Annoying warning to delete my cv

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What happened?
=> I was playing and the annoying warning alert faking message still poping to tell me to remove my extra CV but i dont have any extra Cv, as you can see on my screenshots. it says i have 6 but my registry say i have 3 but the hws structure commander see i have 6 with 3 ships last touched 44292 days ago and 1 lgc 7d ago

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> m1ckeyten

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> RE

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 23:00

On which Playfield?
=> Resdaea

Structure Name(s)?
=> azepdl,aopnfropfbaop

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

  • 1282213
  • 1282215
  • 9158198
  • 11626394

How can we help you now?
=> Can you do something to remove the 3 CV last touched 44292 days ago from my structure commander pls ? And do something so it wont happen again please
thanks in advance

Edit: i ve tried to go to the coords given by the structure commander, and destroy the cv from hws structure commander but nothing changed…

sounds like the playfield has unloaded before the commander can see those ships are gone. i have seen it take up to 10min to update before. warp to that sector and go afk for a bit. no need to be near the ship unless it’s showing in the registry. by the time it hits to warn u again, it should update. refresh the commander and it should show deleted…“should”

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no, fuck this i wont go for 300 LY just to refresh this fucking structure commander.

that could be the issue. structure commander needs a few min to update ships locations before warping out. u can see if this is the case and resolve it now or wait for the admins to wake in the morning with the alarm blaring at u until then :frowning:

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It s not only about fixing it RIGHT NOW, it s about to fix it for all the next times

this is not a new issue. started happening with the expanded universe of A12. we didn’t have this as an issue with in tiny universe. rarely were there any playfields they were empty for very long, let alone weeks. with the unloading of empty playfields, our only option at the moment is prevention. in the future be sure to check the commander to see they are deleted before leaving the sector. im sure rex is looking into some type of fix but for now it’s on us to be diligently looking after our own toys until he is able to attend to this :wink:

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of course i wont. i wont spend half my time double checking the double check of the double check to be sure i wont be annoyed by all this eleon bugs

I did it already while i was writting the ticket and nothing changed.

again this is not a new issue. if there was a quick fix it, would have been done over a year ago. this is a pain we all have been doing to ensure this issue doesn’t happen. you have a few choices here and i am only trying to help. it takes a few moments to hang around before leaving a sector to be sure this doesn’t happen in the future. many other things can be done during this awful timesuck. i found sorting waypoints, inventory, and other such mundane tasks are perfect for this void. it is quite easy to work around if u prepare for it. the admins can’t take their time to constantly clean up every structure without our help and still have the time to work on bug fixing, maintenance, moderation, and providing content for the next season on EU & NA. i offered a solution that could very well resolve it at the cost of ur time. time to warp, time to wait, and time to mine the pentax used. it is up to u if u choose to do it. granted nothing is perfect. i am only suggesting something that has worked several times for many others with little issue.

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ok. noted. but i dont care

plus i already told you nothing changed when i did it

that part is stunningly obvious. my apologies for trying to assist someone that does not wish it. i shall refrain from assisting u in the future :frowning:

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I do not wish any non-admin help.
I m not a beginner on empyrion

noted but by posting here, u are asking for community help. this is a community help section not a private line to the admins.

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seriously??? everytime i post anywhere else rex tell me to make tickets

u are misunderstanding me the more i speak. i did not say send a private message to rex at any time. this is the proper place to get support from ur community. not sure why u need special treatment over everyone else that has gone through this same exact issue and resolved it on their own without the need for rex to stop everything he is dong. i was only trying to assist. u have clearly shown how u treat those that try to help u. good luck from others. im done wasting both our time. sorry for any unintentional offence i have caused u. it was not my intention. only trying to offer a solution that has a great success rate for many others. my apologies it was not a solution good enough for u.

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As i said, i dont want any solution for me to fix it. I want it to be fix permanently.
If i needed a community support i would have asked in game.
I ve never asked for a fix like right now, Im not in a hurry. So I’m not asking rexxxus to stop everything is doing.

again this is a known issues and rex is already looking for a fix. that part does not need to be in this request at all. like making a ticket for fixing lagshot or the teleporter mishaps. we can solve most of this buggy issues on our own. that is the exact reason this section exists. that is the reason i try to resolve most issues without having to disturb rex for every godam skinned knee we give ourselves. i get it u dont want to clean up ur own mess. that is fine but do not expect a permanent fix for a known issue by mentioning it in a ticket several times. u being a veteran here since 2019 should already know this but i assume too much. this is my wrong.

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i suggest u thoroughly read the support guidelines. especially the “Helping out if you just can’t do anything” section. those are the reasons for rex to take action. not because “we simply don’t want to.” or “can’t be bothered.” especially veterans. i had to do this several times. so have many others. why are u not the same?

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M1ckey bobs solution does work it is a known bug and thus wont likely be fixed even if you dont like it. If you dont want the community to comment to you then you are out of luck this community is going to comment. The nest thing to do if you dont want to carry on conversations with other players is dont comment back to them. Bob is a community helper he was giving you tips to evade the problem for the time it will take for admins to respond to the vast array of support tickets and issues. Good luck.

I suggest you to leave me alone why cant you understand. Is it too hard to not answer ? Your opinion doesnt matter. You re the kind of people that get involved in everything. And everytime you tried to help me you were acting like i was stupid. The last time you get involved into an issue i had, you asked me so many dumb questions… and i finally fixed it myself.
i see you post bullshit everyday. 50% case when you try to “assist” it s adding more confusion to the initial issue in the ticket.

Maybe you dont understand what i mean because my english is not good (I’m a french baguette, omelette du fromage,etc , etc… you know).

Like i said, im not in a hurry, i’ll never ask anyone to fix any issue in a minute. I’m just posting things. It doesnt matter if it s known or not. It doesnt matter if it takes 2 min or 2 months to fix it. I’m Just posting so they can try to find a ‘more premanent’ solution (as admins) so we (as players) can enjoy more the game.
There is already enough bugs to be carefull.
For example:

  • go to BH star (on RE) go into a purple/pink sector with lgc CV, matter converter and infested station. Go try to destroy the matter converter first, then go to attack the Lgc CVs and you’ll see there is no more explosion damage to the lgc CV because of all the explosions on matter converter, you have to warp out to unload the playfield then come back. But if you managed to destroy (de-core or place your own core) an lgc cv before warping out and come back, you’ll find a ghost lgc cv you cant even loot or salvage.
  • warping at 160 LY but not warping and still using 320 pentaxid (with T2 warp) for nothing.
  • npc CV never respawn unless the playfield is completely wipe or there is a full poi reset maybe

I know most of bugs cant be fixed by HWS admins im just posting my issues so admins can find a way to automate a fix so players dont have to fix it or bother admins everytime they have this issue.

Most of the time i try to not bother anyone (admins or players), i always find a way to fix my issues (or i accept my loss and move on). In this case i didnt lost anything. The more i play on RE the more i wonder why am i playing on a multiplaying server for this singleplayer (coop?) scenario. There is some settings that can be changed to be more multiplayer scenario like, but there is performance issue, so what are we doing?

Anyway, forget my post since i cant be understand
And thanks bob to try helping but it’s ok, as i said, i didn’t lost anything, i was just posting.