Attempt to sponge/shield with oversize CV in GG


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If this is actually allowed, my apologies to Геркулес & RexXxuS for wasting time… I just can’t understand how it would be allowed to attack Class 1 restricted playfield with Class 4 CV like this.

What happened:
=> During our fun battle with RED/SWP/U-P in Golden Globe, SWP Геркулес attempts to sponge/shield with oversize (class 4 or 5) CV in GG.

We managed to shoot him down, take the BP (as a proof) & I recorded this. Sorry for the fairly bad quality in the video, the name can be seen clearly at roughly 1 minute & also from the pictures.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Fallen Angel, BeAsT, Sieg

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> Roughly 01:30

=> Golden Globe

Structure Name(s):
=> хеопс 7в

Structure ID(s):
=> 23135515

How can we help you now:
=> Decide for yourself if it’s punishment-worthy.
As @TheState suggested this would be allowed… Can’t understand why it would be allowed but OK.

If it’s disallowed only if server takes it… would it have been punished if instead of recycling it we would have let it stay SWP until server takes it…? We shot him out of the cockpit so simply defending the SWP CV for a while would have resulted in server taking it --> punishable…?

I’d like to add, all present RED members immediately backed off when SWP brought the CV. They didn’t take any part in this.


Was the ship taken by HWS during the attack?


No, we shot it down before it was taken.
But it’s class 4 or 5 CV used to attack base in class 1 restricted playfield.
Surely that’s against the rules?

If not punishable, everyone will just go around soaking all ammos with massive CVs & leave before HWS takes it (2 warnings) --> 10m+ of ammo soaking / shielding… The class limit is there for a reason, right?

Warnings are not meant to be exploited like this. They exist to give people time to leave / fix situation. It’s clear from the video that his attempt was not to leave, but to attack base with it.

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Feel free to check the rules but no, it is not against them. People have tried doing this before on NA but it is not effective and thus not widely used.

If it is taken by HWS, that’s against the rules. The time limit is so low that this tactic is pretty risky



If RexXxuS agrees & this is fine, no reason for anyone to stay within the class limit for CV tanking I guess.


A quick search would show you a few times that Rexxxus commented on this. The most recent I could find:

The idea beside of sponging with a Class 5 ship (which is legit because Jascha can’t code his tool in a better way to kick such ships

This was the ruling on a police report on Feb 1 of this year.

In regards to previous situations yes, if the intent was for the server to claim it then yes, that would be punishable. The punishment might be automated at this point with the “structure limit exploit” mechanic, but that’s beyond what I know. Just that it is illegal to do.


When rex answeres that its not against the rules, ill start building too. I have an idea that i need to try out if its legal.


You can always ask in a pm :open_mouth:


Good Morning,

as @TheState said already. It’s a limitation by the game API / our tool.
Feel free to discuss the details with @Jascha!

Even though I reduced the timer a lot this season, such gameplay can happen, yes.
The only fix gamewise would be to disallow CVs completely on PvP planets. But then we have the old HV can’t dock to a SV problem.
Feel free to discuss the details with Eleon.

Gameplay wise you invest a lot of resources to build a big ship so it’s a trade off in war.
Our limits should be seen as a permanent solution to limit playfields for now.
If anyone tries to frequently break the limits to make it “permanent” our automated system should punish them automatically.

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If you hadn’t disassembled it very quickly, HWS took and removed the ship in the game before you, Although the video shows that you have disassembled the ship disappeared very quickly… The ship’s gone, you take it apart, we are lost resources. All the action was within the rules, we’ve lost the ship.

Its a fake ticket Its you broke the rules of cheating limits, when put your ship in public, or knocked out the core to put the second CV ship.

For you, it seems to be the norm to invent violations of others to hide their crimes regarding the rules of the game

And tomorrow you’ll create the ticket that we’re using your method of attack against you ?


So it cant be made so that overlimit ships get kicked 20km to space? Like some planets kick you if you try to go in with a wrong kind of ship?


Talk to Jascha


We had class 1 cv not class 5 like u so do not compare us to you. We werent doing anything wrong, this tactic has been in use for ages. But now after i see this oversize crap is allowed, i will build class 2 or 3 cv and rush your base to reduce its size to class 1 in time. It is allowed, and we will see how fun it is for u. I dont wanna see any more crying about oversize. U started with this, it is allowed as we can see, so lets have fun.

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