Autominer nicht mehr im Tech-Baum?

Aus früheren Spielen meinte ich, der Autominer müsste doch eigentlich im Tech-Baum unterhalb der Flares/Signallicht stehen. Bei mir steht da aber gar nichts.
Sind Autominer bei HWS oder generell jetzt nicht mehr im Techniologiebaum? Kann man die gar nicht mehr bauen?

You cant craft autominers, you can only find them in pois or otherplaces and get them from fa:supply etc.

To be honest not sure of you asked this becouse i dont know german but words: autominer, tech, baum made me think that you are wondering can you craft them.


Perfect. You understand what i am asking for. I have a mining core, so i can do nothing with it because i cannot craft an autominer by myself, is that right?

Auto Miners are part of Commodity Trading too:

Auto Miner Cores are used for fueling Orbital Auto Miners. They are more reliable than ingame Auto Miners anyways.
If a surface wipe happens, the ingame auto miners would be gone.

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Ok, i understand. A little bit different from the original standard-way of mining, but not bad.

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