HWS 6.0 - Community Content Contest (CCC) II | Instances

Hey @everyone,

it was quiet for a long time but the release coming closer.
That means also that we are still working hard on 6.0 since more and more stuff is possible now. And why not asking our great community to help making 6.0 as awesome as possible?

We need…

people who ideally know how:

  • instances work
  • teleporters / portals work
  • Admin Cores work
  • Signals work

If you can say “yes” to all of the four points - happy days and welcome on board!
But even if you just know 2 of these things it’s still helpful.


If you have the abilities to do stuff with the four skills mentioned above your creativity is endless and this is what our goal is on HWS :wink:

We would like to implement not only boring “resource” instances but also real mission for 1-X players. POIs which can only be solved as a team or only with multiple teams.


Not that we rebuild every Portal level but you know… just an inspiration that this is possible in Empyrion too.
But much much more.

the second example can be seen in my updated “Invader vs Defender” Scenario with the EXP 2 release (entrance in “Unknown Sector 7” around 0 0 0 coordinate)


So yeah, yeah, easy but what is it good for / why should you do this?

Well not only that the community will love (or hate you) for building something cool but also we give you a special award in:

  • Price 1: naming you in the guide + 1 HWS Garage ship of your choice (new coming in HWS 6.0) + 30 RP + 3m credits right at the beginning of HWS 6.0 for a complete .zip of a ready tested instance with a signal + teleport POI and a story
  • Price 2: naming you in the guide + 20 RP + 2m credits for a ready tested instance + POI
  • Price 3: naming you in the guide + 10 RP + 1m credits for a ready tested POI + Signals
  • 1RP per person for a good logical Instance idea with every possibilities in mind.

Disclaimer: I recommend to wait for the EXP 2 coming out in few days where you can use almost the full potential of instances and teleporters. We will decide internally after testing if the conditions were met.

But even if you are right know like “wtf?”, no worry - instances can be implemented to HWS later any time. You will see soon the full potential of it.

Thanks for participating in advance and happy building!

Your HWS Team


Well there goes me getting any work done in 5.0!! I’ll be living in 6.0 creative foe a bit. :wink:

Edit: Are there any restrictions? Size, Class, Devices, distances, playfields, difficulty etc.

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Do we have any guides on how the instances are currently built that you know of?

Well I am the guide :wink: I know everything about them. My hope was that some other crazy guy know it too… somehow. But I work with Eleon together so I guess it isn’t fair anyways.

Ok here is the deal:
after EXP2 coming out in few days I will give a very short how-to. Even though my time is very limited.

I will try and have a whack at it this weekend, if I can figure out how to get the content creation in general is going. I would love to have a few of these instances as part of a training ground for Auctoria, if it is not too labor intensive for the server that is.

cool, I will certainly have a go at it. I got a lot of builds waiting already tho, so it might take a while. First the things we need (adapted) for 6.0 need to be finished.
Also @RexXxuS, will Winkle’s stay in 6.0? and should I adapt that too?

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You need to ask Obsey this. It is his NPC Trader and since you all played the experimental (wink) you know if you need to adjust it, no?! :wink:

Hi @RexXxuS,

I’ve sent you several Discord messages about Winkles and engaged @Achilles too. the trader portion still does not work, I’ve had 7 different people try but I understand your focus is 6 so I’m being patient. If Black hole is around in 6 winkles will be to. The only change may be a passageway extension.

Been thinking about instances and also the effects of the new need upgrades to armour and weapons which will also come with 6.0.

The effect on the economy and supply of the repeatable instances could be significant, I imagine when a player or team has “learned how to crack” an instance, they will repeat regularly/farm IF it is sufficiently valuable to do so. The market could be flooded with EPICs and AM cores… :slight_smile:

Thus the loot I imagine needs to be of the sort that would be OK to release in quantity into the general economy. This may then, in turn impact the story or narrative design.

An example I was thinking of would be that the instances exist in a null space between the normal space-time fabric, with the portals having been created by a long extinct alien race. This alien race originally created the power sources that made current space travel possible: promethium and blue crystal, which they seeded the known universe with. However this supply in normal space is becoming more and more scarce as the humans and other space faring races consume ever more.

The portals could take players into the null space, to the ancient energy factories/temples and armouries of the old race. Much of the loot could then be in the form of plasma cells, and blue crystal/pentaxid - which even in generous quantity would not unbalance the game when returned to normal space (they are consumables after all). And this also offers the possibility of reducing the frequency of these nodes/asteroids/meteorites in normal space as a further balance.

Lastly the placing of the portals in normal space is the other key game balancing factor - imagine if the instance POI take 40 minutes to complete and you have to leave you prize CV parked by the portal on Desert world and hope it is still there on your return…?

  • I understand that this post is very much me sharing a few ideas and thoughts - hopefully it will contribute and also trigger off some other contributors ideas!

As I responded - I tested it and it really worked :wink: You just have to be in the inner room.
All is good, really :wink:

but it’s not this topic.

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Thanks - some interesting thoughts.

Yep - an instance is not automatically always combined with easy loot :wink: Sometimes you have to be smart. Be it the cooldowns, be it the coordinate search trip, be it the teamwork, etc. etc.

You race idea is something I had also in mind but with other resources. I think your version fits quite well, yes.
Only need to build it :wink:

Since EXP2 coming very soon here are some important information for everyone who want to help:

Time: 2 -> time in minutes
MaxPlayers: 4 -> max amount of player can enter. If set to 4 then the portal is closed as soon as four people entered the portal
PortalOpen: 30 -> time in seconds. 30 seconds is the portal open as soon as 1 of the 4 has entered before the cooldown will be triggered
Cooldown: 3600 -> time in seconds. After the 4 people finished the instance or not finished => after 2 minutes the portal is red for them and they have to wait 3600 seconds before it is open for them again.
DropInventory: true / false. if players lose all their inventory if they are not successful in that time
AllowBlueprints: true / false -> if people can spawn / access blueprints in that instance

Also don’t forget you can only enter per foot. No ship or anything. So sometimes an instance will allow you to spawn blueprints, sometimes not :wink:
So all you can get out of the instance is your 49 slot backpack… but who knows… maybe… there will be… other possibilities… :wink:

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We’ll test again. You gave me a great on topic Idea for an instance! I’ll make a portal in Winkles that warps back in time to when the Black Hole is coming and he rips it from planet! Several Players can help him blow the foundations while fighting alien invasions.

Do you have a back story for the black hole or can we be creative. I’m thinking an alien ultimate weapon that misfired and is taking out everything in it’s path alien and human alike.

The scenario would be stubborn darn Winkle refusing to leave and ripping his gas station free of the planet just prior to destruction to set it up in the Black Hole to help trapped travelers escape it’s clutches.

He’s the crotchety old man that just refuses to die or leave.

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Is it posible to setup a portal so only someone of a certain origin can use it :stuck_out_tongue: like if i wanted to put a portal on each origin planet for a pvp arena on a different planet, that people could only enter on foot and return to their origin type of thing.

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Faction, Yes. – Just put it in a room locked for afaction (could do code but that coudl be easily compromised, but also easily changed)

Origin, dont think so… I dont see any setting in any of these things that would restrict usage…

If the planet is origin locked then sure.
With a lock code also but yeah… the infiltration is stronk in some origins…

But soon we could implement it over zones… :wink:


question for the more experienced builders…

When building an Admin core POI in creative - how do you set certain doors/spawners etc to be player destructable? Every time I have made an admin core building, everything is indestructable by default.

Do a little damage to it before you blueprint t it. If it’s < 100% health when it is spawned, a player can destroy it.

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Thank you! that’s a great help

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