ART vs WetWak case

Today i have againe problem with the ART Trading Faction… they just abusing the traders tag over and over againe…

To be specific:
ART - Spaw Morpheus
ART - Mulo

Traders who destroy other traders Autominers on planets.

They lost a base allready abusing the Traders faction tag, so now i will not stop until they learn theyr lesson once and for all.

Im changing from the Traders faction to Alliance faction. Alliance faction supose to guard and protect traders, so i will hunt and shoot down every ART member to protect the real traders from theyr actions.

ART is not respecting the server rules and does not follow the Trader faction guidelines:

This has to stop now or chaos and anarchy will destroy this universe.

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Read #2 sir…

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OK thank you sir, didnt get this post to read before, as it is from yesterday, so i can stay trader and kill anyone i want to… great… griefing can start… BUT im not such looser like ART, i like the idea of having roles in a game and will support it with my honor.

No problem sir.

As ART member I accept this war declaration. See you on the battlefield, and let the blood flood all the HWS universe!

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Whats going on now wetwak? If the first encounter between us was truly as you said then I offer an apology for my actions :wink: as for spaw and mulo destroying miners it’s a problem that everyone is facing we’ve continually found our miners destroyed on the trader homeworld and beyond, so it seems to stretches far beyond just art, so the fact you’ve came outright and pointed a finger at art I would like to see proof as you seem to normally record " rule breaches" . But this defo is something the developers need to look into. Onto my last point if you choose alliance so that you could target art you choose the wrong faction and will bring consequences on the faction you join as you yourself will be in breach of the rules :wink: anyway starting to seem like you now have a petty vendetta against us but that’s ok turn your guns on us if you wish we will light up the sky in retaliation

May the Great Trader War raise the market prices and rain gold from the Heavens … \o/


WetWak you build BASES OVER DEPOSIT and when they were PVP you did not remove the bases.
There is a anti griefing shield around the base, no one can build or drill there to collect resources, so in other mean you were doing griefing.
In bonus, if your base is not powered on, it ll not show the base name in the top, so no one ll know the base belongs to a trader faction (even thought u had tons of insanely small bases ~40 blocks, that i just got to know from now that belonged to you).
Also a rule obligates you to properly name your structures (if any of them were still Base BA, unfortunately i cant confirm).
Also auto miners has no name or owner (no trader tag), if some one had broke your auto miner you cant complain who broke in a pvp field.
If you can prove that any auto miner, i did broke while taken down grifed-over-deposit-ultra-small-base in pvp field, belongs to a (trader/alliance/hunter) faction, i would happily payback the auto miners, even thought they did griefed in the game.
Unfortunately as you are now on a new faction role, you will need to wait till [ART] do anything against you as Alliance, otherwise you ll be running out from your play role. Cuz you belong now to a new faction, if you do anything regarding your last faction problems, you ll be treating just your personal problems and just using the Alliance faction TAG as benefit.
And remember, when playing as Alliance, any action such as attacking other Trader factions, will globally lower the Alliance faction reputation (in a meaning of speak).
Hope you fill your current and future issues and complains politely, while dealing with your faction partners, that would be the Alliance now.

Just to reinforce: no UN-GRIFED bases from you were taken down, and no faction rules were broken by [ART].

About the base loss, i heard the reason was for a Hunter that you contract to destroy it.
There were no base loss by breaking the server rules, or abuse the trader faction TAG as you mentioned.

i ve located the member who intercept you (WetWak) on the moon and i got this report:

  • Wetwak had a CV with a Repair Bay and 2 SVs, and that he was using one SV to deplete the ammo while the other was repairing
  • To stop this action , cuz almost all ammo boxes where depleted, he went there and destroyed the hostile vessels himself

i know his actions were a bit too harsh, even thought at the report u drained a lit bit lot of ammo, but would tell that your action as well by not “Politely” ask in global to the (online ART members) to temporarily turn off the turrets, so you can take your suppose backpack you told. As also probably if you just ask he would just give you your backpack, and if he dont, the member involved would probably be spelled out of the faction by the faction owner.

In other mean , you are just creating false presumption for a whole big faction, cuz one member were too harsh on you after you depleting his ammo.
No Trader faction were chasing you
No Trader faction were raiding you
No Trader faction wanted you dead
No Trader faction were aggressive on you

*from one point of the view he was protecting his home, if there was no members online (no one would be there to fire on you, while u drain ammo, so u needed that all ART members were offline to your suppose “backpack recover” action make sense) , so in other words you had a lot of time to politely solve your problem in global chat, and indeed as a trader partner you had to do the initiative.

Hello fellow trader Spaw Morpheus

  1. Thanks for your sight of view.
  2. The rule about having bases over deposits was not valid anymore, because since Update 4.0 you can mine if there is a base over deposit, also you can build another base near by.
  3. i had all my bases set as faction(trader at that time) and named Autominer protection, as it was the only way to protect your autominer from being stolen at that time, this is also no more possible/valid since Update 4.1.
  4. the only proof i have that it was you and Mulo is screenshot from HWS connect - intruder log, as the planet went PVP at 9:00 and from 9:10 to 9:30 you two where the last until all the miners where gone…
  5. since this last incident i had not taken any action of revenge yet, i dont hunt you
  6. all about the incident on the moon there is a post where i explaned everything… + i had not any repairbay + my sv where not docked at my cv + i was at foot > Requesting Support, Answers and compensation (Resolved)

so to close this… if any of you cross my path in pvp space i will not hesitate to open fire, but i will not grief.

Have a nice day.

ART… Bases… Moon… PvP…Sweet memories :slight_smile:

U rebuild your bases on the Moon??? Thats good ^^

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Hello WetWak
Thank you for you reply
The Rule is simple griefing, and it is still up, you just conquered a whole planet of deposits all for yourself on a PVP planet, no trader, no alliance, no hunter would never be able to dig there or build their own auto miners with your griefed bases, that in case you have to excuse me but they were not really bases, just some stack os blocks with no devices.
If you have just a few, or even 1 base over a deposit, i mean , a real base, 30+ devices ~400+ blocks, i would try to find out who the base belong to, even though its griefing, cuz would ask for the owner remove their stuff inside the base.

Your statement that any one can build a base near it is not true, as well of you cant mine near the base. You were allowed to base over it in a PVE field ONLY.

Dont think i needed to prove you but still i did a lot of work just to show you this pictures i did take just to teach you to avoid further griefings, check out the warning, the red icon as well, the base that is not powered show no name and no tag, and i was not allow to deploy my base starter anywhere near it, also cant deploy a drone near it, and also cant deploy a auto miner of my own.

about the last incident, i did watched your video , asked why u were killed in naked spawn, since for me that is a griefing act, also any player griefing should be punished (as well of drainig ammo) , the mainly problem i found out so far is that they were claiming to try to talk to you on global chat before engage you , and that you really did waste lot of ammo there, (your “proves” dont show what happen before that), but if there is still saved chat logs from that moment showing they really tried to talk to you, to return your stuff, and u did not reply, instead continue kept draining ammo from the base, i would ask to admin to check out the chat log files . And if it is true, you ll have another negative point from my point of view.

About your Statement of open fire against a “trader faction” that has done absolutely nothing, like never even fire one single bullet to any alliance faction, while you are using the Alliance faction TAG, i am sorry but i ll recall for the real Alliance for support if i get any evidence from you doing this such actions.