Alpha EXP 5 | Even more features and everyone is waiting for 6.0

Hey @everyone,

yeah we all know it and yeah it is a very tough challenge to wait.
But well - deal with it and enjoy even more cool stuff waiting for you!

Thanks for testing and stay strong for the wait!

Your HWS Team


This is looking good… I cant wait for the release now…

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There is still a few bugs to iron out before release so i expect it will still be a few weeks : /, but yea i’m liking all these changes.

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Really it’s been a whole series of great updates!! Very impressive. One more exp release to fix bugs and we get 6.0, if all goes as discussed. Soon my brothers and sisters!! Soon you will be forced to leave this plush forgiving world of 5.x and enter the harshness of 6.0.

Even plants die in 6.0.


its possible this or next week? or later? Any new Informations?

Not likely next week. Wait for EXP 6. The n hold your breath.

Most likely within 2-4 weeks less likely before that.

I propose, for 7.0, to NOT announce anything till we know a real date :wink:

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considering the last two before 6.0 only got a confirmed date about two days before it dropped, that would be bad.

Sorry guys - maybe for you it is just flipping a coin what game you select from your steam library but for us it was even more an incredible trip. We thought it was that date then it wasn’t and it went on.
More and more features were implemented - to be honest it was my fault, since 50% or so you see in the feature list was also my ideas - but yeah… it is a huge release and no obvious bugs should be in there.

We all hope we are back at 120+ HWS players and the game get more attention.

And even if with the initial 6.0 release some things are not 100% bullet proof the milestones are implemented and we can iterate over them in the 2 month saisons perfectly.
I guess the new HWS features alone will take a lot of forum posts till they are perfect.

In the end I appreciate any patience I can get and really hope my over thousands of hours alone for 6.0 won’t be for nothing.


We knew it was all your fault @RexXxuS​:joy::joy:

This is part of playing EA games – the fact that there is active development AND active communication AND our server owners actually WORK FOR Elwin and keep taking all our vocal feedback and turning them into features is ALL good stuff.

If anything, when Eleon decided to take a stab at going feature nuts, a communication saying “we’re going feature nuts and won’t be deploying 6.0 for SEVERAL WEEKS – please test our exp releases as they come out, but don’t pack your things yet”. I just hunk everyone was afraid to lose the work they were putting in and not wanting to lose their stuff when 6 dropped.

Maybe even something from HWS saying “unknown final release, but don’t fret, I’ll give you a week” kind of thing.

In any case, everyone is stoked and ready. You can see during the events that they are in the wings waiting to come back. NA had 40-45 on during the event and we average 4-8 today. Eu was much the same, though they have higher pops still.

Anyway - Most of all of us appreciate all the hard work and thousands of hours poured into us. :wink: Thanks!!


The longer the wait the better it’ll be when its finally out :smiley: 1000 hours O_o o-o o_O holy cow, if there is anything we can help with just yell we would love to be able to contribute as well! I’m sure among the lot of us we could contribute quite a bit as well.


POIs built for 6 are some of the big time suckers right now. :slight_smile:

Hmm interesting :smiley: ok challenge excepted!

I’d like to help, there are any specifics or requests about POIS you need?
Or we have to re-adapt the old POIS?

From some info I have gathered it’s nice to put as many secret stashes as possible, that way the first people to clear it will miss some and anyone coming after could also receive some loot.

Yes it is exactly what i want to do, lot of secret passages and some parts that are not accessibles if you are alone attacking the POI(the best loot you can reach only if you have at least one more ppl with you, this would prevent the POI raidin in seconds. EVEN THE CORE you can access to it only if there is at least another person with you, otherwise you can loot the first part but cannot go deep in the rich part.

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Please check here


Cool, awsome POI Made but I can’t spawn it in none creative to test it. Anyone know how to test it afterwards?

You can build it directly into the yaml and reload the playfield if you’re unable to spawn it in SP mode.

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