Avoid Taxes ? (with Ship Selling) on Ecc (make performance slowly worse)

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What happened?
=> just seen couple of sessions that people Spamming “Cvs or hvs” on the ECC selling area but actualy Never wont sell it…
why ? 1. Price 2. size 3. Make no sense

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Eu / Na maybe both sides

Server? (EU or NA)
=> Eu actualy

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)

On which Playfield?
=> Ecc planet

Structure Name(s)?

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> Remove the “troll placement ships” who ppl use as porter etc storage & more i mean come on we all need to pay taxes and it should stop we had hws 12 not good performance and hws 13 we want have a good performance at all .
Its one of the Cores of HwS actualy that we get good Performance and less trouble i dont wanna point fingers on anyone .
But just take a look on HwS garage and check the ships on Ecc planet … 1 Billion for a Cv who is not even a Ship for selling its just a joke “1B so no one buys it and it will stay complete session”
I mean thats actualy exploiting / Avoid taxes to have a Storage ship (with codes) or Recruitment building , teleporter place etc) More Cores (structures less performance more loading times more crashes can come we all know that)
Pls fix that thanks cause we have that now couple of sessions and mid of session it will get out of hand and Ecc will get broken nearly again like last Session Cheers


HWS 1.0 mod list rework discussion?

the question is, did it get crazy enough to be to much? and if not, when will it be crazy enough for Rex to decide otherwise?

Actualy yes it get out of hand on na hws 12 someone builded a cv complete over Ecc and the teleporters go stuck and most time Dc cause of it now is not so much but cvs (selling) only in ecc to avoid such problems. And stop combine 2 different Topics together thanks.

May already have been pointed out but this is a Duplicate ticket. I already logged this issue. And was told it was fine apparently.

In my eyes the whole selling ships part needs an overhaul, maybe a separate space sector to house it to reduce impact on frames.

It’s a great feature that’s not being properly utilised at all. Wasted in current iteration.
But I just got people getting salty saying that “everyone else is OK with it only you have problem”.

JVI paid hundreds of millions in tax on our office the past few seasons.
If everyone else is going to dodge it with ts:sale mechanism and go unpunished then why should we pay when no one else is.

As for the gaint robot. We only ever put that up temporarily when we’re doing some event and the current amount of ships at the ECC station is low enough to avoid effecting the frames, and we always pay our rather heavy tax on that to do so.

  1. its not a dublicate ticket … ! Cause its about ecc eu & na totaly what ppl doing there and if you say self “people abuse the sell mechanic but its only jvi actualy” hmh … not good to shoot into own knees just sayn …

  2. NOT only me says to abuse the sell machanic for “Svs & HVs” with cvs on the planet is stupid and eat frames … more ppl say that facts…

  3. it must be a change … block cvs complete on ecc easy solved.

  4. pls dont awsner on my topics will be nice cause im not salty or anything but that negative attitude i dont like it.
    Stay normal and calm then your welcome for discusion :slight_smile:

  5. to pay less tax dont use cv use sv or hv :slight_smile: like U-T did or other factions in the past.

maybe i read anything wrong im not so 100% fit today ^^ cheers if the salty was not for me then its fine :slight_smile:

You comment on mine for some reason so I assumed it worked both ways.

Wasn’t attempting to be rude, only pointing out this is already being discussed, if you look into it, JVI has always paid tax on those offices even after the last 2 seasons we spotted people putting theirs for sale to avoid tax.

So just be careful tossing accusations around without evidence.
JVI doesn’t need to expliot or cheat, we have raw numbers.
We are a trader faction for most though, and I’ve got 40+ people asking me why they are having to pay when other factions are doing it for free.

If they are allowed, we are allowed.

We don’t mind the cost. Happy to pay the tax. Just don’t want to be taken for mugs while everyone else gets a free ride.
And we want an office there.
For mission organisation, resupply and as a teleport link.
So would have to be cv/ba or sv/hv with teleporter at least.
That office is only class 1, its just a box with JVI on top mostly. And we tested it for frame drop before deploying it, it had negligible if any effect.

i understand but actualy it should not Posible to Set Cvs on ECC like said i saw that on NA with that guy who spammed Ecc complete over so more stuff on Ecc so more problems with teleporter etc. teleporter time etc. Cause the HwS garage (space) is for selling Cvs that should get fixed then less problems.

like said missunderstand that with “salty” xD

Why not?
Adds to the content of the server if it’s done right.
Would be cool to we all the major factions have offices there.
So long as they’re capped at cpu 1 you can’t really do much with them to make them lag causing. Could cap size class as well I guess.

Problem seems to be having multiple which is what you’re describing, so the silutions would be cap CV to 1 per faction in ECC planet or 1 for every 10 memebers you have then only the major ones even come into it. Job done.

like said its not specialy about jvi its about everyone most of that one guy on na who rekt the playfield with his CV who go into he building plant fields public areas etc i mean it was good meaning of him but in the end na ecc was in hws 12 a xxxxhole of lags / problems :-/

the CV that was wrapped around NA HQ last season was ours. this was only done because we thought the season was ending that week. it ended up causing a ton of lag from all the glass that was used. we removed the glass a few days later and made “adjustments” to HQ that didn’t lag nearly as much.

it was just to add a little more “atmosphere” to an empty HQ. all devices were set for public access and we were filling public boxes with leftover freebies for anyone to collect. there was also a small public garden that didn’t cause much frame drop at all.

we now have the same CV for sale in NA but will not be grafting it to the HQ building this season because of lag lessons learned. i had asked rex if this was ok and he didn’t have issues with it at the time. the “too crazy” comment i would imagine was if it caused severe lag issues but did not get 100% clarification.

i think there could be a happy medium for this where the faction bank can be charged a fee for having CV bases instead of taxing every member. not enough credits in the faction bank and it will be taken by HWS. then it can be purchased by anyone for the debt if it has not been reclaimed after a specific time. size class and CPU tier limits would be good to prevent laggy construction farms as well.

in past seasons we had this and paid taxes until i heard someone was selling their “base” tax free. we just followed suit. didn’t mean to cause any issues :frowning:

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:slight_smile: the best solution will be like Cpu cap for cv´s 1 size 1

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that is currently the case but i have discovered cpu extenders can be added after the CV is on planet :frowning:

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Already the case.

This is an issue, we can’t fix. But who ever tries to loophole here, should be aware, that it will backfire one day…

Anyways, some legit concerns and still a lot of “raw diamond” potential we at HWS need to utilize. Some features got implemented faster, than refining them over a long period of time.
A burden of my creativity and Jascha as my great helper.
As always, it all works fine, until one tries to reach the limit of what we could think of.

Performance is indeed our number goal.
“Increasing limits and sizes” and what not is a direct contradiction to that goal.

So for this season we will be confronted with the challenge of the TEAM Towers on the HQ planets and ECC becoming even more popular.

Taxes are hated but the surprisingly best solution to keep performance high.

I will think about a global solution of that Garage Sale loophole.
With the Recruit Wall, there is no need of a structure advertisement in Theory.
Sure it increase the visibility and immersion but luckily not all 110+ Factions on HWS made use of this yet… and yes, it’s convenient for re-supply etc but same here: if 110+ faction would do that, it would show the flaw of the Garage sale tax “freedom”.
We would indeed need some dedicated “Showroom” playfield for that or something like that.

TL;DR: No actions will be done for now. I need more time to think of a good solution for everyone and then announce it in advance.


The simplest solution is to set dedicated teleport which everyone can jump on from their bases and back. Everybody would be happy. Maybe except few people, who like to pay multi-million taxes.

add: by doing this there is a possibility to close ECC for CVs and allow only T1 class 1 SVs, for example. Optimization, less structures, less lags, etc.


thanks @RexXxuS for the update and your continued greatness. we will try to limit the amount of server performance hindrances on HQ.

the idea for the faction CV was mainly to have a quick respawn/rearming station for running missions. it had items come up missing at times though being accessable to multiple people. this season most of us have a private base on Meta or in supporter sectors. we have been storing our resources there and only using the CV for bare minimum and teleportation from private bases.

a public teleporter on HQ would make the need for this base vanish and be much less stress on the server. i know ur not a fan of the teleporter due to is making space travel less popular but they have so much potential to increase traffic to many areas of the galaxy.

you could make it impossible to teleport to some systems by increasing the range of the T1 CV warp just slightly and push some of the systems out over 30LY to compensate.

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I am not a friend of Teleporters!
They ruin any kind of Exploration feeling.
The need for ships in the first place.
They make players just lazy and everything so “convenient” and fast fast.

ECC should be enjoyable to explore, fly to, meet other players, see how their ships come and go. A feeling of an Airport, the beginning or end of an Adventure.

Maybe one day, when I can set a Travel Cost for Teleporters I will think about that option again.


Daily routine movement from home base to ECC has nothing to do with the “Exploration feeling”. Its just a waste of time, nothing else.


i predict that i will be spending many credits… :slight_smile:

One way to make this work, derives from the new mission at Racom
where u have to buy token 50k credits, need token to enter the teleporter spot

so could use this as form of paygate potentially?
people can buy tokens for this 1/5/10/25 at a time/store in OCD
when need to use public teleporter = pull/buy token, go through door & can access teleporter.
NOTE: potential loophole with this one person pays/open door & multiple go through it?
unless maybe airlock type deal with the tight door block? just spitballing idea here

might be an overly complex idea, aside that not sure if possible token
can be used to access a device = teleporter? or only works with doors?

aside that other would be a command based way?
saw this on HWS Connect before costs credits & RP to TP to ECC

regarding “re-supply or form of storage at ECC”
i remember several alphas ago there was a personal cargo box in the floor
where one could quickly dump stuff in, not sure why that was pulled but np