Armageddon - PvP on a planet for real!

Hey @everyone,

inspired by this topic a new planet has arised from the shadows…


Sierra Nebula is now one of the most dangerous zones in the universe… be well prepared Spacers…

Some facts we know:

  • NO CVs allowed on that planet (Attention: this affects now the overall time till your structures will be seized. You have 30 minutes as a transition time now. You get every minute a warning. We will reduce this time more and more over time)
  • 1 BA per player / faction but can be build till Class 10
  • 999 SVs and HVs possible
  • Huge rewarding resources
  • Regular POI resets
  • 6 hours per day PvP on EU (5pm - 11pm). (rest PvE)
  • ~11 hours per day PvP on NA (10:30pm - 9AM [UTC+1]) (rest PvE)

May the force be with you padawans!

Your HWS Team!


BRavo team!! Very cool work indeed!


Great I hope this stays for 6.0
And why is NA 11 hours vs 6 for EU ? Seems a little unfair

Does this planet ever wipe?

For you time bandits, that’s 12:30 (noon) pacific time - midnight pacific. (3:30pm - 3:00 am eastern)

Should span everyone’s prime time. Nice work guys.

RP requirement when PVE?

NA is more pvp concerned and due statistics the prime time.
Technically because these are our restart times.

No wipes
It stays till 6.0
No Rp requirements.

Nice one REx

Does this mean we can only spawn a class 4, but can just keep adding blocks on post-spawn basically, and it won’t get wiped due to being to big? Because I think my larger BPs were still showing up as orange on that planet.

Yes. Class 4 is a server setting. Can’t change it. But then you can build it up to class 10


Good idea :smiley: I see some fun SV fights as before !

Man this is awsum :smiley: going to have so many people living there !

Fantastic :smiling_imp:

Haven’t had a chance to hit it yet but only hearing great things. If we base there will it stop our Freelancer 7 a day RP for living on PvP as its PVE at times or is this place exempt?

Finally had a chance to get down to check it out. So much sparkly goodies to be had haha, great work. Not w i need a PvP sv to join the fun :slight_smile:

Isnt it 5:30pm - 5:00am eastern?

Correction: It is 4:30 Eastern Time, 3:30 Central Time

was there when server reset

I had such a blast for 6-8 hours on Armageddon last night, It was such a struggle at some points dealing with the hardest POI of a lifetime, we spent hours on the Main POI there… was waves of mobs!! 1 of our guys ended up having to log, Cent and I ended up staying and crafting all the ammo we need right beside the POI with survival constructors! Was such a blast… it’s been forever since we did POI’s and I think this server will really enjoy this new planet. Rex putting this in gave us so much to do, You can also farm TONS of gold … deposits 8.5k+ FULL of gold. We went with 3 max block count SV’s and didn’t have any problems when we ran into someone! Make sure you bring back up because the POI’s are intense! Watch for the waves of mobs! Bring lots of med kits and ammo hehe. Hope everyone goes and checks it out !!!


I’m scared now lol!