Big HWS X-mas Patch | PvP Patch | New Tool Patch | PDA Patch | New Donations Teaser

Hey @everyone,

today we apply our big X-mas Event Patch / PvP Patch / Tool Patchwith a lot of additions.

X-mas Event

Every day you have a nice door waiting for you. You get the amount of item slots of the day it is. Day 6 of December are for example 6 loot items and so on.

The final 4th Advent / 24th December is an Alien Core and 100 Auto Miner cores! :slight_smile: :santa:

Make sure to check your PDA. It ONLY works with your PDA!

Every day you get the Door code here in the forum / Discord under HWS Community > Events

Today 1st December Door code is: 6729

New PvP Patch / Golden Globe

After a great discussion the Golden Globe Patch is final:

Golden Globe wipe

Daily Surface Wipe (5PM / 11PM*)

Golden Surface

15 FA SV / 1 PRIV SV

No CV spawn / landing during “prime” time (5PM-11PM EU | 11PM - 9AM NA*)

2 FA BA (build up to Class 10). 0 PRIV BA

Reduction of Gold deposit value
Increasing Gold deposit amounts a bit

the times are changing as soon as we sort out new times for NA

A new EGS Bunker! THANK you @A.F.T for that!

But don’t worry all the other who submitted their version of the Bunker. You get a place in HWS 8 too!

New Tool update! :cloud_with_lightning:

@Jascha had some time to code crazy cool stuff for our EAH Tool!
More about it will come later but what is important for you for now is:

If you enter a zone and type for example am:get:all you don’t have to wait anymore!!! YES!
If you enter a zone and enter a “Zone” command like “ti:”, “am:”, “tn:”, etc. it is fetching your coordinates INSTANT! Insane!

Only your bank interest needs still waiting or type eb:info while you are in the bank and see

Multiple OAM Ores command. We also have now the option / command to get multiple OAM Ores individually.

For example:

am:get:ir#go* 100#cob*50.

(Command page will be updated in few hours)

PvP / Beginner Patch

A very high requested “feature” was that there are not enough resource around the universe and only Golden Globe / Homeworld has all the cool stuff.
I changed it now and basically Vulc Galaxy and Nomad Galaxy (the planets) are VERY attractive for beginner now because of the PvPvE cycle. Maybe even too attractive. Please give me your honest feedback later.

I can’t tell all the details but it’s like a 200% boost in all resources + meteorites.

Also Lyra, Son G and Videl got boost a lot. Check it out too please.

PDA Patch

EGS Deposit Hunt PDA Mission is now complete. Follow the PDA Mission to get a MASSIVE Resource Boost (almost for free) :wink:
It is always the same ship but it should also just help to push beginner one time a lot.
How do you like it?

New Donations coming!

I’m very excited to announce a lot of new donation options are coming!
I just need time to code all of that to the Web x)


  • Keep your EB Level per donation per full wipe
  • Keep your EGS Recycle level per donation per full wipe
  • Buy one Alien Core per donation
  • Couple of Resource packages but NOT pay 2 win… instead it will cost € and RP :slight_smile: quite innovative I think.

HWS Connect 3.0

Also very hard working for it and a work in progress so far… :slight_smile:

So boom, here we are. Very excited to hear about your Feedback!
I have a ton of work still to do but it should be a very nice December :slight_smile:

Have fun everyone and thank you really for all of your support!

Your HWS Team!

P.S.: Sanctuary does not get all the shiny new stuff except the PvP / Beginner Patch.
Also keep in mind once again that we shut down Sanctuary with the next season. The next season will probably come after Christmas. New year = new HWS season.


Bunker 25M? Just curious, when does the current season end?

EGS Bunker 25m credits. As always, yup

So will all our credits on Sanctuary be transferred to another server or just everything we have there wiped?

so the guys with bunkers dont get new shiny bunkers

Cool love the christmas loot idea advent calendar :slight_smile: love the work going into egs commands

The end of HWS…

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Oh, even a bold font.

Can you now make bold explanations why?

The Alien Core isn’t that of a big advantage and you can also get them now more and more via ingame activities.

Waiting for your answer Oracle.


gone check them out!:ok_hand:
i like your x-mas theme event.

Alien core - i buy it to. It is not so big advantage only fuel consumption and oxy? Now you can dig 10 minutes o gold and go to market and buy fusion fuel cells. So fuel it is not a broblem… And you can buy SV with constructors and furnaces only by 2mils. So have one alien core for you (yourself builded) BA CV it is not so bad.

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yeah i agree with aft for the first time ever

You agree with me always. You just understand it only now :joy:


Alien cores not at all a big advantage. I mean, sure core a class 7 farming cv and fly all over the planet never worrying about fuel as apposed to the 13 min flight time a full stack of cells would normally net you. And of course, taking off all the fuel tanks you would normally have to run, that doesnt help in the slightest.

I cant see as to how any sv would gain even the tiniest bit of advantage from this, not running o2 tanks or fuel tanks, never running out of fuel attacking a poi and falling on it helplessly because you forgot to gas up. People just crazy thinking this is something I would want on my sv.

I personally think he should make special weapon donations, giving people base turrets they can purchase to put on tanks and cv’s, now that would be just a slight advantage.

P.S. yes its possible, just have to spawn in the ship with the new weapons and delete the old ship.

Yea, I only see it as a convenience factor so perfectly inline with donations.

I’d buy an alien core or 12. A gardener would love this idea, could use one on my multi-multitool HV, set one on the crackhouse and throw down a ton of furnaces because I can, and not worry about losing power in PvP because nobody bothered to check the fuel for the last 7 days and now the turrets are dear and OP is offline. And now your pissed that your stack of 999 corn dogs spoiled. In space. No power no air and no corn dogs.

if you say so…still want shiny bunker on hw for us