Can a trader attack another trader’s Auto Miner Protective Base?

Thank you for the clarifications.

I appreciate the time that goes into creating this fun Universe.

Rex any feeling on this?

Sorry, lot on the line right now.

Build in PvP is lawless - you can do there what you want (except underground turrets of course)
Regarding deposits you can build there but keep in mind:
If you build as a Trader on a Deposit and wonder why you got completely destroyed by other Traders this is for now no act of attack more in terms of justice.
Imagine every trader claimed a deposit… should the Trader ask politely to give some of it? Maybe… but for now PvP is dangerous for everyone and everyone can test his combat skills.

Traders strength should be in trading rather than PvP survival / Combat


Thank you for the clarification