Attacked and killed in warpzone

Player (tas) Gyapot just managed to kill and destroy a faction member of mine. In warpzone. He even named his ship trader.

This happend 4 minuts prior to this post.

My team mate didn`t even got the white out of the screen before he was dead.

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Bumped it to hws get support, try and get an intruder log from him, will have the name of the person there. Admin should be able to tell if they warped in with him, or he was there for a while
Unfortunately a death on a warp in is legitimate if the person wasn’t just sitting there waiting.

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true… if they jumped togheter, it is all ok =) But don`t think so…
The intruderlog is slow, but told him to SP to me =)

Thx for reading =)

ps: my foult, though ive posted it that section… The steam OS is not that good :stuck_out_tongue:

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What server, dQ?

Did you happen to get any video? Any kind of evidence related to the attack/jump?

As McP said there are legitimate situations where this is OKish.

What player is involved from your faction?
What Playfield is it about?

Please make sure to give us detailed logs, otherwise we cant do anything and will not do anything. “Sopmeone had a problem” definetly does not help us and takes valuable time from us.

I see you were on EU server and searched the logs, but none of your Faction Members ever got onto the same playfield as Gyapot.

Therefore the case is closed… sorry but thats frustrating :frowning:

If you have all the right Information, feel free to open another case with all the details.

And please read that Post first:

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