Alpha 11.5 & HWS 11 | Quick status quo

Hi HWS Community,
I know it got silent recently and some asked me about an announcement of HWS 11 few times. However I don’t feel super motivated this time to release multiple Teaser part announcements with incredible amount of time investment - especially if only 2-3 people are reading it 100%. Not to mention that I’m far behind and have to work very hard to make it ready in 1 week. So let me post some notes:

  • Alpha 11.5 will be released this or next week. See the changes here:

  • As you can see I tried hard to deliver some feedback from you guys, but that’s it for now I guess

  • One of the feedback:

    Add new NPC Core : Behaves the same as the NPC Core but is using the CPU system

    That means A: all current Creators of their Garage ships with NPC Cores should contact @Ju and rework their ships, IF they should be still in HWS 11. You have not only to replace the Core to the new one but also make it CPU compliant.
    After all we want a fair server, so the new Core gives you infinite fuel and oxygen, as the old one but CPU is respected.
    And B: That Core will also be the one all current NPC Cores will be replaced to (in your OCD and/or Supporter Package).
    For the future we might play around with the other new Core as well:

    Add a new Core No CPU that behave like a player core but is not using the CPU system

    Not sure yet if this can be used as POI reward ship/loot or not in the future.

  • So as I said couple of times before: HWS 11 will have CPU activated, because only that way we do not run in exceptions, as we do currently, because CPU is off. Turning CPU Off without the ability to turn off the new Flight Controller as well is not working!

  • However I will carefully re-evaluate every option I have to make it as good as possible in MP. IF absolutely needed changing hitpoint values, CPU values, etc.
    We have to work closely together with Vanilla values but Vanilla is obviously not meant or fun or ready for Multiplayer. So we have to be the “trend setter” again.

  • HWS 11 is planned to be released next week at 17th December BUT I follow a total new approach this time: “it’s done, when it’s done”. So please don’t mind if it’s bit later or so. It will also probably mean the server will be offline for a day or so. Because A:

  • HWS 11 has a total new Universe for you to play - after the current one was playable for almost 2 years! This not only changes the layout but some fundamental mechanics like warping, Supergates, Resource distribution, POIs, PDA, Missions, Events, Story, PvP limits, PvE limits, Features and more. The layout as a sneak preview glimpse…

    Created with our new eWSSC Tool

  • And B: I have to configure the new powerful HWS NA server, which is quite a burden. All the API, CSW, services, tools, accounts, settings, etc. have to be newly created.

Last important notes:

  • I guess I have to stick to our ritual as well:

  • Next weekend will start a 20% discount Support Us weekend again for the upcoming new season

  • You can also still help me with the new season by playing around with the EXP 11.5 patch and let me know what CPU Tier Levels might be fun in PvP together or without our Class Limits. Because the patch includes:

    Playfield settings: Added AllowMaxCPUTierSV, AllowMaxCPUTierCV, AllowMaxCPUTierHV, AllowMaxCPUTierBA

    That means we could allow only spawn and fly limits of Golden Globe to CPU Tier 3 structures for example.

That’s it for now. Sorry if you expected more…
Just keep in mind that I am not only working hard for a new cool experience for you but also looking forward to it - hopefully with you guys onboard! :bowing_man:

Your HWS Team


To my last testing, garage ships might as well be gone if CPU compliance is being implemented even with alien cores.

Universe seems to be getting smaller, but that could either be due to the smaller playerbase or lack of PvP.

I mean hell, Rex, why not just go back to vanilla? We’re already almost back there.

Sidenote, if anybody wants to buy an OCD8 full of stuff, let me know in discord @ Chaotic #2228, I’m done with this game and the servers with it.

My best advice right now is to turn cpu :face_vomiting: off. That crap has no place in HWS or in this game in general. I’m likely not going to be playing in a server which has CPU :face_vomiting: turned on. Man if i was you and i owned HWS and the Server i would tell Eleon to get lost and mind their own business when they try to tell me what to do with my own server. :boxing_glove: :point_left:

Actually why don’t you do that @RexXxuS? :thinking: :face_with_monocle:


@Chaotic, I will be sad to see you leave. You are a fine players and the time and help you have given others has been a credit to your character.

With reference to the CPU stuff, firstly can we all please stop the Rex bashing, he is working hard to make the best game out of Empyrion. He is putting a large amount of time in to this server turning Empyrion from what would be boring and repetitive game in to something for all to enjoy.

The CPU system is here to stay, yes it’s a case of rebuilding and designing cv,sv,hv and bases “so be it” for players that have been around for many seasons will know this is something we have had to do many times, fresh designs as the game changes. See it as a new challenge to an ever evolving game.


Adapt or die - kinda shocked to see the toys flying out of prams here… Unpopular opinion: I’m interested to see what designs come about from breaking away from the ships that ‘must have it all’ - making ships to match CPU limits is gonna be tough, if you have the mentality that your ships must have all weapons, appropriate agility, speed, etc, etc… We’re behaving like entitled brats, tbh.

Work with it, get it tweaked, adapt. I know it’s not what everyone enjoys, but that’s why this game is still in alpha - they’re still trying out features! Yet every new feature is always met with the same response… “WAAAAAA!”

Knock it off! Help the game grow. Adapt yourself to the game rather than hoping the game will adapt to you.


I think you need to check better the screenshot of rexxxus.

There are many suns now with many orbiting planets around. Its way bigger.


I and many others have been playing on vanilla servers for a few weeks now to test this cpu nonsense. I can now make an informed comment.

CPU is rough, but manageable. If the values were approximately doubled, it would be workable.

More annoying then cpu on vanilla servers is stack size and weight/ volume, which rex already adjusted to be manageable.

Carbon blocks will be vital again if cpu values mach wimpy plastic blocks.

Having reasonable access to extenders will help the grind a lot.

Bottom line. We are stuck with it, make thunder best of it. And most importantly, I’m confident Rex will make necessary adjustments if needed to insure people still have fun!


I agree with @Juggoire and @BigRed. We have to adapt to the new things that Eleon throw at us. This is still a very good game concept, and some of the things being introduced may never reach beta.
Juggoire, SwissSteel and I have been working on CPU compliant vessels since it came out on Experimantal, and we have achieved some interesting designs. I have even created a fast, agile and well armoured Class 5 CV.

@Chaotic, if you look closely at the universe map you will find that each of the things that look like planetary systems are actually solar systems populated with many orbiting planets. The map appears to have many more destinations than the current map.

@RexXxuS. I look forward to the next season with its new map and all the new changes.


TOo bad, my salary will probably not come next weekend :frowning:
Any change the discount can continues till 27/12?

making standard ships cpu compliant is rough enough. i do not plan on rebuilding any of the garage ships i have submitted. i do not have issue if someone else would like to.

I read the previous comments. Rex mentioned that it will modify the CPU values. That means that surely in HWS there will be much larger values than in Vanilla. With what I think there will not be so many limitations to make incredible ships.
@Chaotic @Israel_T-C

All my respects for the work of @RexXxuS, @Jascha, @Hayawen and all those who work to make HWS what it is.

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If using this core, that’s a HUGE nerf to Garage ships. Using CV Weapons and equipment on SVs, etc. will no longer be possible with CPU compliance due to the cost. Placing CV CPU extenders on an SV doesn’t give it CV limits, I already tried. 1 CV Thruster L = 133,400 cpu points…That’s already well over Tier 4 SV limits.
Hope this gets changed, I wanted to update my ship!

Thanks guys. Trying my best and adapting is the way to go here also for me.
Way easier for you to leave the game though. I try to make my living with this crazy idea.

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Sorry, after the season + holiday there is no chance for me to invest time again into it :frowning:

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Yes, I know.
Hence a new rule in general will be coming that mobility follows ship type. No other thruster from other types anymore.
It was actually also a community complain that those ships are too agile.

It is an overall nerf, yes. But as I said, it depends on the opinion of individuals what is fair and what not.

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Bummer, i guess garage fighters are a thing of the past then…rip

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sounds like the end of the garage. SV miner is probably the only thing you can get away with.