Alpha Experimental 5.1

Lots of nice changes

Since 3.0 they said block count did not matter… lol

  • To calculate the Size Class of a Blueprint, we now take into account the number of lights and the polygon count. We added the light count + polygon count to the BP info


I didnt see any numbers… That could be 100 lights and polygons, or it could be 1000 lights and polygons? What numbers per class? Than it could be discussed.

This is potentially very bad… Because I normally make ships with super high polycounts because that is the ONLY real way to defend vs the lagshots…

  • Fixed: Damage travels through blocks

Their 5th attempt? IF that works then everything I said above is not a problem and the patch is good. But I have no hope after so many attempts to fix this bug. But IF they fix it, holy crap we can make normal ship designs for the first time since 1.0. Oh crap we can’t, still have inside-out shooting…

Yes need numbers. Cubes incoming if numbers are bad. Getting a bit tired of getting restricted every time though. Cutting back on deco blocks and various other stuff for pvp ships just to get a viable ship. Ships become uglier every time.

I also read that the asteroid fields are fixed. Meaning that you mine them once, then they are empty forever or until an admin resets them? Not useable for big servers like HWS… They are not dynamic…

But it also has some good changes:
They fixed several bugs I reported :slight_smile: And increased pentax size (yay) and lockcodes to LCD’s so that the NPC packages are no longer super unfair… Also market can be rammed in 5.1 again (yay)

yes, we can!

Thanks again :wink:


Been doing my best to make my post a bit more positive this time :slight_smile: . And thanks to you for removing the drama from my reports and forwarding it to the devs properly :smiley:

First thing we must all do in 5.1: Ram the marketplace at full speed for ‘bug-testing’ :imp: New event.

a lot of our current class 3 ships have been changed to class 6 ships due to the stupid polygon count crap.

I hope Rexxus goes and Changes the ship restrictions to just Block and Device instead of this polygon crap when this patch comes out.

Oh no… BA’s with the polycount… The prettier you make them the higher their class… We need a separate tier system for BA’s and CV’s and perhaps another separate one for PVE BA’s. Because I probably will be unable to spawn any of my pretty houses in 5.1 anymore (glad I already spawned them on all servers).

Also you get double punished for decorations (high polycount + device count, not to mention plants (1 for plot, 1 for plant, super high polycount + 1/9th lamp)…). They should be converted to 2D sprites instead using LOD (they do this for trees already)… Why did they not chose for that option instead?

And there is this weird bug that makes me render stuff at 7km distance sometimes?

Would u start HWS-test server (5.1) with our data? We wonna try all dat “fixes”. Bc some major buges, still works (uncored ships for Example)

Did some Testing on the Experimental build…
Polygon Count for a Cube: 12
Polygon Count for a Ramp: 8
Polygon Count for a Semi-Sphere: 282


Hey, polygon count is not a bad thing it directly translates to lag so its better in a sense, and if need be Rex could just up class limit to something fair I doubt it will stay on 3 after 5.1.

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I saw something very interesting about the mineral asteroids. They added Pentaxid to the ores list. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Pentaxid Asteroids in HWS when 5.1 comes out.

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[quote=“Kogami, post:11, topic:3671”]
Hey, polygon count is not a bad thing it directly translates to lag so its better in a sense,
[/quote]No it doesn’t. It only translates to FPS drain. And that in turn ONLY if they don’t optimize it. Look at how many trees you can render on a planet without problems. You know why? Because of LOD’s this works and trees are just 2D sprites.
But for structure-blocks there doesn’t seem to be much optimization… Instead in 5.1 they chose for the quick&dirty temporary workaround by limiting us.
In fact I can crash someone to desktop with just 1 ship if I want too (if Rex doesn’t delete it :stuck_out_tongue: ). That’s how unoptimized it is and how buggy it is handled still.
Yes I know you can’t just sprite entire ships but you can optimize this way way way better.

Why is my PC trying to render lights and blocks I can not even see (culling fail)? And why am I trying to render structures that are 800m away on a planet in almost full detail? And why do I sometimes render stuff 7km away? And many more of such nonsense.

[quote=“NaomiSeto, post:12, topic:3671”]
have a feeling we’ll be seeing Pentaxid Asteroids
[/quote] Yay. Was hoping for those for a long time.

We accidentally made one of these as well. Hell another one we tried to make actually went full invisible, and throws a major game error every time a single block is broken. Every. Single. Time. For everyone on the playfield. And it is replicable with the bp.

I actually meant: I believe mine can do this performance-wise. By draining so much FPS that clients start crashing. There is no safety-valve build-in into the game it seems and when a ship simply drains so much performance people crash to desktop, not even to main menu straight to desktop. But it’s way over the 500 device limit but just saying that you can due to optimization problems.

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Took me longer than expected because I implemented some features / had to merge the 4.0 universe with new stuff ;D