Alpha 7.5 EXP | Prepare for HWS 7.X!

Hey @everyone,

here we go! Alpha EXP 7.5 got released and the “secrets” are out!

Now please read all the cool new stuff is coming and the fixes too!

That means especially that this topic was no “random” question of me but instead a really serious request to you guys!

How should we change the stats for turrets / blocks / thrusters / NPC?

I will post in the thread now detailed instructions. Let us focus on a perfect PvPvE gameplay! :slight_smile:

The clock is ticking now! A lot to do before the release.

Have fun experience around with everything and prepare yourself for HWS 7.X! It will be one of the most exciting season ever!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Reminder that HWS Sanctuary will be shot down with the start of HWS 7.X. All donations will be transferred over to the main servers. For OCD and Co. please take care of this yourself!

P.P.S: To stick to our old tradition it won’t be HWS 8 but HWS 7.X instead :wink:


Re sanctuary OAM levels - will we be able to have some of the purchase cost returned?:slight_smile:

Beside the 25% option am:sell:ORE hmm… have to see if @Jascha can build something automatic. Otherwise quite a lot of manual work

Are we wiping with this patch or is it happening with 8.x?

Ehm yeah, it was counted for 7.X

Leave CV/BA Steel blocks at current cost/hp. Raise turret & combat block HP by a factor of approx 20x and their cost by 50-100x. Combat CV combat should be a long lasting slug fest, and building a combat capable CV should be the type of endeavor that takes a full faction a lot of work. PVP becomes far more interesting if it can last a while, and have serious risk associated.

Ah yeah, as opposed to the short duration CV combat we’ve been experiencing the last few versions. What’s better than 2,000 health blocks? 40,000 health blocks.

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I have to ask, have you actually been in a CV fight in the last couple of patches? Because what you’ve said makes me think you haven’t. You may have thought you had (maybe a workshop CV vs workshop CV?), but I somehow doubt you’d get any serious CV PvPer to agree with you on this point.

This season started October 19, and will be ending in under 2 months. I thought it was going to be 90 days.

It’s impossible now to make any profit from banking, you need a few weeks to get the Rep and then 28 days of interest to reclaim the initial investment.

I bought Bank 5 on NA and EU, and they will be shut down just as they start making a profit :frowning:

Basically it’s impossible to reach OCD7 now. Would you consider lowering its cost from 700m, which is unattainable

Have you actually taken a CV into combat recently? Without a DC or using some kind of SV ramming exploit, they are unkillable. NOT fun.

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Yes, as written in the guide - sometimes it can happen before, sometimes after the planned 90 days.

I will see to either reduce the EB level cost or the OCD. For OCD however a general patch is planned with more levels and features.

Scorp Scorp Scorp … :slight_smile:

I’m afraid of level 8 cost…

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sorry did not read before, you are working on OAM refunding

Since it is a big manual task and time is missing you have to sell OAMs for 25% yourself.
I’ve meant that I transfer the OAM lvl 10 donations.

For OCD I try to refund the credits to the main account but really can’t promise and it’s just a gift from me whoever is lucky catching me while I’m not doing other things also.

Hi, I have a question, will there be a wipe on the donat planet?

Yes, a full means everything will be wiped. Also Donator planets. See PM

Is anything being wiped from OCD, again?


I sure have. Thing is that 20-30 minute battles might feel like an eternity, but they’re really far too short for what the concept of a CAPITAL vessel really is. Likewise a combat CV isn’t something that EVERYONE should be flying their own after a day or two in game. They should be serious set pieces that a faction has one or two of. That puts more emphasis on SVs and hence SV combat, which should be fast and frantic. It should be rare to see two CVs punching it out. Think more of Titans in EVE. Say what you want about this being a different game, there’s a reason it’s one of the most successful and long lasting MMOs, doesn’t hurt to take some inspiration from it.