Back to the roots with Block limitation | PvP improvement



Hey Skard,

This is the place for this type of post. Could you modify it and provide feedback on the forum topic? The rest of what you wrote is better for a direct message, as a lot of it is your personal experience that has nothing to do with this specific topic.

That said, the topic of block limitations is not one that is a big sudden change. This change is based on feedback coming from last seasons. There was a poll and the poll said that a fun fight should be under 15 minutes - right now we are at 45 minutes. So this feedback is actually a reflection of what the majority of players want.


Players have nothing to offer except opinion ranzeth, not everyone has access to hard data.
I have videos of fights lasting 15 minutes and ones that last for 40 or more minutes but I don’t have any empirical data to support anything from that.


Correct, so perhaps focus your feedback based on what Rex requested? What do you think the limits should be based on your experience?

I have not seen a SV with 5 - 7k blocks 1v1 where someone has actually died. The ones I have heard about was over 45 minutes.


Block wise I’d say:
SV - 3500
HV - 4500
CV - 500-1000 (basic warp sled to drop off stuff 24/7)…2k would be a little bit too much IMO. I’m not personally a fan of the CV only in prime time since you can’t take your HV with you (poor badger).

And those limits would only be for the hot spot pvp planets, space should stay the same for now, although I’d maybe be open to class 1 CVs only in BH.


Great feedback, thank you Booyah. By the way, which playfields should this apply too?


I’m not of the mind that fights have to be 15 minutes or less. I find the class 1 limit is sufficient. Further restrictions heavily bias the game toward the few players that are structure engineers, forcing most of the playerbase to struggle with yet more limits creating a very small niche favoring great builders.


Planets in HW and BH space I guess…


The majority of the player base wants it though, so it seems like Rex is making the right move by serving his player base.


I disagree


Then there is no point to building a base we all sleep eventually.


I’m not really sure what the limits “should” be… but I think that some facts need to be brought to light first.

There are SV’s on GG that are 25,000-30,000 blocks. not 5k, not 7k… 30k. that’s a lot of blocks. And yes they’re still allowed on GG due to issues with the way class 1 is determined by blueprint vs how it’s calculated by EAH.

There is clearly a problem here. But I offer no solution that doesn’t in itself create more problems.

Restricting to 3k or 4k or whatnot will have an impact on weapon balance, # of structures allowed and so on and could cause a whole new wave of adjustments to other limits and values.

Die, spawn, die, spawn style of play is already an issue even with 25k block sv’s. This doesn’t solve that and probably makes it worse. With the glut of resources and money in the game already, for most players it costs nearly nothing to spawn a new SV every 5 minutes. Dying more often somewhat balances this by taking resources out of the system. Ammo would become more of an issue.

Anyhow, as I said, no answers… just wanted to throw some insight into why this is an issue and what I think happens when you try and change it.

Make it 1k, then everyone has to design new SV’s (not a bad thing). And bases will need rebalancing…


Making the server stronger and the players vessels weaker,will only make the grind harder and will make players less mobile.


Why is it that you assume that it only last 45 minutes because its a sv that is more then 3k blocks? Haven’t you heard of good piloting? Which makes it so you avoid most of the damage to your sv? A 4k vessel would only last seconds if it stood still and if an enemy who new were your cockpit was shot at it with all its main sv weapons.

Also what poll is this? And anyways what people want is not always what they get. They may get a good pilot on a 3.5k sv or a 2.8k vessel who not only beats their 4k block sv because they’v built it bad or their not the best pilots, and that could last 45 minutes plus or as little as 10 minutes. So again what people want is not always what they get in reality. Thats also what makes pvp so fun. It may not always go as you expected to go.


I love PvP because it is so unexpected. 7.0 - 7.5 has been boring because of all of these ‘brick’ ships that never die, nothing unexpected here. Fly in shoot a lot, absorb damage, and then leave at the end knowing you aren’t going to die. You know this is true.SVs bigger than 4k can take a beating from the average player.


I think the dataset you are referring to as “most of the playerbase” is actually “most of the playerbase responding to polls/announcements/comments” which I think you would find is a small minority of the playerbase, not a fair sampling.


The largest sv I ever remember seeing a taw member make was 6500 blocks and it was just a blocked up garage ship. I’m not sure where you’re getting your numbers from but even if someone went bigger they aren’t 30+k.


In the end I think everyone here is to a degree right… Bases kick tail. Smaller SVs like mine kick the butt of larger ones due to skill. HVs do pretty decent as is. Any DRASTIC change would probably mean a HWS config change as well.

Personally I agree with the guy that said designing for looks is lost. I do miss that a little, but My A-wings looks A-wingy so thats fun.

I think the current meta is very close. My 600K health (NOT BLOCKS) or less SVs easily degun Big tank ships in the millions of health and win the fight. So small SVs are not useless.

I would say if anything start small… I like Ranzeths idea of like 4-5K or something. My tank has 5K blocks and its 1 MIL health. So I mean even starting at 5K Aint that bad. Just blocks the 2 MIL hitpoint sponge type builds. The normalish big slow ONE million hitpoint stuff would still be in. I think that would be a nice middle ground.

P.S. The excessive use of I is to show this is just one guys opinion.
Whatever Rex does I will adapt, I dont think he can go wrong here.


I agree, 30K is unheard of, maybe a typo?


We are both right and we are both wrong. Neither of us actually have data to back up their statements - though I may have to hunt out that official survey.


TAW cigarette and Op4 Orca are both over 8k blocks - closer to 12k I think?