Back to the roots with Block limitation | PvP improvement



The Mighty Encore:

Not Arma, a less significant PVP playfield that would allow newish and smallish factions to settle without it being a primary anchor point. :slight_smile:


…Such as…


What are your proposed block limits and for which playfields?


Altimus perhaps and the peripheral PVP systems such as iceworld and lavaworld and such, the ones that see less company in other words.

@Ranzeth: Hmmm, hard to say: Depends on the local playfield limits that I suggested so i wont give you a definitive number but more a general rule.

The less SVs allowed=The bigger each SV can be
and vice versa.

Same with the hovers.

Sorry that i’m being vague, if i had to throw my hat in the ring with a gun to my head i’d say about 1500-2000 blocks max for these SVs in particular. As 3000 plus and you get into super-tank territory.


I like the block limits, though I think 3.5K should be the max for a class one SV.

GG/Homeworld should have the strictest limits.

Arma we can lighten up the restrictions a bit.

Why? More risk, more reward. On Arma the crust isn’t minable, just deposits. Personally, I’m a fan of the 2.5k - 3k block range for SVs and 3.5k - 4k for HV. Just enough armor to keep SVs interesting, but not enough that everyone will be dying in 3 shots.


Personally I’d have GG/HW have the least strict SV limits as they’re normally the busiest with BIG PVP bases, especially as soon the base-limit is going to be upped from 3 to 5. Therefore any change now to SVs would completely destabalise their role as successful base attack vehicles.

. I’d love to see someone take my ‘Arty Turret destruction time’ formula and apply it to a single HV Arty against a base arty! So hovers are also out of the question when it comes to base attacks in their current form.

Instead I’d have the strictest limits on playfields which are semi-pvp to give newer factions a place to try PVP on less brutal playfields without big facs rofl-rolling them.

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Wise. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think base limits should be at 3 if we are lowering block counts. That said, we need to lower block counts and see how it performs in real-world application. I’d like to see lower block counts first and if it just doesn’t work out then we can raise them. The goal of the HV will be to roll in and ‘tank’ enemy fire while SVs come in and DPS turrets, but not all factions do this well.


Idk about the cig, never flew it… still not 30k thou


What do you think appropriate block limits should be, and for which playfields?


I think the main tricky part would be what exact block count would be the best; taking into account the blueprints that are most commonly used and that are not overbearing. I think for sv fair enough would 4000; so that it still has some decent room for creativity. For hv i think fair enough would be 5000; to keep them tanky and again so they have some decent room for creativity. Good luck @RexXxuS. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’ve said that word for word about 4 times in this thread :rofl:

People are not being specific enough? From reading through, seems the general consensus is 1-3 k blocks (slightly more for HV), and no difference between playfields


I say let’s just go all in.

Start simple. 100 blocks max for SV, and 1 minigun max. HV gets 120, but limited to 1 minigun turret.


With bases taking out three layers of blocks as is I would say 5-6k so people stand a chance against large groups of bases on gg. It could be modular by planet to scale difficulty for newbs to pros.


Yes, because this is what Rex asked for, and their replies while trying to be helpful aren’t actually giving Rex the insight he requested.


Keep in mind that a 6.5k block SV can withstand sustained base fire for120 - 200 seconds from 3 bases before having to fly away to avoid dying.

A 3.5k block SV can withstand base fire for roughly 120 seconds before imminent death is upon them, and still has a slight chance to make it out alive. (From 3 bases)

Both of these scenarios were taking into consideration a SV flying in circles over 3 max guns.

This means that SV/HV fights will take 30 - 45 minutes, as 5-6k blocks is where most people are at right now.


Check your numbers. Ships designed to last against bases at 6k blocks last a little over a minute against two full face bases on vanilla.


(1) I think Ranzeth meant a moving SV with a decent pilot
(2) Vanilla does not have the HWS Config (base guns do more damage)

  1. That doesn’t always help. Auto targeting is nasty.

  2. Hws guns should do more damage if I remember right… Rex changes them so much I can’t remember:|


I have a test server up with HWS config files and did half a dozen tests with a 6.5k SV and a 3.5k SV. My numbers are pretty solid.


Yes, in my test I flew circles about 100m above the 3 bases. That said, my test server is set up with HWS config files, so all numbers are accurate regarding times.